Lest anybody should think that I make my claim about evolutionism lowering IQ in jest, consider the saddest case of all, a man from the land of Beethoven, Goethe, Nietzsche, Schiller, Mozart..... a place where the dumbest guy in the village is supposed to be brighter than you or I. As I recollect somebody had claimed that evolution was taught in all of the universities of Europe and challenged me to name a place where anything else was taught. I replied that that the big churches and cathedrals obviously did not teach Darwinism, but...

>>Which is not to say that the evolutionists there don't have some
>>sort of a plywood skinhead hall for themselves off in the woods somewhere;
>>just that in driving 2500 kms through the autobahns and towns and cities
>>from Koeln and Duesseldorf down and around to the German alps the last
>>time I was there, I didn't see it.

[Till Poser:]

>This does it! You sniveling dishonest hypocrit, since You, with Your
>jaundiced worldview and Your agenda worn as fact-inverting filter, Your
>invincible ignorance and prejudices along all available dimensions and some
>made up ones in addition, didn't see any, this is enough proof that there is
>no such thing?

[Holden] You say there ARE plywood skinhead halls in the forests for the purpose of housing evolutionists??

See what I mean? I have to assume that Poser had been radically dumbed-down by by long years of evolutionist ideology abuse. What else could account for it?