Real World Use for an ISID (Infinitely Stupid Ideological Doctrine) Such as Evolutionism

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To a very close aproximation, all change these days is due to cultural evolution (memes). Any biological change will be through genetic engineering as you say. Genetic engineering is a result of cultural evolution. Overpopulation will be curbed by either mass culling of the population by starvation, which genetically would be almost a random cull (there's no correllation between genes and wealth/power) Or else by cultural evolution leading to population control by changing breeding patterns. Id prefer the latter. In a deep sense it would be humane to supply aid to fund payments for voluntary sterilization all over the world.

Consider the following as an alternative:

Friedrich Nietzsche had a lot to say about what he saw as the next step in human evolutionary development, the uebermensch; everything pretty much EXCEPT a believeable plan for developing or breeding him. I now know how that can be done. At the very least, I have a plan which would dramatically improve the genetic pool of the entire human race in one generation.

The plan requires what I would term an Infinitely Stupid Ideological Doctrine, or ISID for short which, while modeled on evolutionism, the only real-world example of an ISID, could not be evolutionism itself since that would weight the program in favor of the offspring of religious groups, rather in the desired direction of the uebermensch.

Nonetheless, a religiously neutral ISID would be devised using evolutionism as a model, i.e. the doctrine would require belief in an infinite number of impossible/zero-probability occurances as evolutionism does, require infinite expanses of time as an enabling mechanism for believing in things which cannot be made to happen in real life as evolutionism does, and generally be unfalsifiable as is evolutionism.

Moreover, to students at all K12 levels, the new ISID must appear to be supported in entirely the same manner as is evolutionism. It must appear to be backed by every organ of American government at nearly all levels, supported by hosts of "experts" with PHD degrees and no common-sense or judgement, defended by vicious attacks upon the intelligence and judgement of any would-be doubters, and in fact the new ISID must appear to be part of a winning program for the final victory of light over darkness, good over evil; people opposed to the new ISID must be cast as mindless "staroveriyeh", people who want to bring back the dark ages.

The truth and beauty of the new ISID must be drummed into the heads of every child in America from the day he is born until the day he graduates from high school by every facet of his existence, school, MTV, radio, the movies, mod clothes, beer cans... all should bear witness to the grandeur and beauty of the ISID.

And then, on graduation day, the kids should be brought into an interview room one at a time and asked "Do you believe in the ISID?" The ones who reply "No" should be allowed to live.

I've already posted this one on once, and the following exchange was worth noting:

But Ted, it wouldn't be evolution. It might be politics and eugenics, but it wouldn't be evolution. Indeed, you are obvioulsy refering to Hitler's masterrace, such ideas lead inevitabally to ibredded populations with low genetic diversity that are vulnerable to extinction through the forces that cuase evolution. Remember, Ted, Social Darwinism is NOT Darwinism, or evolution. It is a political ideology that mistakes political and racial tests for evolution.

The reply:

One facet of communism was the new kind of person which it was supposed to produce, the "new communist man" so to speak. One of the reasons for the current disenchantment WITH communism which has not been publicized in the west overmuch, has to do with this same new communist man; apparently there were a number of well publicized situations in which a particular incarnation of the "new communist man" ended up in some sort of a critical situation and screwed up in some sort of a highly visible and highly costly way, and critical analysts were able to fairly easily show that, yes, this guy really was what the system intended to produce as the "new communist man" and, yes, the guy really did screw up in some indefensible sort of way in a situation in which a normal person would not be expected to screw up, and yes, the whole deal was predictable from the nature of communism.

The problem was that communism itself was acting like a breeding system for flawed human types, and then putting those flawed types into critical situations. Basically, a certain well defined type of individual was succeeding in life, getting ahead and all that, and nobody else was and, along with all of the other problems involved, the entire system collapsed.

Now the Holden/Nietzsche plan (TM) (Which is a pure fantasy by the way, i.e. don't try it at home) would invert the above process. You start off with a doctrine (the only doctrine) which is actually stupider THAN communism, i.e. evolutionism as a model, devise a religiously/culturally neutral clone (e.g. the doctrine of metallurgical advancement, the doctrine of the great pumpkin and pumpkinism...), and then cull all of the losers who buy off on it. That would have to have the opposite effect of communism and actually improve the human race.

An idea of the sort of thing I mention regarding the "new communist man" may be seen on the Anti-Stukachi WWW system:


In the 1930's, Stalin attempted to eliminate independent Russian peasants by confiscating all of their grain supply and forcing them to become kolkhoz serfs. Millions of peasants starved to death during this "collectivization".

Pavlik (Pavel Trofimovich) Morozov was born in 1918 in the village of Gerasimovka in Verkhne-Tavdinski rayon of Sverdlovsk(????new name???) oblast'. Pavlik was the chairman of the pioneer organization in his school. In 1932 the little stukach Pavlik Morozov denounced his own father to a representative of Communist Party raykom for hiding some grain that was supposed to be taken away ("khlebozagotovki"). Pavlik served as a witness at his father's trial and condemnded him as a traitor. His father was executed by the Soviets. At a general meeting in the village, Pavlik pointed out to the authorities other peasants who hid grain, and helped the OGPU search their homes. On Sept. 3, 1932, Pavlik's own grandfather killed him with an axe. The grandfather and other family members were also executed by the Soviets.

Stukach Pavlik Morozov, who denounced his own father, became a hero to Soviet children. The "kolkhoz" organized in the village of Gerasimovka was named after Pavlik. Many schools and "Palaces of pioneers" were named after him.

Ted Holden

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