For starters, it is good practice to download shareware or freeware programs ONLY from the website of the person or company who/which produces the piece of software. I follow this rule; several kinds of bad things can result from not following it. It is also good practice to use checksums to verify the authenticity of any kind of a shareware or freeware program which you ever download and mean to use. There are numerous online checksum sites on the Internet, for instance:


This will generage an MD5/SHA1 checksum for a file which you might have downloaded using drag/drop techniques.

The MD5/SHA1 checksum for the zip file which contains the materials for installing Ultratrieve should be the following:


You can download the install materials for Ultratrieve by clicking this link:

Download Install Materials

UltraTrieve is the simplest PC version of the world’s most powerful text indexing and retrieval software and this version has now been made into freeware. The typical home or small office computer user should never require anything more than this software for keeping track of all his/her text documents and quickly finding things within those documents.

Nonetheless, an experienced user of text retrieval software will quickly notice that, even running on a desktop or laptop PC, this software is substantially more powerful than the text retrieval software which runs on mainframes and servers.

The setup materials contain a ReadMe_1st document; it is a very good idea to read through that and also to watch the linked YouTube video before trying to work with this product.  Ultratrieve is fairly simple to use but it helps to have an high level idea as to what is going on and the thinking behind this piece of software.

I accept five and ten dollar donations from ordinary users of this Windows version of Ultratrieve:

Ten Dollar Donation:

Five Dollar Donation:

 Anybody who has worked with text indexing and retrieval software more than a little bit and who takes time to examine this software, will quickly realize that Ultratrieve has potentials considerably beyond use as a piece of software for a desktop PC. Anybody interested in such a possibility should contact me (bigbear@bearfabrique.org or 571 344-2519). Principals only.

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