Catastrophism, Renegade Science


Can Al de Grazia save NASA?


UFOs, Space Aliens, Ancient Astronauts and the Like


The Nature of the Pre-Flood System, and the Origin of the Flood Waters


Prehistory:  Splash Saltations, the Cambrian Explosion, Stars Capturing Other Stars, Neanderthals, Cro Magnons, and the Neolithic World War


Immanuel Velikovsky:  Founder of the Modern Catastrophist Movement

Neo Catastrophism Overview

The Tower of Babel: Why Human Languages Do Not Appear To Have Evolved

Ursine Analysis of Recent Cydonia Images

Humans and Dinosaurs Together. . .

Books, Publications Dealing With Catastrophism Topics

Several books are now available for sale either as print on demand books or ebook downloads on the product section of bearfabrique. This includes a little book about gravity and dinosaurs, as well as two very large books dealing with Immanuel Velikovsky and the controversy surrounding his works over the last 55 years. Taken together, those two items amount to around 1260 pages in the form of two five-dollar downloads in pdf format, i.e. less expensive than communist literature used to be in the CCCP.

Old/classic Catastrophism Page


Mechanical Junk and Debris on the Sands of Mars

Why We're Going to Mars

Catastrophism and Christianity Discussion Forum

In other words, how do any of these renegade science findings impact religion. The header reads:

The purpose of this forum is mainly to acquaint Christians with the emerging new branches of science called neo-catastrophism, electrical cosmology and the like, and to discuss what effects, if any, findings from these new fields will have on Christian beliefs, and what support they might lend to Christian beliefs. This does not in any way preclude others from participating in this forum, nonetheless that is the main thrust of the forum. There are other forums dealing with neo-catastrophism for those absolutely allergic to religion.

Extraneous Links

Immanuel Velikovsky and related links


Big Bang, Electric Sun, Plasma Physics and Cosmology Etc.

Finding Cities in all the Wrong Places

Given standard theories wrt the history of our solar system and our own planet, nobody should be finding cities and villages on Mars, 2100 feet beneath the waves off Cuba , or buried under two miles of Antarctic ice.

Those interested in the city off Cuba should do google searches on the three words ' cuba ', 'city', and 'Zelitsky' from time to time.

Intelligent Versions of Biogenesis etc.

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