Andarkan Chronicles

Copyright 2010 Theodore A. Holden


The following tale is somewhat larger than a “macho fairytale” and yet not as large as a full blown novel.  It could plausibly serve as a basis for a non-leftwing scifi movie.  Anybody interested in such a venture should contact me via email at





An Alien in New York


“Listen, Mister, uh, what’d you say your name was again?”


“Johnson, officer, Larry M. Johnson.


“Listen, Mr. Johnson, we understand you probly don’t enjoy talkin to cops, but the fickle fingera fate would appear to a  placed you at the scene a somethin we’d kinda like to hear a bit more about.”


“What my partner here means is that we ain’t really intrested in none of your, uh, business interests or anything like that, but when we find the guy responsible for all them muggins and rapes and what not stripped naked and tied to a tree bleedin to death where a buncha girl scouts been carvin their initials on im, it kinda piques our curiousity, if ya know what we mean.”


“Tell us what all you saw, and you can go straight back to whatever you were doin.”


“Hey, no problem, I’ll tell ya anything ya want only don’t make me laugh no more, I been laughin all mornin an my lungs is bad from smokin all these years, I laugh any more today, it’s gonna put me in the hospital.”


“You get any kinda look at this chick they was talkin about?”


“Did I get a look?  Lemme tell ya, I seen some strong chicks before, lady athletes and what not, an I seen models an good-lookin broads before, but I ain’t never seen nothin like this.  This gal looked like she was in her late twenties or early thirties, an jus drop-dead gorgeous, long real dark red hair, an you was so overwhelmed jus lookin at how pretty she was an all, that you almost didn’t notice how big she was till she was right up next to ya.  She been joggin through the park in the mornins for about a week or so I guess, an Freddy musta started ta notice her.”


“Freddy’s our rapist perp?”


“Right.  Listen, I’m serious, don’t you guys start laughin, I’m gonna get sick if I laugh any more this mornin.  Now, Freddy ain’t no pro wrestler, but he ain’t little neither, he’s about five-eleven, six feet or so, hundred eighty-five, ninety pounds, an the idea a some chick actually bein stronger than he is probably never occurred to im, an this chick we’re talkin bout probably struck him as a challenge, kinda like that big mountain off in Asia.  You remember they asked some a them guys why they wanted to climb it and they said ‘Cause it’s there.’”


“So Freddy, our village rapist, is lookin for some way to bushwhack this redheaded chick or take her unawares some kinda way?“


“Freddy’s got himself some book on huntin an trappin, an he’s got himself a rope strung between two trees along the path where this chick comes joggin an he’s got the rope covered up wit leaves, an he’s hidden, an he pulls the rope tight just as this chick comes up on it, an I guess he expects the chick to land straight on her face an then he pulls a knife on her.  Only the chick don’t do that;  she jus tucks everything in an rolls an comes back to er feet an turns to face Freddy in a single motion, not a scratch on er,  walks up to Freddy, makes some sorta movement wit one hand towards Freddy’s face an takes is knife wit the other hand, meanwhile Freddy’s too stupified to even move, then she makes some kinda move so quick I couldn’t even follow it an Freddy’s lyin there on is ass wit the wind knocked outta im thinkin  ‘Oh shit, what am I doin here!’. 


“Now, as fate would have it, I was on some business walkin the other way on this same path and walked up just as this shit was happenin.  The redhaired chick was lookin at Freddy’s knife, one a them little stiletto switchblades...”


“Jeez lady, you some kinda warrior princess or somethin?”


“I’m just an ordinary republican housewife.  Most of the time at least...  Was this character actually going to try to stab me with this little knife?”


“Listen lady, I’m jus passin through here, but rumor has it that guy’s some kinda preevert sex offender;  he was likely gonna try to shag your ass...”


“Shag?  You mean he was going to rob me and use the money to buy himself a real knife?”


“The man’s rumored to be a rapist;  he was gonna rape ya.”


“How so?”


“Well, fer starters, he was gonna force ya to get undressed...”


“You have to admire ambition in a man, nonetheless (turning towards Freddy), you appear to be the loser in this instance, and if the looser has to get undressed... “


“An, wit that, the chick pulls out the scariest lookin knife I ever seen anywheres outta some loose thing in er clothin, walks over to where Freddy’s still lyin on the ground wit the wind knocked outta im, tells im if he holds real still he won’t get cut an, in what looked like three strokes wit that knife, Freddy’s lyin there naked as a jaybird.”


“Now, assuming that was me lying there with nothing on and not that gentleman, what would he have done next?”


“Lady, like I told ya, the man’s a rapist, he’da tried to force ya to have sex wit im an, if ya was real lucky, that might be all he’da done...”


“Really!  That’s got to be illegal, and this guy doesn’t really look bright enough to be any sort of criminal.  Where I come from, you have to pass a series of tests to become a criminal;  do they simply allow anybody to become a criminal here?”


“An, before I can answer the question, the lady turns her attention back to Freddy an says:”


“You were going to “rape” me with THAT?  That’s even sillier than wanting to stab me with that little knife.  Here, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.  I’m going to do you a favor;  I’m going to cut that off for you, and then you can tell people you had a fine, big one, and that some ill-tempered woman cut it off in a fit if jealousy.  Then at least nobody will laugh at you, here, hold still, it’ll only hurt for a few minutes...”


“I’m tellin ya, you guys start laughin, an ya ain’t gonna get to hear the rest of the story.”


“Okay, we’ll try to keep our faces straight, but it ain’t easy.  What happened, the chick cut Freddy’s tally off?”


“Na, Freddy starts screamin an cryin an carryin on, an the chick turns back towards me:”


“You see, that’s a lesson in life, you try to help people and do nice things for them, and more often than not they don’t appreciates it.  Does this character only “rape” big women like me, or is he also a danger to smaller women and girls?”


“These types ain’t choosy, lady;  big, little, young, old, it don’t matter, it’s all the same to him, he’d probably try to rape one a them girl scouts over there if he had half a chance.”


“Well, you know, I’ve got to get back to my running here and I could die of old age standing here trying to figure out how to deal with this character according to customs which I’m not familiar with, so I think I’m going to let some of you people figure out what to do with him.”


“An wit that, she grabs Freddy, hauls im over to that tree where you guys found im an ties im up wit that same piece-a rope he used to trip er wit, an calls the girl scout troop over to the tree, tells em what jus happened an who Freddy is, an tells em to do whatever they feel like wit im:”


“We saw you use that knife, lady.  Any chance of us getting a look at that?”


“Here, you can have it.  It looks like you have more need of it around here than I do.  It’s balanced for throwing, but it’s sharp and it’s good for carving initials into things...”


“You have any kids lady?


“A boy and a girl, twins, they’re a bit younger than you guys.  Listen, I’ve got to go.”


“This chick look like one of them people converts to bein a chick in later life, or have any sort of a moustache or chew tobacco or smoke cigars or anything like that?”


“Naw, I’m tellin ya, strangest thing I ever seen, the chick musta been ungodly strong, but nothin about er looked masculine.  Nothin in the way she walked or moved, nothin in her voice...   nothin at all.  Like I said, stand fifty feet off from er so’s ya didn’t notice how big she was, an you’da thought ya was lookin at Miss America or somethin.  Only thing I did notice was er eyes; I ain’t never seen nobody wit orange eyes before;  must be some new kinda drug...”


“The chick say anything else to ya before she runs off into the sunset?”


“Said she was visitin inlaws, an she was from outa town.  That’s about all.  She took off down the path, same as if nottin had happened. You guys gonna try ta find the chick an arrest er?”


“Whadaya think bein a cop automatically makes somebody a spoilsport?  Like we told ya, we just like hearin stories, an being amused.  You’re free to go.”








The first manned expeditions to Mars brought human eyes to the interiors of the megalithic pyramids at the Cydonia complex.  Graven on the interior walls and masively documented in libraries, was the story of the great prehistoric catastrophes and solar-system convulsions which had made a dead planet of Mars and inspired much of what we observe in our own ancient literature. It took mankind a decade and a half to decipher much of this material and to learn of the great escape to the stars of the remnants of the Cydonia civilization.  It took another few decades to follow the first such path out to the near stars and, ultimately, to the first of these escape worlds, Andarka III.


Spring 98 NASA image of Cydonia main pyramid


First impressions were of a world which, in many ways,  looked as ours had in the 800’s AD.  There was little in the way of modern transportion, little in the way of electrical infrastructure other than at government buildings, and a general reliance on human skills where we would rely on technology.  Technology was there, but apparently only for government purposes;  the people didn’t have much of it.  Society appeared to be arranged along lines similar to that of ancient Sparta, with separate castes for warriors, guards, laborors etc.  The people, such as there were of them, appeared to be modern humans (some scientists had feared we might find neanderthals or other hominids), but about half of them appeared to be missing:  the male half.  And, whatever other problems that might have caused for the denizens of this world, it did not appear to mean that the heavy lifting simply never got done.  The women of Andarka III, while generally attractive, appeared to be about 6’ tall on average, and well capable of any heavy lifting which might be required.


And they were difficult to get to know.  While Andarkans did not appear to have anything we might call modern weaponry, there was no shortage of crossbows and other devices for hurling missiles, no cities or other settlements which could be approached other than through thick forests in which arrows and other forms of mayhem appeared to fly at the first hint of anything unusual, and no apparent desire on the part of the people to react to strangers in any other manner than to avoid them or, that failing, to attempt to kill them.   Several of the soldiers in the Earth expeditionary force had been seriously wounded before that reality sank in. 


The force was under specific orders to avoid any hostilities but it was also under orders to make contact and establish communication.  The people in the force, other than a handful of scientists and the starship crew, were ordinary soldiers and the most straightforward thing they could think of was to capture two or three of the Andarkans, spend the six months necessary to teach them to speak English, and then try to figure out how the planet operated.  There did not appear to be any dogs on Andarka III, and the soldiers correctly figured that if they tied one of their own guard dogs to a tree in the forest near a settlement and left him to bark and howl, that a small party of whatever passed for Andarkan gendarmes would come to investigate, and might be taken in the process. 


The plan almost worked too well.  Not only had the Andarkans themselves never seen or heard a dog before, but neither had one of the apex predators of their world.  Three Andarkan guards armed with knives and light javelins came to investigate the commotion and one, taking immediate pity upon the alien creature, approached closely, bowing her head and allowing the creature to smell her hand.  The other two remained at a distance urging caution.  And then the entire forest went dead quiet, and the three Andarkans froze in their tracks.  One of the two cautious ones issued a shrill cry, the two ran off signaling the third to join them and this third would have run but Wolfy, the dog, true to his duty, sank his teeth into some sort of a heavy belt or sash which was part of her uniform and would not release her.  The woman pulled a serious-looking knife from its sheath on her belt, but before she and Wolfy could have much of a  discussion as to the wisdom of his preventing her from fleeing whatever the other two had fled from, the cause of the commotion became clear.


There was a low growl and, thirty meters from where the dog and the Andarkan guard stood, there appeared a form which no earthly eyes had beheld in more than 15,000 years:  a 1000-lb. hunting cat with huge 10” canine tusks.  The Andarkan woman froze.  Wolfy released his grip on the woman, quickly snapped the thin leash intended to convince the Andarkans that he was in fact helplessly bound, and stood between the Andarkan and the tiger, teeth bared,  barking his loudest possible “Where the hell are you guys with rifles?” bark and attempting to outgrowl the tiger.  And then the woman, apparently unwillingly to have Wolfy get killed for her sake alone, advanced towards the tiger with the knife in her hand.  The tiger thought about it a second too long;  there was a concussive roar of magnum-calibre rifle fire and the giant cat fell dead two paces in front of Wolfy’s feet.  The dog returned to the shaken Andarkan,  who was in process of recovering her wits.


“Wwwhuuuuf (You look like the kind of girl who could throw a tennis ball 90 meters and not even blink;  you and I should get to be friends)...”


Wolfy’s ears perked up;  a voice which seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time seemed to reply:  “Yes, foolish one, I can throw a ball a bit further than that even.” 

A dozen of the expeditionary force soldiers came up at a run. 


“Nice shot, Major, that was about 150 meters from the shoulder!”


“There wasn’t time to look for a better shot, last thing in the world I expected to see.”


“Make a hell of a trophy.”


“Ain’t got time to skin im, you feel like carrying im back?”


“Just a thought.”


“Leave him, person finds him might think just a bit before shooting a crossbow at us.”


“I’ll be damned!  That’s got to be the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen who could play strong safety for Chicago.”


“That’s why they occasionally send a senior officer on these things; they figure something you guys can’t handle might just turn up.”


The Major knelt at the woman’s side, bowing his head slightly, a universal “You Ok?” sort of gesture and reached his free hand towards her (the other hand still held the rifle).  The woman in fact gave the major her hand and allowed him to help her to her feet.  She appeared to be in her late twenties, obviously some sort of a soldier, although now more like a little girl having stumbled into a  magic show.  She pointed to the tiger, then towards the rifle, the obvious question on her face.


 “That’s right, blow a 6-inch hole through most things and they stop wanting to eat people.”  The major pulled the magazine out of the rifle, unloaded the chambered round, handed the magazine to a sergeant, and the rifle to the Andarkan.  The woman had never seen a telescopic sight before and issued a low whistle of admiration.  She handed the rifle back to the major, and then sheepishly pointed back in the direction she had come.  The soldiers shook their heads negative and pointed the way they were actually headed.


And then, finally, it sank in.  The Andarkan allowed her gaze to fall upon one, then the next, and the next of the soldiers.  ‘Four of you are normal people, more or less as I am, smaller perhaps, but, the rest of you, you’re, you’re...  it can’t be; you’re males of my own species!  That’s not possible, you’re not supposed to exist, you can’t exist!  And, this one, is not only a male of my own species, slightly larger, possibly even stronger than I, but clearly the best and most noble person I have ever...  he could have killed me as easily as he killed that tiger, and yet he treats me gently;  what kind of an idiot would I have to be to want to go back so soon?  My orders were to investigate, that takes time...’


The soldiers could see that something was short-circuiting in the Andarkan’s mind.  She made a low bow towards the Major, and offered both of her hands, palms up, while keeping her

head slightly bowed.  The major took her hands in his own and gently pulled her up again.  “No need for all of that, this is just a simple kidnapping, not any sort of an imperial ceremony.”  He touched his own shoulder and slowly enunciated the name “Tony”, gestured towards Wolfy with open palm, “Wolfy”, and then, with open palm towards the woman, who thought for only a second and spoke the name “Kira”. 


“Wolfy”  she repeated, the trace of a smile on her lips.  “Tnis - baaal...”


“Say what?”


“I dunno, sounds like maybe Wolfy was trying to teach her to speak English.”


“I don’t think we even need to tie her up or handcuff her, Major, Wolfy can catch her if she tries to escape, but I don’t think that’s likely.  You believe in love at first sight or anything like that?”


“I believe we’ve basically accomplished our mission.  Lets get the hell out of here before 200 more of these people show up with crossbows to shoot at us.”


The group returned to their compound, along with the Andarkan.


It thus happened that Kira came under the tutelege of Major Anthony Jackson of the expeditionary force.  Ordinarily, a female captive would have been placed under the custody of other women, but Kira was simply too much larger and stronger than any of the women in the force.  She was not quite as large as Maj. Jackson, and was considerably prettier, being not quite as stocky as many of the Andarkans.  In fact, once you got used to the Indian-red hair, the six-foot, 200-lb. frame, and the gold-orange eyes, she was rather striking.


“Wolfy”, Major Jackson instructed, “you have captured this woman and she is now your responsibility;  you get to be her “pet dog”.  Do not allow her to escape,  guard her with your life, and let the whole world know of it instantly if she is ever in any danger.” 


Wolfy, one of the new breed of guard dogs with something like a 1500-word English vocabulary, actually understood this.   Kira and Wolfy were shortly inseparable,   “dog” becoming Kira’s first English word.


The second and third English words she learned were “man” and “woman”.  The question everybody in the force wanted answered was what had become of men on Andarka.  There were basically three possible answers: 


1. A small number of males were kept around for breeding purposes only and that was it.

2. There were no men on Andarka and reproduction was via cloning or something similar.

3. Andarkans were immortal and required no reproduction.


Kira began to be able to communicate meaningfully in English after about three months, but was not able to offer any sort of an answer as to the state of affairs on Andarka.  She was a guard who had been raised in a particular region which trained guards, and could not remember ever having seen a child younger than four or five.  She was aware of the manner in which animals reproduced but, within her experience, that simply did not pertain to humans.  Humans were produced by some government process in some government center at some remote region which she had last seen when she was too young to remember it. 


Dogs, as noted,  also did not exist on Andarka:


 “Wolfy easy escape from tiger, but fight tiger for Kira, might die, but not care...  That because dog capture Kira, think her him  responsibility?” 


“No.” Answered Major Jackson.  “Dogs like Wolfy are inherently powerful and almost completely fearless;  he would either kill the tiger or die trying to in order to protect any of us or anybody who much resembled us, including Andarkans;  that is simply his nature.”


“Dog very good have...  better friend hard to imagine.”


“Yeah, you could say that.”


The doctors and scientists with the force were keen to examine Kira and determine just how close she actually was to what we would call human.  Her ongoing education included most non-military functions of the Eisenhower and she was allowed to assist the medics in taking blood samples and running biotests on crew members to get her used to the ideas before being asked to submit to any such tests herself.


The doctors were thus able to examine Kira without terrorizing her, and they determined that other than for the Indian-red hair and orange eyes, she was basically human, any differences between her and human women amounting to eons worth of different tradition. 


“There is no meaningful genetic difference between her and us.” one of the scientists explained to the major.  You and she could have children together if you wanted to badly enough, but you’d best ask politely if you have any ideas like that.  Chronologically, she appears to be in her mid to late twenties,  sexually, she’s your basic 6’, 200-lb. twelve-year-old virgin with sixteen-inch arms.  And there’s one other thing I need to tell you about.  I could be wrong on this one, but I suspect her musculature is just a slight bit more dense than ours somehow or other.  She looks about the size of one of your bigger NFL defensive backs but, if I’m right, for purposes of strength, she could easily be more like one of your smaller outside linebackers, which is not overwhelmingly stong by NFL standards, but that would be stronger than any of us, yourself and one or two other people possibly excepted.  And, if you consider that you’ve got a planet on which ass-kicking with hands, feet, and primitive weapons is a major if not the major form of amusement and that these guards keep order here, this woman, pretty as she is, could easily be one of the last people any of us have ever seen that you’d ever want to mess with.  The fact that she’s basically unmarked, that we don’t see any scars or signs of battle damage on her, most likely simply indicates that she’s actually that good at what she does.  Some people would regard all of that as a challenge...  What do you plan to do with her?”


“Wait until she decides to take me by force, and then struggle just enough to let her think she’s accomplished something, I guess.” replied the major.


“There’s one more thing I should tell you, major, and this should be obvious to a West Point grad.  You don’t have a planet like this end up populated with 6 foot, 200-pound women who are all martial arts capable for no reason.  There’s something else on this planet which we haven’t seen;  something seriously dangerous.  The women here don’t represent any sort of a real threat to us;  the other thing almost certainly does.”


“We’re aware of that.  We have unmanned drones out scouring the planet looking for the ‘something else’, amongst other things.  Uh, Doc, one other question:  did you get a chance to get Kira onto a scale and see how much she actually weighs?”


“About 212 pounds.”


“She doesn’t look that heavy...”


“That’s what I was saying.”


Another three months, spent mostly in language labs, and Kira was getting most of her English grammar straight and was in the process of learning the rudiments of several kinds of sports, including tennis and, there being a number of Japanese in the force, judo.  The rapidity with which she picked up the last item indicated that some form of jacket wrestling was a normal pastime on the planet. 


When a word representing something totally alien to the Andarkan came up, some sort of demonstration would invariably be arranged.


“Joannie, Grace, what could this word possibly mean?  The see-says don’t seem to make any sense at all...”


“No problem, but we need a victim for that one...  Alice, c’mere a minute, the Andarkan wants to know what “ticklish” means, GOTCHA!!”


“Hey, what’re you guys doing!!  HEY!!!  Why me?  The Andarkan wants to know, tickle HER...”


“I think I know all the places your type are ticklish.  A six-foot, 200-lb, orange-eyed Andarkan...  I’d just be guessing.”


“Hey, that’s no fair AAAAAAAAAAAAA.....”


At length, kira was working out with Major Jackson in the gym, with fifteen or twenty fewer pounds on the bars or dumbells for each exercise, when a messenger entered the gym with some sort of business requiring the major’s immediate attention.  The major left Kira with Wolfy and about 115 lbs on a curling bar.  When he returned twenty minutes later, he entered the gym quietly and observed Kira doing curls with about 150 lbs on the bar.


“Whew, I’ve lost count, Wolfy, how many was that?” 


“Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof...”


“I’ll be damned!   That crazy doctor was right, you’re actually stronger than I am, aren’t you?”


Kira had not observed the major’s return and was taken entirely by surprise.  “I, er... maybe, just the littlest bit...”


“Let me ask you a really dumb question:  You could have overpowered anybody who tried to get in your way and walked out of here any time you wanted to, couldn’t you?”


“I not only could have, but my duty demands it.” she replied, trembling slightly.  “And if I did, then I would never see you again, and the only light, the only happiness which have ever truly entered my life, would vanish forever.  Please do not send me away, I will do anything that you ask, I will pretend not to be so strong, I...”


The major caught the big amazon in his arms and held her in a close embrace.  “I’m an idiot...  just that there’re so many ways someone in this situation could be accused of taking advantage of it..   My orders are to see to it that you’re happy and, if all you require to be happy is one broken-down old army major...  that’s easy.  There’s no need to pretend to be less strong than you actually are.  Could you have gotten that curling bar up one or two more times, or was that it?”


“That was it.  There is nobody much stronger in our world, at least not amongst guards.  Please do not  release me...  could we kiss, like I see the couples doing here?”


“I hadn’t planned on releasing you any time soon...”


Several days later, Kira, in a distressed state, spoke with the female doctor.  “I was just beginning to truly enjoy life in this compound, but now something has gone terribly wrong and I fear I am going to die, and, this distresses me terribly, the major will think my death had something to do with him; I have been bleeding all this morning, and...”


The doctor embraced the Andarkan and somehow succeeded at not laughing.  “All of the women in this compound, myself included, go through that about once every 28 days or thereabouts.  The fact that Andarkans, or at least Andarkan guards such as yourself, do not have that problem is probably due to a harsh athletic regimen and the total absence of men;  they would all develop the problem in short order if the regimen were relaxed somewhat, as it has been for you here, and if they had somebody like the major to practice hugging and kissing with.  I will show you how to deal with the problem and explain what causes it, and you may resume your happy life here;  you’re not going to die anytime soon, at least not from that.”


“Poor baby...I know you were scared but, like I said, it’s not really a serious problem, come on now.” 


“I’m sorry, I don’t really know why I’m crying,  most of my life has been spent dealing with idiots and hoodlums...   were the same situation to arise amongst us, and my health or safety to depend upon some thing which others knew but which I did not, they would eventually tell me about it, but because they would perceive it as a duty, whereas all of you act out of some pure instinct to help... to see to  the well-being of others.  I keep thinking I am going to wake up, that it will have all been just another dream...”


“There is one very simple idea which is at the foundation of our religion, and the way it instructs us to comport ourselves:  Do unto others, as ye would have others do unto you.  That includes kindness, and anything else which might be missing here.   Make that rule a habit, and everything else falls into place naturally.  But, come, I still have a few things I need to explain to you.  First period at age 27, poor baby...”




“Kissing is very nice, but there is more to relationships between men and women in your world, isn’t there?  There is some other great hunger or yearning which I feel when you hold me like that.  I can’t believe that your people are trying to have children all of the time, but many of you seem to practice as if that were so, at least so I gather;  could you tell me or show me what that is about?”


The next night, Major Jackson, Kira, Wolfy, and two female officers friends of the major’s, were in the major’s quarters watching selections from one of the friend’s X-rated movie collection.


“I don’t believe this, he’s hurting that poor woman and all three of you are sitting there smiling while you watch it!  Even Wolfie...  How does that fit within the framework of your religion?”


“You don’t really understand just yet, do you?  She’s not moaning like that because it hurts;  she’s moaning and squirming like that because it feels so good!”




“Here, this is chewing gum;  you chew up a stick of it for about a minute or two once every three or four days, and it keeps you from having babies until you decide you’re ready to, and then you just stop using the gum.  If you’re even having thoughts like this, you need it.  The doctors will give you more of it if you ask them.”



The people in the little village, like those in a number of similar villages and inhabited areas, were gathered around a small video device which had been dropped into an open area to land upon a tripod base.  The single button on the device produced a recorded greeting:


“Greetings to all of the people of Andarka.  I am Mrs. Anthony Jackson, formerly known to you as Kira, the guard who was taken by the aliens when I and two other guards went to investigate the alien animal and were attacked by a tiger.  The person standing next to me is my chosen mate, Major Anthony Jackson, a male of our own species and an officer amongst the aliens.  It is customary amongst the aliens that, when a man and a woman join their destinies, the woman assumes the man’s family name, and this is because women are typically smaller and less powerful than men amongst the aliens, and the woman is presumed to come under her man’s protection at that time.  This will strike many of you as comical, but I find it charming;  it indicates a general predilection of the strong to protect the weak, rather than to seek to exploit them. 


There are roughly equal numbers of male and female persons amongst the aliens.  Their social organization, and the manner in which they produce and raise children, are similar to that of the world we left so many thousands of years ago.  They mean us no harm, which is fortunate, because they are vastly more powerful than we;  the tiger which you found, was slain by a single shot from one of their weapons.   They come from a world within the same system as our mother world, which was yet primitive when the catastrophes from which we fled threatened to destroy that entire system, and are descendants of survivors of those catastrophes.  They wish to learn what we can teach them of the history of that system before the catastrophes since they have no written records of anything prior to that, and they wish to learn what may be learned about other peoples from that system who escaped to other worlds. 


Leaders of our people wishing to speak to them may do so through me, since I now speak their language quite well.  These people are friends, and lost relatives from the vastness of space, come to visit.  Their technical prowess arises from social organization which is more efficient than ours.  There is much which we can learn from them.  Again, I will serve as a translator for Andarkan council members wishing to communicate with the aliens but, when they leave, I shall go with them, since my own destiny now lies with that of my chosen one and my new friends.  I leave you with this picture from the formal ceremony at which my destiny and that of my chosen one were sealed together sacredly;  the costume is called a “wedding dress”.  The beauty of the dress is symbolic of the tradition.  The animal in the picture is the creature which stood between me and the tiger until the alien guards could arrive.”








“Was that what you call magic?”


“There’s nothing you’d call total privacy in the compound here.  There are about 2000 humans and  20 guard dogs including Wolfy, and any of the dogs can come to visit or check up on us at any time.  That  funny looking rectangle on the wall there is basically an open door, you simply blinked or something when I said the word’rabbits’ and Wolfy was out the door in the time you blinked.  Ok, now I’ve been trying to guess how that Andarkan guard’s uniform comes off since the day I first saw you.  I don’t see any buttons, or snaps, or zippers, or anything at all anywhere.  I know you got undressed that one time at the doctors’, but nobody got any sort of a close look at how you did it.”


“Like this, like what you call velcro, but much finer and nearly invisible.  That’s it, the rest of it comes off the same way;  the uniform is proof against knives and arrows, but that tiger would have simply eaten the uniform with me in it.         Is Kira’s body pleasing to the major?”


“Kira’s heart and spirit are pleasing to the major;  Kira’s body...  damn,  that’s beyond pleasing...”


“My breasts aren’t too small?  For someone my size, I mean?


“Come on, you’re gonna get me laughing too hard for any of this.”


“Seriously, your people seem to regard that as a sign of beauty...”


“Nobody expects an athlete or a warrior to have big breasts...”


“Am I supposed to be breathing like this...”


“Yes, that’s normal, come here.... 


“Please be gentle with me, nobody in my world has ever thought of doing such a thing in thousands of years...”











Kira and Starships


The two-star general in charge of the expedition approached Major Jackson at one of the breakfast tables in the cafeteria.  “Major Jackson, may I have a word with you?”


“Certainly, General, what about?”


“It appears your wife and one of the guard dogs, Wolfy, were running outside the compound area this morning, and were attacked by some sort of a wild boar... nothing to worry about, that’s the ham we’re having for breakfast this morning.  She walked into the kitchen and tossed this 230-lb carcass, that’s 230-lbs field-dressed with the head cut off, onto the chef’s cutting table, and said something about needing a shower before coming to breakfast.  That was about twenty minutes ago.”


“Did she kill the pig, or Wolfy kill the pig, or the two of them kill it?”


“Funny you should ask.  The guard dogs understand English fairly well but they don’t really speak it and none of us speak Dog but, if we really need to get at some piece of information one of them has, we can do it.  Head of canine G12 debriefed Wolfy and what he got was unbelievable.  The whole thing happened before anybody could blink, the boar came straight out of nowhere and all Wolfy had time to do was jump over him and not get cut and then look for a way to take him from the rear but, before Wolfy could blink a second time, Kira put that knife of hers straight through the pig’s throat.  Wolfy tried to finish him but, by the time he found a way to get his teeth around the pig’s throat without getting cut by the knife, the pig was basically dead;  whole deal took about five seconds on the clock”


“She’s good with knives, Sir.  Tigers and other really big animals might be more than she could handle alone but those are rare and anything even remotely close to her own size, like a pig, is basically biting off more than it could chew.  The best way to picture Andarka, as I understand it:  picture a redneck bar about 9000 miles in diameter with no men, just women and all of the reasons they normally have for fighting amongst themselves plus some we’ve never heard of, only these women are large and strong enough to really hurt eachother, no firearms, just knives, clubs, and other primitive weapons, and throw in a certain number of dangerous animals including pleistocene animals which we haven’t seen in 15,000 years, and the guards, like Kira, are the ones who have to keep order in this place.  It figures they’d be good with knives.”


At this point, Kira, radiant in a blue dress with no trace or blood or other signs of battle, joined the two officers at the table. 


“You honor us by joining us at our table, Sir.” 


“The honor is mine.” replied the General.  The story of what had happened in the early morning was making the rounds at the breakfast tables in the little cafeteria.  There was a sort of a spontaneous general round of applause, people standing and bowing in salute or offering toasts with juice glasses, and the interest appeared especially keen amongst the women.  Kira smiled at the people and held her own glass up for a moment. 


“Are you all right?”  asked Major Jackson. 


“Yes, certainly.  There’s no reason for such a commotion, it was just some foolish pig which wanted to join us for breakfast, and I obliged him.  I see the chef was able to do something with him;  ummmm, that’s not bad.”


“I forgot to thank you for the ham, Mrs. Jackson, between you with pigs and Wolfy with rabbits, we seem to be doing pretty well for ourselves here.  What I really wanted to talk to you about has to do with our free-enterprise capitalist system, what’s left of it, and the various possibilities you might wish to examine for earning money for yourself once the honeymoon here is over so to speak.  What I had in mind is that we have instructors in martial arts here and in various kinds of things which fall under the heading of hand-to-hand combat training, and that’s supposed to include fighting with knives and primitive weapons but, I get the impression that everything we might have thought we knew about fighting with or basically doing any kind of thing with knives, might be a big joke compared to what you know.  I could offer you a position as a contractor to the expeditionary force teaching hand-to-hand combat with primitive weapons which would pay about what a captain makes, and the training might end up saving a few of these peoples’ lives at some point, if not here on Andarka, then on the next mission somewhere else.”


“I couldn’t turn that down, General Davis.  But any sort of a study of knives begins with having a decent collection of them and all I really have to work with here is the one knife I had on me when this gentleman next to you captured me.  Now, I would give all of the knives I have ever owned for one of him, but if I am to teach a course in knifing things, it would be good to have at least one standard guard’s knife set, which is about eight to ten knives depending on the guard unit.”


“You seem to have had the right knife on you this morning.”


“Yes, because my mission prior to being captured involved more danger from animals then from people.  That knife is balanced for throwing, steel with an insert of a  hard yet heavier metal near the tip, and it is fluted in such a way that, once stuck, as with the pig this morning, all of the creatures struggles serve only to drive the knive in deeper and increase the wound.  But there are other situations which you might encounter, and other kinds of knives for them.  Combat with people and with animals are different things;  the kind of thing which would psych a human adversary would not psych something like the boar this morning, for instance.”


“We’ll find a way to get you a couple of knife sets, we have a delegation from the city of Brina coming in today, and I’ll find a way to bring the topic up.  That’s at 2:00 PM, you’ll be there in the blue dress?”


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”


“You know, I knew there was something I was forgetting to mention here, you might want to check the promotion rolls which came in last night over subtron.  Colonel, Mrs. Jackson, my pleasure, enjoy your breakfast!”


“Colonel?!?  That’s a hell of a thought, isn’t it?”


A little girl, about eleven or twelve years old, walked up to the Jacksons’ table.  “Mrs. Jackson, I wanted to thank you for the ham, and for more than that, it’s somehow good to know that there’s at least one woman in the universe who could do something like that.” 


Kira held her hands out to the child and, the child placing her hands in Kiras, pulled the child to herself and embraced her.  “And, do they not teach little girls to use knives in your school?”


“Not like that.”


“Not ladylike?”


“I’d never thought about it, but it couldn’t really be any less ladylike than getting killed by some animal...”


“Your elders do a good job teaching you logic;  I’ll teach you to use knives shortly.  A gun big enough to kill a boar like that would weight six or seven pounds and it’d be hard to go running with something like that;  a good knife is a weight-saving device.  Your name is...”




Well, Sarah, wait and see what happens with hand-to-hand combat classes in the next couple of months.  I’ll be here and I’ll be headed back with you.”


Finally, Wolfy walked up to to the Jacksons’ table, faced Kira, and made a sort of a bow with his head and said ‘whuuuf’  and, then, dogs not being allowed to linger in the cafeteria or be fed at tables, left the way he had come.


“First time I ever saw anything like that.” 


“Tony, when all of the commotion with Andarkan delegations dies down, could you and I simply go off somewhere to some remote place and just hunt and fish and relax for a week or two?” 


“Nothing I’d love better.  They’d probably insist on Wolfy or one of the other guard dogs coming along, but they’re all  good at amusing themselves when people want to be alone for an hour or two. It doesn’t sound like there was time to blink before that boar was on top of you two, how in the world did you put a throwing knife straight through his throat?”


“Wolfy jumped over the pig and the pig tried to get Wolfy with one of his tusks as he went over his back, and that made a target of one whole side of the pig’s throat for me.  I could make that one ten out of ten times.  But you’d promised me a better look at the compound this morning.”


The two finished breakfast, and walked to one of the central corridors of the compound, and then past the main guard perimeter to an area just above the compound to the North.


“From the outside, the compound appears to be a small city, in a circular form, set into a sort of a rocky area with water flowing down and past it.  You see what appears to be a metallic screen which covers about 30 degrees worth of the city, and a couple of circular posts halfway between the center of the city and the ends of the main corridor.  Now, if you’re going to make a habit of traveling across cosmic distances and walking into completely unpredictable situations, you’ve got a couple of choices to make.  What would appear to be the natural way to conduct such business would be to park the main starship in orbit around a planet you were visiting, and send some scout party down in a shuttlecraft of some sort.  That idea has several really serious disadvantages.  For one it makes a sitting  target of the larger ship which has to wait in orbit until the shuttle can be retrieved.  It exposes the smaller crew of the shuttle to being captured or overwhelmed by hostile people or animals in some unknown situation, before help could get to  them, and there’d be practically nothing you could do to help those people once something like that happened.  Any mechanical problems with a shuttle would be another major problem which you almost couldn’t recover from.”


“We came to the conclusion it was better to land the mother ship itself on planets we wanted to visit.  Something like the compound you see, and I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that the compound itself is a starship, is a vastly more formidable thing for either people or animals to approach or attack.  You’ve got all the people and all the weaponry of the entire system sitting there in one place, along with all of our capabilities for repairing any technical problems which might arise.  The mother ship is basically safe and the only problem which has actually arisen once involved having a couple of dinosaur-sized animals attack the ship.  The two circular posts you see in the main corridor are actually rapid-fire naval gun mounts to protect the ship from anything totally unexpected, including giant animals.  The metallic screening would fall away to reveal guns with barrels about this big around (here Col Jackson made a hand gesture indicating about a five-inch gun barrel).”


“Tony, I would guess then that the metallic screen is actually the upper surface of the ship, and could be quickly closed?”


“Five minutes.  You wouldn’t need to pressurize the interior because the atmospheric pressure on Andarka is not that different from what we’re used to.  Whole thing could be made ready and taken off in thirty minutes.”


“I guess the really big thing which would impress anybody who knew that the compound was a starship, is the way in which the whole thing appears to fit naturally into the terrain.  I mean, you’d never know it, the whole thing looks like a small city which has been built into the rock terracing.  Would it be a reasonable guess that you used some weapon or tool of almost unbelievable power to cut the rock underneath the ship into the general form of the ship?”


“Yeah, that’s a pretty good guess.  Before we finally figured out that wars were basically a stupid thing, wars amongst ourselves that is, we had developed weapons which could incinerate entire cities, and a much more refined and controllable one of those is fitted to the underside of the ship and used like a computerized machine tool.  You have to pick a rocky area which is strong enough to support the weight of the ship, and then carve a landing pad for yourself so that the ship fits down into it.  Most of the rock is vaporized, just enough is left over as powder to protect the undercarriage of the ship.  The basic security of the entire system is organic.  Guard posts and sensors go up to the highest surrounding points so that nothing could approach us unawares, satellite sensors were left in orbit around the planet, and you’ve got the 20 guard dogs which have free access to the outside as well as into any interior part of the ship.  Any one of the dogs could put the entire compound on red alert in the blink of an eye if anything wasn’t right.”


“You claim you’ve had problems in the past with giant animals?”


“We started carrying heavier rifles at that point.  The 300 magnum rifles you’ve seen will kill anything up to the size of elephants with a good shot, and a certain number of the guys are carrying 50-calibre rifles which will kill damned near anything, and those two fixed gun-mounts I mentioned will kill anything, period.  It’s basically only on low-gravity planets that we even need to worry about such things.   Andarka’s gravity is only about 15% lower than ours, and a dinosaur-sized animal simply couldn’t live here;  he’d be crushed by his own weight.”


The square-cube problem you mentioned?”


“Yeah, somebody finally figurd that one out back in the 1980’s.  We assume now that gravity on our own planet changed, and that dinosaurs simply could not exist there now[1].  But tell me again about what you do have in the way of leftover large animals on Andarka?”


“We have what you call mammoths, and wooly rhinos, and a number of other things which must have been common throughout our system 20,000 years ago.  The mammoths in particular,  ‘old ones’ in our language, live for very long times and are highly intelligent.  They may be approached, but not the way most humans approach most animals.  Point any sort of a weapon at them, or treat them like idiots in any other way, and you will probably die.  Their fur is a foot or more thick and they spend a lot of time playing in mud.  A tiger, such as the one which you saved me from, trying to attack one of the old ones, would find himself biting down on a foot and a half  of fur and caked mud, and then he would be flung fifty meters into the air and stomped into glue when he came down.”


“Most of our scientists had always assumed such cats killed mammoths and ate them;  that’s not right?”


“No, that would be a very, very hard way for a tiger to earn a living.  They mainly kill large deer and similar animals, using the sharp back edge of those tusk teeth to rip the animal’s throat apart in a single bite, generally around the underside of the neck.” 


“So far, you have spoken only of animals which came with you from our own system.  Were there any animals indigenous to this world?”


Here, Kira repressed an involuntary shudder.  “About half of our world is ocupied by such creatures.” She replied.  “There are a number of prey animals, similar to deer or cattle only much larger, and then there is what we call the horror, which feeds upon them.  It is best not to speak of the horror unless there is some need;  you will only frighten yourself and give yourself bad dreams. 



The Delegation from Brina


Brina was Andarka’s major city.  The delegation included a half dozen guards, and five women who appeared to be in their late thirties to early fifties, members of the city council. The guards all had the same indian-red hair as Kiras;  all but one were slightly smaller.  Two of the councilwomen had indian-red hair, the other three had shiny golden-red hair.  All showed the same general kind of six-foot, 200-lb athletic physique. The guards, and then the council members bowed towards Kira.  In attendance were General Davis, Colonel Jackson, four other senior officers, and a number of junior officers including the Jacksons’ two bridesmaids.


“You have taken one of the very best of our guards and yet we can see the necessity of it and do not begrudge the loss.  She does us a greater service in her present capacity and we wish her only happiness.”


“Allow us to begin, by answering as best we can, the most obvious question which you must have, in other words, why are there no males of our species on this world.  A relatively small group of people, a few hundred individuals at most, were transported to this world along with sufficient numbers of other animals which were common in our system in that remote time and then, either due to the impending catastrophe on the home world or to some other cause, the transport system ceased to function and they were trapped here, in total isolation.  And they were not alone.  There were creatures here from an earlier creation, bloodthirsty and vicious which hunted in packs and, often as not, would kill for the joy of killing even when there was no reason for it.” 


“In the battles which ensued with these elder inhabitants of this world, most of this first little group of people were slain, including all of the men, their bodies torn apart and devoured until, finally, the remnaint of these people reached a region which was too cold for the monsters to pursue into.  They still had their knowledge and much of their equipment and they understood ‘cloning’, but were only able to work with and clone what they still had, which was female forms.  The system they devised is what you still observe, this many ages hence.  They deliberately developed a race of people larger and stronger than had been the case previously, within the limits of what was possible for the female form, to enable us to defend ourselves with weapons such as you have seen amongst us.  We had never been a warlike people before coming here and have never developed weapons such as you appear to have.”


“I appreciate the candor and the straightforwardness of your speech.” replied General Davis.  “Nonetheless the answer to that question leads to a number of other questions;  perhaps I should run down a short list of questions, and see if you can’t combine the answers to a few of them: 


“What became of the original inhabitants of this world, which you referred to?  Do they still constitute any sort of a threat to you?”


“Andarka III appears to be under one government and, yet, aside from guards such as Kira, you appear to have a soldier class as well.  Why is that?”


“What if anything can you tell me about the transport system you mentioned?  Does any part of that still exist and is there any chance of our getting a look at it?”


“It’s not like I don’t have other questions, but those will do for starters.”


“The first and second questions may be answered together.  The horror still occupies half of this planet, and an uneasy stalemate has existed between ourselves and them from generation to generation since shortly after those earliest times.  They are pure carnivores and predators, and cannot attain to numbers beyond some fraction of that of the herds they prey upon, while we can attain to larger numbers as you know.  Our ancestors eventually spread out from the cold regions into which they had fled, and the other warm-blooded creatures which had come here with us, including the old ones as well as lions and other predators, increased their numbers and spread out as well.  These creatures also despise the horror, and will not tolerate it passing through their domains, and so at least they cannot easily approach human settlements in any numbers.  And yet, occasionally, in regions near the border between our dominions and theirs, a small band of them will attempt to break into a village or a settlement at night, and fall upon humans as they sleep and tear them to pieces and then retreat into the darkness whence they came.  It is the task of guards such as Kira, to the greatest extent possible, to defeat such incursions, and the soldier caste you mentioned stands ready to wage outright war against the horror.  It is mainly the threat of such  reprisals which keeps the damage to a minimum and, yet, one of our armies would be swallowed up and disappear were it to be caught in the horror’s dominions at night, and so they cannot pursue or mount reprisals more than half a day’s travel into those dominions. Recently, a number of villages about four days’ travel from Brina have come under severe attacks, and we’re going to have to think a bit harder than usual about what we wish to do.”


“As to your third question, the remains of the transport system have never been disturbed to our knowledge.  They are two or three days’ journey from here in a collosal structure of stone and masonry, and only knowledge of the proper locking sequences will gain entry.  We still have those sequences.”


General Davis looked at the senior officers in attendence. 


“Gentlemen, I know our orders prohibit interfering with the internal affairs of other worlds, but I would interpret “internal affairs” to mean affairs between different groups of people, and what we have here sounds more like a simple case of infestation and somebody needing the services of a competent exterminator.  Or, as, what was that lunatic’s name back in the late 1990’s, Slick Clinton, as ol Slick would have said, it depends on what the definition of an affair is.  Anybody have any sort of a problem with that?” 


“No sir, not at all.”


“No sir General, sounds like fun.”


“Sounds like we just got invited to a turkey-shoot, sir.”


“No ecologists in my family, sir.”


General Davis returned his gaze to the Andarkans, for whom Kira had not translated the little poll of officers.


“We take it as a sign of honor and good breeding on your part that you have not asked our help in dealing with this thing you refer to as the horror;  nonetheless, you are relatives of ours by blood and, as we say, your problems are our problems.  In the time which we have to stay here we cannot exterminate this thing off of half of your planet nonetheless, if you would allow us to, we could teach it a lesson which it would most certainly not forget any time soon and which, with any luck, might leave it in so weakened a state that you yourselves might finally destroy it after we leave.”


The Andarkans were struck dumb.  “You would do this, for us?”  one of them finally managed to get out. 


“We can do this with your help.”  replied the general. “If nobody has any objections, we will adjourn our meeting here until tommorrow morning.  Our guest quarters are sufficient for your party and I assume you are spending the night here.  There will be a dance tonight in the compound’s great hall, and two of the couples here, when they are not exploring other planets, are often to be found winning prizes in competitive ballroom dancing.  There will be a demonstration of their talents which will be worth watching, and then an informal dance, to all of which you are invited.  Keep your sense of humor about you.  Remember that the men here are used to dancing with women who are smaller than themselves, and would expect to get their toes stepped on occasionally dancing with women your size;  they’ve all had their toes stepped on before, and they lived.  In other words, enjoy yourselves, and do not worry about how graceful or how clumsy you look doing it.  Two of the junior officers in attendance here, the two bridesmaids at the Jacksons’ wedding, are experts with sewing machines, and I have had them prepare something for you which might let you feel a bit more natural at the event.  You might have noticed a number of boxes on the table in the rear of the room to your left.  There is one for each of you, guards and councilwomen alike, and a couple extra for whatever reason.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the great hall at 20:00.  And now, if you will excuse me, I have some other business I must attend to.”




“I would thank your general” one of the councilwomen said to Kira, “but I do not know how to.”


“Be at the hall for the dance at 8 oclock.”  replied Kira.  “He might wish to dance with you.  Other than that, you should pick one of those boxes on the table and open it.”


“My name is Adrina, and if your general were to ask me to walk into a fire with him right now, I would probably do it.  I will most certainly be at the hall.” 


One of the guards, and a lady who appeared to be the youngest of the councilwomen were the first to pick boxes and open them.  There was a gasp and a look of astonishment on the face of the guard, and a look of unbridled childish delight on the face of the councilwoman.  The others quickly moved over to the table and picked boxes and opened them.  There were more expressions of astonishment and delight, and one of the guards could be seen wiping her eyes, and holding the box close to herself.  The boxes in fact contained, in various bright colors that no two of them might look entirely alike, copies of the very blue dress which Kira was wearing,  made to fit six-foot, 200-lb. athletic frames.



Primitive Weapons



The Andarkans, the force senior officers, and a number of people with knowledge of primitive weaponry were gathered in a practice area just outside the compound the following morning.  General Davis addressed the Andarkans:  “For starters, I’d like to see how you use the weapons you already have.  I’ve seen what Kira can do with knives, but I haven’t really seen how those crossbows of yours work or how you use those light spears.  If a couple of your guards wouldn’t mind, I’d like to see how those spears are used.”


A short demonstration followed.  Contrary to what one might think, the spears were mainly for close combat, and the primary skill involved appeared to amount to a quick thrust at some well-chosen point of weakness on the part of an adversary, and then a violent maneuver to get the Andarkan clear of some anticipated counterstroke.


“You apparently assume this adversary has to be struck in certain vital spots, and that throwing the spear at him would be a waste of effort.  Perhaps you’d best describe this thing you’re dealing with for me...”


“The horror has no industry or culture, and lives only to kill and to eat, nonetheless it is organized and intelligent, and  it is loath to share its world with any other hunting or complex social species, including our own.  Its members range in size from about that of your dogs to nearly the size of the tiger you killed.  They have fearful teeth and claws for grasping and tearing on their front feet, almost like hands, useful only for killing.  They have huge spur claws on their hind legs for killing prey larger than themselves.  They can and do throw stones, but could not easily use tools.  They  can move on two legs as we do when attacking, but they have hard callouses on the knuckles of their front claws and can run on all legs, and are swift and tireless in pursuit.  Unlike warm-blooded animals which have skeletons inside their bodies or insects which have external skeletons, they have both, which means they can attain to large sizes and, at the same time, are difficult to attack.  A spear thrust, as you surmised, must be aimed at one of the points at which the plates of their external skeletons meet, or it is wasted.  Kira thus slew one of them several years ago while protecting a children’s center, and then held another at bay with her knife until other guards arrived and killed it with spears, but Kira is an exceptional guard.  A single Andarkan guard attempting to take on one of the monsters with a spear alone, would most often be severely injured or killed whether she killed the beast in the process or not.”


“What about crossbows?”


“A well-placed crossbow bolt can kill one of them in daylight, but you rarely see them in daylight.  You most often see them at night, in situations in which a crossbow is unweildy and difficult to aim, and in which there would be a likelihood of shooting one of your own people.  When we mount reprisals into their own territory during daylight we carry crossbows and any of them we come across we shoot, but they mostly fade away and vanish before us, as if tempting us to come deep enough into their domains to be caught there at night. 

“Fading away gets to be more difficult when you’re hungry.”  replied the general.  “They have to eat;  take away their food sources, and they’ll get to be easier to come up with.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to see how hard these crossbows of yours actually shoot.”


Two of the Andarkan guards fired several crossbow bolts into a target.


“Just an ordinary crossbow, sir, about 130-lb. pull but nothing beyond what we had 600 years ago; no need to even chronograph it, couldn’t have been more than about 240 feet per second.”


“The manufacture and use of the weapons you’ve seen us with require infrastructure which took 500 years to develop, and we couldn’t teach you to make or use such weapons in any sort of a hurry.  Nonetheless, we have something which you could easily pick up on and which would give you a major advantage with weaponry you already comprehend.  Colonel Jackson, you brought that hunting bow of yours with, I hope?”


“Yes sir, coming right up.” 


“What’s that set at?”


“About a hundred pounds normally, sir, but I thought Kira ought to do the demonstration and I set it at about 105.  Normally, guys crank bows down for wives and girlfriends, but this place doesn’t seem to work that way...”


The single-cam compound bow brought gasps of amazement from the Andarkans.  Kira took the bow and fired several arrows into or, rather, through the target, which amounted to two feet of compressed wood filings and straw.  Several of the Andarkan guards were staring with their mouths open. 


General Davis called Kira back over to resume her translator function, took the bow and handed it to one of the councilwomen.  “As you can see, this bow is shooting at nearly twice the velocity of your crossbow.  Energy is distance times weight.  The crossbow has the weight, but it doesn’t have the distance;  the string of Colonel Jackson’s bow is acting on the arrow over twice the distance as the crossbow, and there’s more than that.  The only thing on that bow which is moving more than the littlest bit is that near-massless cam.  Almost no stored energy is being transferred back into the frame of the bow;  it’s all being transferred to the arrow.  The full force of a normal bow merely starts the arrow moving;  once it is already moving, no more than half the force of the bow acts upon it.  As you can see, the cam system of this bow allows the strength of the bow to be held against itself.  The archer is holding about a third the strength of the bow at full draw.  When the archer releases the arrow, that third starts the arrow moving and then, after the arrow is already moving, the full weight of the bow hits it.  The fact that little weight is being held at full draw makes the bow easy to shoot.  The release device and peep site make it extremely accurate.  A hunting arrow, such as this one, fired from that bow, would not be stopped by any kind of horn or bone plates on a 600-lb animal.  These arrow heads have chisel points to go through bone or anything else in front of them, and then the cutting edges cam backwards as you can see.  Nothing which ever got hit by that, would be happy about it.  Moreover, given the cleverness you already possess with materials such as we see in that guard’s uniform of Kira’s, we believe we could have you manufacturing bows and arrows like this in a month starting from now.”


The little bow was cranked back to about 95 lbs. since few if any of the others were quite as strong as Kira and the Andarkan guards were allowed to take shots with it   From one to the next to the next, the looks on their faces all said the same thing:  “Give us this, and we could do some really serious killing.”


“Colonel, any chance of talking you out of that bow?  These people for sure need it more than you do and I’ll see you get compensated for it.”


“I’ve got another one just like it in my quarters sir, exact same deal as tennis; I mean, you never see  anybody walk into a tennis match with just one racquet. . .  They can have it with my blessings.”


“What I would like to do,” said General Davis to the Andarkans, “is to divide our efforts somewhat.  We need to keep Kira here at the compound, and so I would like for you to very quickly bring here a dozen or so of your experts in manufacturing including experts in dealing with artificial materials.  The manufacturing process for the arrows you saw is actually more complex than that for the bow nonetheless, we could explain all of it to them and, hopefully, a month hence, we can start training an army of a thousand or more of your guards armed with these weapons.  I would like for one of you councilwomen to remain here with us for several days, one with greatest knowledge of the geography of this planet and the layout of the dominions of this thing you call the horror.  We mean to get a look at it and we could use a guide.  Meanwhile, the question of the transport system which got you to this world is unrelated to that of military campaigns.  If it could be arranged, I would like for two of our scientists to get a look at this megalithic structure you described;  a group of your people would have to take them there and they would simply have to work around not having a translator with them.  Our two scientists would be in contact with Kira via radio and if anything needed translating badly enough, it could be done.  Finally, it would be good to have more than one person who can translate for us.  It would be good if a half dozen  or so of whoever studies languages here could spend three or four months with us learning our language.  Does any of that, or most of it, or all of it make sense to you people?”


“All of that makes sense and surely nobody could refuse a dance partner so simple a  request as wishing to see the megalith.  I myself am probably most knowledgable as to geography and shall remain here as you ask.  The rest of you (turning towards the other Andarkans) should return at once and tell the council what you have seen and heard, and have them tell the general council of Andarka.  Have them send the manufacturing experts here immediately and inquire about the availability of linguists.  And, I believe the general said there were two extra of the bright dresses;  with his permission, take one of them to Liyayka.”





The Dominion of the Horror


The starship’s two shuttlecraft used antigravity devices and rocket engines, and were unarmed.  Colonel Jackson was explaining General Davis’ and his own thoughts along those lines to the engineers: 


“We want a hard laser on each of the craft with sights and triggers in the front;  if these things hide in forests, we want to be able to burn the forest down.  We want the hard canopies taken off  and something like a convertible top from a 150-year-old car fitted, clear material, good to keep the wind off us at 150 mph or thereabouts, but that can be taken down in fifteen seconds.  We want minigun posts at all four corners, and we want fans in the rear which can move the thing at 100 - 200 mph, and we want to carry enough fuel to be out doing this shit for at least ten days.  We can’t exterminate this thing with two shuttlecraft, but we can positively ruin its day.  Any questions?”  


There were no questions; the work started immediately and was finished two days hence.


“These things are hellishly reliable, but we’re taking no chances.”  said General Davis.  We take both shuttles any time we go over the bad half of the planet, and no more people than would fit in one of them;  one of them breaks down, worst possible case, we go home in the other.  We don’t want to immediately alert the local bad guys to any new problems they might have, we want to move about 400 or 500 clicks into their territory, and then take a look around and see what we’re dealing with.” 


The group which set out into the wasteland included General Davis, Colonel Jackson and Kira, two other senior officers, a number of soldiers, Adrina, the Andarkan councilwoman, and two of the Andarkan guards who had remained with her.  They flew over the outskirts of Brina and then to the region which the Andarkans had noted as having the recent problems, and then across a massive plateau which separated that region from the dominions of the aboriginal inhabitants of the planet.  Herds of woolly mammoths and other pleistocene animals were seen on the lush open fields of the plateau. They then flew into a valley  which led down from the plateau on the other side and out over an open and seemingly endless steppe, which was broken up here and there by small rivers and forested areas.  They flew into this region for about two and a half hours, and then brought the shuttlecraft to a halt near a herd of animals grazing near a small stream.


“Those things are ugly enough, but they don’t look particularly dangerous.”  said one of the officers.


“Those are animals upon which the horror feeds.”  replied Adrina.  The horror themselves will be in those adjacent forested areas, and will come out at night to hunt these creatures.”


“Well...” said General Davis, “you’re about to see how to get a look at these baddies of yours in broad daylight.”


The two shuttlecraft had stopped their fan engines and hovered about fifteen feet over the ground.  Hanging in the air thus motionless with their computerized camoflague mimicking the surrounding colors, they were nearly invisible.  The ragtop canopies were opened, ear-covers donned, and a soldier snapped the belt feed into the minigun at the front-right post of the alpha shuttle;  fifteen seconds later, the 200 odd members of the herd of prey animals at the stream lay dead.  


General Davis spoke to Colonel Jackson:  “That has to have gotten their attention.  I’d like to get a look at a couple of these guys without them being torn apart by miniguns if possible.  I want you to pick three or four marksmen you feel comfortable with and go down there and walk around and examine the prey animals.  That ought to bring some number of the baddies double-quick.  Twenty or more of em, we take em with miniguns;  fewer than that, you take em out with rifles, we toss one or two of em in the baggage compartment, and take em back for the scientists to get a look at.”


“Shouldn’t I be down there with them sir?” Kira asked.


“Not till you’re totally checked out with rifles, last thing in the world I want Tony doing down there is worrying about you.”


The beta shuttle rose to about 60’ to take up post with miniguns.  Colonel Jackson chose the three top marksmen in the group, and they descended the rope ladder from the alpha shuttle to the ground.  Firepower rather than raw stopping power being the priority, they carried 308 calibre automatic rifles with 20-round magaziness rather than the magnum rifles. 


“More than 20 of em, the minigun crews on beta take em, fewer than that, we take em.  Guy on the outside takes the outside target then moves in, guy on the inside takes the inside target and moves out.  No automatic fire, single shots and place em, stay on your first target till it goes down then move to the next.  Damned if these things aren’t ugly, about the size of cows, six legs like insects but they’re definitely some sort of grazing animal; they seem to have antennae like insects but the rest of their heads and faces look more like some kind of primitive mammal; grinding teeth like mammals or other herbivores; some creationist got his manuals crossed up here...”


“General sir, would you look at that, they must be doing 40 mph, looks like about six or eight of em!”


“Colonel, targets to north-west approaching your position at high speed, about three hundred yards out.”


Colonel Jackson spoke in a totally calm and measured voice:  “At that speed, they won’t be able to stop or get turned before we shoot them to pieces, let em close to 100 meters, steady, steady, 140, 120, fire at will!”


About 20 shots were fired;  the creature which lived longest fell some 40 meters from Colonel Jackson’s position. 


“Kira, you’ve dealt with those things before, anybody ever get sick or pick up any unusual diseases from handling them?”


“Not to my knowledge, General Davis.”


“This is beyond ugly, General, in fact the word ‘ugly’ doesn’t do these guys justice;  this looks like somebody crossed a baboon and a tarantula and got all the ugliest and worst features of both.  Five eyes, Jesus, I don’t know what the hell those teeth look like, looks like a sort of a double set of canines and I wouldn’t know whether to call em teeth or tusks, about three inches long, thing looks like it weighs about 500 lbs.”


“We’re bringing alpha to the ground,  we need to get the two biggest ones into the cargo bay;  beta, you see any other bogies moving in, take em out with miniguns, we already have our lab specimens.”


“Yes sir, General.”


Three more soldiers got down from alpha and set about opening the cargo bay.


“I don’t want anybody touching these things any more than they have to, use the small antigrav and just wheel the thing into the bay, that’s it, get one more of em and we’re outta here.”


“Beta here General, those guys better hurry sir, we’ve got another group of targets about 600 meters away, closing, about fifty or sixty of em sir, more spread out than the first group, we’re gonna open with miniguns at 300 yards but a few of em might get through sir!”


The second creature was loaded into cargo and the bay door bolted shut as the roar of minigun fire indicated bogies at 300 meters.  Colonel Jackson and the other soldiers got up the rope ladder and the alpha shuttle pilot rose to 30’ and turned on the shuttle’s fans.  Five or six of the creatures had indeed somehow gotten by the wall of minigun fire and these were in a howling rage.  One had taken a flying leap at the landing rails of the shuttle and missed by two meters.  Several began picking up stones and hurling them at the shuttle and one soldier ducked an instant before having his head taken off by one of these.


“Want us to shoot em sir?”


“No;  let em go back and tell others what they’ve seen.  We’re outta here!”

Councils of War



“Okay, gentlemen, one more time, you’ve all seen the two specimens we brought back and you know the history of the conflict between these creatures and the human population of Andarka.  These are the original inhabitants of this planet.  Suppose that by some stroke we were to totally exterminate these creatures from this planet;  are there any possible ethical problems with that?”


One of the scientists spoke first:  “The answer to that would vary according to a person’s view towards natural history, sir.  If you were actually to believe in evolution as people did 150 years ago, and you were to believe that these creatures had evolved here and nowhere else in the universe against staggering probababilistic odds, then there might in fact be a problem;  you’d be depriving future generations of any vote in whether or not to retain enough of these creatures to study, if nothing else.  Problem with that is that advances in biochemistry basically flattened evolutionism 150 years ago, Behe’s book and all that.  On the other hand, if you were a literal creationist and believed that an all-knowing and all-powerful God created all life forms in the universe and that there was some more or less obscure purpose in each case, you might still have a problem.  Now, I’m a creationist in the sense that the evidence supports the notion of there having been engineering and re-engineering of complex life forms in past ages, but it seems obvious enough to me that all of the life forms we observe are not the work of an all-knowing, all-powerful, loving God.  Take mosquitos, black flies, lamprays, and disease organisms for instance;  it seems obvious to me that God didn’t create those thing;  in fact, whoever did create those things was some sort of an asshole.  And these things we have here fall into that same category;  I wouldn’t have any problem at all with exterminating this thing, sir.  Some asshole creates some pornographic statue next door to your house, are you going to have a problem with knocking it down because it was created??


“What about you, Father, you’re supposed to be the expert on the topic?”


Father John O’ Conner, a catholic priest who served as chaplain to the expedition, replied thus: “The bible makes no mention of the possibility of exterminating a normal animal species to my knowledge sir, but the term “evil beasts” does come up, as well as the necessity of getting rid of them:



LEV 26:6  And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none  shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither  shall the sword go through your land.




EZE 34:25  And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the  evil beasts to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep in the woods.


That would appear to be a guide to this case sir;  I am not aware of anything in the bible which tells us to love blood-thirsty animals bent on exterminating human populations.”


“So much for ethics, how goes our little archery project?  Better yet, Colonel Jackson, you were going to hang one of those specimens up from a tree or something and make sure that bow of yours really could shoot through those external horn plates or whatever that exoskeleton is; any problems?  I mean, if there are, we could be wasting our time on that one...”


“No problem at all, sir, went right through it, only thing I was worried about was the mechanical blades might try open too soon and break off on entry but that doesn’t seem to happen.”


“What about the project then?”


“The Andarkans understand carbon-fibre as well as we do now, sir.”  replied another of the scientists.  “They’ve taken that bow apart and reverse engineered it and they’re hard at work on it right now, they told me two and a half weeks.  An entire small manufacturing city forty clicks from Brina has stopped all other business until they can start turning those bows out.  We’ve already seen a first attempt at making carbon-fibre arrows and they’re not the world’s most beautiful but they work, and they’ll get better at it.”


“Dumb question here...” said General Davis.  “Mobility and safety, we’ve seen that the bad guys can be on top of you in a kind of a hurry starting from several hundred yards out.  Is there anything on this planet which would make sense for Andarkans to be riding which might give them a bit more mobility while, at the same time, eliminate some of the danger to archers on foot?”


“The old ones...”  Said Kira, a kind of a faraway smile on her face..


“Mammoths” said Colonel Jackson.  “There were mammoths on that plain before we went out into the steppeland. What exactly is the relationship between the old ones, and the horror?”


Adrina replied:  “There is mutual hatred between the old ones and the horror.  The beasts will kill the young of the old ones if opportunity arises and the old ones will try to kill any of the horror which they find attempting to cross the open steppes upon which they graze.  Nonetheless, the old ones view any sort of large-scale warfare against the horror as a waste of time. Attempting to move into the dominions of the horror, the horror would fade away before them as they do against us.  If the old ones were then to be found in those dominions at night, in the midst of those forested areas such as we observed in the wasteland, they could be attacked by sufficient numbers of the beasts, called in from surrounding regions, to be seriously mauled or even slaughtered, with many of the horror leaping up on their backs at the same time and tearing at them with those claws.  And yet, the old ones could help us in this endeavor if it were explained to them properly.  General, if you could have one of those shuttles take Kira, Colonel Jackson, myself and a few of your soldiers along with that second bow of Colonel Jacksons back to that plateau, I would like to try to enlist the aid of the old ones in this endeavor.” 




The plateau was 60 miles across, and several hundred miles long.  Water from underground springs welled up into streams which joined into small rivers and flowed out across the plateau and into ponds and a central lake about twenty miles across, and fed the lush vegetation which supported one of Andarka’s more major mammoth herds.  The shuttle landed on the near edge of the plateau, and the Jacksons, Adrina, and several soldiers got out and walked two hundred yards towards the mammoths.


“It is imperative that you conduct yourselves as Adrina and I conduct ourselves, and as I tell you to do.”  said Kira.  “Otherwise, we could all be killed.  Keep all of those rifles at one side and pointed at the ground at all times, and keep that bow down and at your side.”


The little troop stopped within sight of the herd.  Kira and Adrina raised their arms, and then waved their hands back and forth several times until a number of the mammoths spotted them, and then they stood with their heads slightly bowed, and their arms at their sides;  the others followed suit.  Two very large bull mammoths approached the humans.  Kira and Adrina sat on their knees, and bowed, keeping their hands in front of their bodies.  “Put all of your weapons on the ground in front of you, and do as we do, quickly.”  She did not need to ask twice.


The two great bulls stopped twenty yards in front of the humans.  One of the bulls snorted slightly, and pawed the ground slightly with his right front foot.


“Good, they remember me!  Do as I do.” 


Kira came to her feet keeping her head bowed slightly, and then made a deep bow towards the two bulls, and then stood erect and faced them;  the others followed suit. 


“Old ones, I am Kira, with whom you have had dealings before, and this is Adrina, of the Brina council.  These others are friends, come to visit from the vastness of the sky itself across immense distances, and they are males of my own species.  This one, who stands with me, is my own mate.  Fortune has smiled upon me to an unprecedented extent.”


One of the bulls bowed his head slightly towards Colonel Jackson, and then turned towards the herd and trumpeted.


“He has invited his two senior wives to come and see that Kira has found a mate for herself of her own species, since otherwise they would take him for an idiot were he to tell them such a thing.” said Adrina.  Two cow mammoths from the herd in fact approached, and walked to within ten yards of Colonel Jackson, and bowed their heads slightly, and then walked and stood behind the bull which had summoned them. 


“They say that you are very lucky.”


“I know that.”


The second bull snorted slightly, and looked directly at the bow which Colonel Jackson had left lying in front of him. 


“Old ones, our friends from the stars have weapons of immense power, and they wish to aid us in delivering a crushing blow to the horror.  Two days ago, I watched as they slew half a hundred of the horror and my mate and three of these soldiers slew eight of them in full charge, with weapons which tore their bodies apart before they could strike the first blow.  They have given us a bow such as you see, and shown us how to manufacture it, and we shall soon have an army equipped with such bows.  They are much stronger than the crossbows you have seen us with;  with them, we can slay the horror.”


The bull snorted again, and turned slightly and pointed towards a tree about 60 yards away with his tusks and trunk.


“He wishes to see the power of the bow.”  Kira bowed slightly towards the bull, and then picked up the bow from where it lay, and Colonel Jackson handed her an arrow and the release device.  Kira drew the bow, and fired the arrow into the tree, the entire flight time taking half a second.  The bull which had asked for the demonstration walked over to the tree and beckoned the humans to follow.  He wrapped his trunk around the arrow shaft and pulled, but the shaft did not budge.  The bull pulled a second time, considerably harder, until finally the shaft broke near the point at which it had imbedded itself in the tree, and the bull held half the arrow.  The bull walked back to the other three mammoths, bowed his head slightly towards the first bull, and brought his front feet up slightly off the ground at the same time, and snorted, and then made a sort of a whuffing sound.


“Good, they all know that this weapon is deadly serious and for real.” 


“Old ones, how great is your hatred for the horror?  Is it great enough that you might wish to join with us in the endeavor which we plan?  We plan to slay hundreds, if not thousands of them, and we now have the capacity to do it.  There has ever been peace between your tribe and ours, lo these many ages, we have respected your territories, and you ours, but the horror respects no boundaries, and has caused grief to your people and to ours from generation to generation.  We mean to put a stop to it.”


The two bulls looked at eachother for a moment, and then both bowed slightly towards Kira, and snorted slightly and pawed the ground.


“He just said, he’d rather burn to death, and be eaten alive by vultures while he was burning, than to miss out on something like I just described.”


“Old ones, the idea would involve assembling about three hundred bulls such as yourselves and allowing two or three of us, Andarkans, armed with these bows, to ride upon each of your backs, and to move into the valley which spreads out into the dominion of the horror, and to trap a vast number of the beasts between ourselves, with the new bows and your own strength, and our friends with their weapons.  We have a plan for doing that.” 


The two bulls again snorted and bowed slightly.


“We have not yet picked a time for this, but we think we will be ready in about 40 days.  We will be back in about 30 days to speak with you again and determine an exact time.  We will have to pick a day with favorable weather.”


The four mammoths bowed their heads slightly towards the humans, and then turned, and moved back to the herd.




“Whew!” said one of the soldiers.  “There’s nobody I know back home I could even think about telling about this;  even my grandma would accuse me of smoking too much dope!”


“Like I said,” Colonel Jackson said to Kira, “I can’t picture life with you ever getting boring.”

Evolution, Creation, or What?



“Adrina, there’s one other concern which we have regarding the horror and the general body of creatures it belongs to.  You’ve heard us talk about the theory of evolution before;  does it seem plausible to you at all that this thing you call the horror could have simply evolved, via random events or any combination of random events and ‘natural selection’?”


“Not really.”


“Does it seem plausible that an all-powerful and all-knowing God would create such a thing?


“Not really...”


“What does that leave?  What I mean is, somebody or some group of somebodies had to have created those things and you’d have to guess that whoever that was would be back occasionally to check on his handiwork.  Do your history or records speak of anybody or anything else, coming to this world occasionally?”


“Not to my knowledge or the knowledge of any of our scholars.  The same thought has occurred to us and our academics have made an exhaustive search of all of our records, going back as far as anything we have, and we find nothing of this sort.”


“And, do you think it more likely that this is because the creator or creators of the horror has never returned here, or because he wishes you to retain no such memories and has gone to pains to prevent you from having any such?”


“We have no way of knowing...”


“But the only safe assumption is the later, isn’t it?  Major Denning, what if anything have probes found on the other planets of this system?”


“The fifth planet with creatures like we’ve seen sir, but that’s all;  everything else is just piles of rocks.”


“Nonetheless, I want sensors around the outer planets and orbiting the star orthoganal to the plane of the planets at extreme distance.  Granted it’s not likely, but if anything approaches this system from deep space, I want to know about it.”



Final Preparations



The Andarkans handed Colonel Jackson a bow which, other than for the color of several of the materials, was indistinguishable from his own.  Several shots fired into a target convinced all in attendance that the Andarkans had done their work reasonably well.


“When do you start full production?”


“As soon as we get the okay from you.”


“You know, there’s one tiny thing here you’re going to need to change, this is one of those things where the devil could be in the tiniest kind of detail.  This hunting arrow rest won’t do for fighting a war;  the thinking behind it assumes you’re in a tree stand trying to shoot a deer and you’ve got the time and are calm enough to put and keep the arrow up on that two-pronged rest.  That isn’t going to work with those things charging and jumping at you.  You need something like a V which the arrow simply falls down into, with two posts to hold the arrow on either side.  Something like that’s too noisy for hunting, but that much noise won’t matter for what you’re planning.”


Colonel Jackson drew a detailed picture of the arrow rest he had in mind and handed it to the Andarkans.


“Do two things:  change the arrow rest, and then take a couple of these bows, and fire 300 shots with them, and make sure nothing breaks, and if all that works, then start producing them.”


“There’s a couple more things I’m concerned with.” said General Davis.  “You almost have to be standing in order to shoot those bows.  How are the Andarkans going to stand up on those mammoths while they’re moving, and not fall off, or are you planning to build some sort of a platform to strap to their backs.  The mammoths may not want to hear about that.”


“If I told you the solution to that one, you’d never believe me.” said Kira.


“Try me.”


“Every year, in the cold season, when there’s enough snow on the ground that somebody could fall off of one of the old ones and not get hurt much, we have a festival up on that plateau, and riding on top of the old ones while they romp through the snow is one of the primary events.  We have called for volunteers amongst the guards of all the cities who have ever shown any great skill at riding the old ones in standing positions, and have selected about 700 people.  These are up on the plateau now practicing riding the old ones and shooting ordinary bows at targets as they ride.  These will be the mounted archers.  Another three thousand soldiers are practicing with bows as we speak, and will be on foot.  We hope to have the new bows and arrows  for all of these people within a week.”


“I’ve got another thing on my mind here.” said General Davis.  “Some football coach once said that nice guys come in last, and I don’t want any of these Andarkans coming in last for being nice guys, or gals...  Tom (turning towards one of the scientists), you’ve been studying that other specimen we brought in; any chance of coming up with some sort of a nerve poison or something which would kill it on contact?  I don’t mean chemical warfare, that’s stupid, you get the wind changing or swirling...  what I mean is, I don’t want any of those things living more than two seconds after getting hit by one of the Andarkan arrows.  Ideal would be something which flattened the creature but which had no effect on humans.”


“Yeah, we could probably have something like that in a day or two.  These things don’t fall into any category I’ve ever heard of sir, only thing I know for sure about them is the Andarkans have the right name for them.  Picture seeing one of those things in a dark room or some dark street or alleyway, sheeesh!  But, yeah, they’re different enough from anything we’ve seen that something selective ought to be easy.”


“There’s one more thing.  Fix the camoflague devices on the shuttles so they can show bright red.”


“You want Maltese crosses on white fields too, sir, or just the red?”


“The red will suffice, and some sort of a max stereo system and some hard rap tapes, loudest and worst possible.  Has anybody checked out the laser weapons on the shuttles?”


“Yes sir, they work.”


“Having the enemy fear us isn’t the point of this exercise;  we want them to fear the Andarkans.  The Andarkans are going to do the lion’s share of the actual killing.  We’re going to try to lead every one of those creatures within an area of about 1000 by 2000 kilometers, which is a major section of the part of the planet they live on, straight into that valley coming down from the plateau, and that valley’s going to become a killing bottle.  We’re going to be tired, but that won’t really matter since we’re going to be 30’ above the ground in those shuttles.  The bad guys are going to be worn to a frazzle, and the Andarkans are going to be stone fresh.”




“Hunting is one thing, war another.  In a battle, you’re not going to have time or be calm enough to use multiple sight pins or any sort of a slide distance adjustment, you want one pin set at 30 meters, and you want to practice with the thing until you know exactly how far to hold over a target at ranges from 200 meters on in.  That’s it, no tight grips on the bow, you’ll torque it and hit low, one finger around the bow loosely so you don’t drop it, that’s it, good.  You want to steady the pin on the target but, in a war, you don’t want to take all day doing it, get the pin steady on the target then shoot, good...”


Three days went by thus, until the 4000  Andarkans in the archery program were hitting targets pretty consistently at all distances;  another week of practice both on foot, and from the backs of the mammoths, and the stage was pretty much set.


“Some interesting news, sir:  a troop of about 30 of the bad guys were trying to get across the plateau early this morning, apparently on their way back to some sort of a raid into the areas which Adrina mentioned, and the Andarkans shot them to pieces with the new bows, no survivors.  The bad guys didn’t have any idea there were large numbers of Andarkans on the plateau.  They didn’t have the poisoned heads, but it didn’t seem to make much difference.  One big difference, with the crossbows, they had to shoot for places where body plates joined;  with the compound bows, they can shoot for vital organs since the arrows go through the plates.”


“Good;  do your homework well, and things often just sort of fall into place.”






The two shuttles set out into the valley and out into the steppe land below, Colonel Jackson in charge.  General Davis remained at the plateau with the Andarkans.  Wolfy and four others of the guard dogs patrolled the edges of the plateau to ensure that no unexpected encounters with the horror interfered with the operation, and a group of about 200 of the expedition force soldiers took up positions facing the valley with rifles.   The shuttles flew for about eight hours at nearly top speed, or about 1500 miles distance into the horror’s dominion, and then split up and flew to corners of a sort of a bottle with a base of about 800 miles leading to a neck back at the valley and the plateau.  They set their camouflage devices to show bright red, donned ear protectors,  turned the rap music up to earsplitting levels, and proceeded to shoot to pieces every herd of prey animals within the bottle.  Every second or third forested area, those for which biosensors showed highest readings, was torched with lasers.  A mixed multitude of the horror took up pursuit, gaining in numbers as the slaughter of prey animals and the decimation of forests proceeded.  The alpha shuttle ceased its zigzagging and began to follow a straight-line course down the center of the bottle towards the valley, keeping just ahead of the howling multitude of the horror at about 30 mph, while beta continued its zigzagging from one side of the bottle to the other at higher speed, along with its work of devastation.  The groups of the horror which followed the beta shuttle out of the peripheral regions were led to alpha and joined the multitudes in pursuit, while beta swung out to the other side to repeat the process.  The soldiers in alpha taunted the beasts, mooned them, and occasionally clipped one of them with a 308 round, but refrained from killing them.


After 30 hours, one group of about 50 of the beasts appeared to grow weary of the chase, and dropped back and started to move into a small forested area which had been left intact.  The alpha shuttle rose to around 100’ and lit the small forest on fire with its laser and then quickly moved back to its position 25’ up and in front of the multitude, which was now in a berserk rage.  Many of the beasts threw stones at the shuttle, and the soldiers quickly learned the extreme range of these rock-throwing proclivities, and kept just back from them, always drawing the beasts towards the valley. 


After 40 hours, the numbers of the multitude began to be difficult to estimate.  Colonel Jackson picked up the radio.  “Our Andarkan friends are going to have a lot of shooting to do, General;   it’s impossible to try to count em out here with all this dust and commotion, but it’s a lot more than the three or four thousand we were originally thinking.  We might have to help out some.  Any rate, they’re tired now and they’ll be worn to nothing by tomorrow morning.  Have the Andarkans get a good night’s sleep, and then be down there in the valley with the mammoths and everything, and be ready after first light.”


At about fifty hours, the multitude of the beasts had grown weary to the point of exhaustion, and appeared to be lurching forwards;  they had slowed their pace to little more than that of a human jogger.  The alpha shuttle remained in front of them, just out of reach, and beta, now finished with its zig-zag path of devastation, moved over the leading edge of the multitude, about 100’ up.  The lieutenant commanding beta radioed Colonel Jackson:

Colonel, we’ve got a slight problem here, a number of my guys need to pee so bad they’re about to die and I don’t see anything resembling a men’s room out here anywhere at all;  do you suppose anybody would mind if they took leaks on those dark grey furry things down below us?”


“Wouldn’t bother me any.” replied Colonel Jackson.”  “I’ll see to it that all the girl scouts here look the other way...”


Twenty five seconds later, the chase was on again in earnest, the multitude again in a howling, berserk rage and charging after the two shuttles at 30 mph and more.  Colonel Jackson picked up the radio again:  “You better get ready, General, about an hour, and you’re going to be seeing one hell of a lot of these things, and they’re all howling mad.”


At the point at which contact between the Andarkans and the horror was anticipated, the valley was about two miles wide.  A line of archers stretched out across the valley about 100 yards behind that point, and about 700 bull mammoths waited  about 100 yards behind the line of archers  on the wings, partially hidden by the trees on the valley’s edge.  Atop each of the mammoths, were two Andarkan archers, and a third Andarkan guard with the traditional spear and knife, and with rope for trying to retrieve anybody who managed to fall off.  The 200 expeditionary force marksmen occupied positions in the trees along the valley’s edges in front of the anticipated main battle zone.  Adrina, Kira, and General Davis, along with two of the force soldiers carrying automatic rifles, radios, and a loudspeaker system, were mounted atop one of the oldest and largest of the bulls.  A small handfull of Andarkans, along with the guard dogs, had been left to guard the plateau and the remaining mammoths.  At about two and a half hours after first light, the leading edge of the multitude of the horror was seen.  The alpha shuttle flew in and parked itself about 50’ up over the line of the Andarkan archers, while beta flew in and then raced off over the edge of the valley, out of sight of the multitude, and then back around, and behind them, turning off the bright red color and taking up normal camoflague again. 


The beasts, sighting the Andarkan archers below the alpha shuttle, launched themselves into an all-out, frenzied charge at speeds approaching 40 mph.  The archers on foot opened fire at about 200 yards and continued firing.  The beasts which were hit careened across the paths of those still charging until it appeared as many were going down from crashing into their fellows as from being shot, and the momentum of the charge was broken before they could make contact with the Andarkan archers.  The archers continued firing for 15 or 20 long seconds after thecharge broke, the beasts now having to fight their way towards them through the tangled piles of the dead having become mere targets.  At that point, the mammoths, having moved out towards the center of the field at the moment when firing began, closed to within ten yards of the ranks of the archers and those, at the command of General Davis atop his mobile command post with Kira at the megaphone, quickly broke their line and moved into little clusters with openings between them large enough for the mammoths to pass through.  The mammoths, and the Andarkans atop them, charged into the exhausted and broken ranks of the beasts, and began the process of shooting and trampling them to pieces, while the foot archers reformed their line and followed behind them, shooting any of the beasts which managed to get past or behind the mammoths.  The beasts were not able to dodge arrows and the huge tusks of the mammoths at the same time and many were knocked over by the mammoths’ tusks, and then either shot or trampled.  Those few which managed to attempt an attack on a mammoth with their spur claws found those claws entangled in a foot and a half of matted fur and caked mud, and were shot or killed with spears as they hung from the mammoths’ sides by their ankles.


The wild melee continued for about an hour until, desparate, a number at the rear of what remained of the multitude attempted to flee back out of the valley.  At that point, however, the alpha shuttle having copied beta’s maneuver, both of the shuttles were behind them, and the game was no longer about rap music or getting peed on;  those attempting to flee the valley were cut down by miniguns.  Likewise, those attempting to flee to the edge of the valley were shot by the 200 marksmen positioned in the trees.  But the Andarkans did the bulk of the killing.  Of something like 12,000 of the monsters, no more than a half-dozen individuals survived, and those were tied hand and foot and in cages to be studied.  Many had been trampled underfoot by the mammoths, many seized by the mighty trunks of the mammoths and dashed into the ground and killed, but the vast bulk had been shot to death,  the greatest number killed by archers on foot who had the courage to stand their ground and shoot arrows while being charged at 40 mph by creatures with the teeth and claws to rend them asunder should they break through.  There were no injuries worse than scratches and strained muscles amongst the mammoths, nor anything worse than a few sprained ankles and broken ribs amongst the handful of Andarkans who somehow or other did in fact manage to fall off of mammoths.  These had been quickly pulled to safety by the line of archers remaining just behind the mammoths.


Stretching out into the steppe from the mouth of the valley, into a region which had been one of the most major inhabited areas of the aboriginal creatures of Andarka III, was a gigantic swath of desolation, now uninhabitable to the horror since it no longer contained any significant source of food.  Little bands of the the beasts moving into this region from outlying areas encountered only an eerie silence and the sight of slaughtered herds of prey animals being picked apart by vultures and other scavengers.  They were left to guess at what had happened until, at length, the cries of the vultures begin to hint at a vast slaughter, and of a vast feast for scavengers, the main course being the former inhabitants of the dead region.



Liyayka’s Speech


There was a massive celebration atop the plateau.  The sound of bells was everywhere, as was the trumpeting of the mammoths, directed out into the steppe.  Wagonloads of exotic fruits were unloaded, gifts for the mammoths.  Liyayka, the head of the Brina council, addressed the nation and the assembled warriors:


“To the people of Andarka, greetings;  we rejoice in a great victory this day.  Our world is changing.  As of today, we are no longer a refugee people isolated on a haunted world.  The greater family of people of which we are a part has fully recovered from the catastrophes which we fled so many thousands of years ago, and we shall rejoin that family.  We have seen the first fruits of that reunion in this great victory which God has granted us.  Warriors, guards and soldiers of Andarka, you have earned boundless honor and the eternal gratitude of our people for yourselves, and have brought honor to our people and justice to those of us who, generation after generation, have fallen to the predations of the horror.  I have no reservations in using the term justice;  any claim which the horror may have ever had to primacy on this planet, they have forfeited by the manner in which they have dealt with us.  A number of things have contributed to this unprecedented victory:  the valor of the archers on foot who withstood the charge of the mass of the horror, the strength of our friends which dwell upon this plateau, new kinds of weapons and machines, and particularly the knowledge, wisdom, and judgement of General Davis and the senior officers of the expeditionary force from our home system, which has acted on our behalf;  we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.  We have learned that war is a much harder business than we ever comprehended previously.  If the horror was given no chance, it was yet as much chance as they have ever given us.  I would rather tell our council that all of you returned safely, than to tell it that we gave the horror a fair chance and yet prevailed, but at the cost of many of your lives.  There will be other battles against the horror until it is but a memory on this world, and we mean to give them less chance in those future battles than they had today.  We have actually taken six of them alive, something we have never succeeded in doing in the entire history of this world, and what we learn from these may yet provide us with more efficient means of killing them.  The military units which have been formed for this battle shall remain intact, your assignments to these units being made permanent as of today.  Other units have been training with the new bows even as this campaign has moved forward, and some of those people will arrive on this plateau this afternoon for rotating shifts of guard duty.  Those of you who fought today are on leave for the next three weeks, see to it only that you report back to these same units at camp Jana three weeks from today.”




            “Old ones, this is Wolfy, a creature who fulfills the duty of a guard amongst our friends from the stars.  He and four or five like him shall be patrolling the edges of the plateau.  They are powerful, brave, and keenly intelligent, and their vigilance is eternal;  they never sleep but with one eye and both ears open.  They will alert you to any danger at night with their barking.  They are friends, and valuable allies.  Now, this is a tennis ball;  watch this...”

The Megalith


During the same period of time that the campaign against the horror was being planned and carried out, two other projects had been in progress. A dozen or so Andarkan language specialists were rapidly coming to speed with English, and scientists from the expeditionary force were getting a look at the megalith which Adrina had described, and the technology which had served to bring the Andarkans to the planet. Just blowing the dust off of everything with compressed air and vacuuming the place out had occupied four days. The remains of battery packs equivalent to those of several WW-II vintage submarines were found along with a massive generator which would never run again, but of which enough was left to use as a plan in building a replacement. That had been done, and the battery packs replaced as well. In the center of the cavernous interior of the megalith, was a circular base of smooth stone some 30 meters in diameter which appeared to be mounted upon an axle of sorts and, upon it, a crystalline cylindar about 20 meters in diameter and about 10 meters high. An interior wall divided the cylindar into two sections. Along one of the interior walls of the megalith was a row of what appeared to be control panels with a bewildering assortment of dials and switches, and several things which looked like circular mirrors, about a meter in diameter, affixed to the wall. Everything which resembled writing on the surfaces of any of the devices appeared to be in a form of heiroglyphics. The operation of the generator was sufficiently obvious even without instructions, and there was a switch box and a master switch which were also sufficiently obvious.


"The glass cylindar has a sort of a familiar look to it, sir, if you think about it; it looks sort of like the revolving door in the front of Macy's."


"Let me guess: one side of the revolving door at Macy's is the sidewalk, the other side is the interior of Macy's; you're thinking that one side of this thing might be Andarka III, and the other Mars?"


"That's one thing which might cross somebody's mind, sir."


"And you had in mind to just throw the master switch and see what happened?"


"Not till we know a bit more about it, sir, but there doesn't appear to be any overwhelming danger involved. There's no radioactivity here, and no major stores of fuel or explosives of any sort, the whole thing appears to have run on the generator and batteries you see, I mean, we don't really see anything else much to it as far as power goes."


"The only other possibilities would be sources of power within the planet itself or the sun, one or the other, you'd better make real sure both of those are monitored before you turn that thing on."


"Yes sir, we were planning to, but we don't plan on turning it on and starting to try to use it straight out, we basically were hoping we could turn it on and something more in the way of information would come up somewhere."


"What about the writing that we see, any chance of making heads or tails of any of it? You know, I'm asking the wrong person about that, aren't I, I should be asking this young lady over here... Adrina, any chance of anybody on this planet being able to read any of the writing we see here?"

Kira translated, though that was becoming less of a necessity in Adrina's case.


"We have scholars who study that sort of writing and the knowledge of it has not passed out of existence, but the entire way of thinking which underlies such language is totally different from present reality." she replied.


"Meaning what exactly?"


"The writing we see here are pictograms, each symbol representing a complete word or idea. Modern writing is under a system within which symbols represent sounds, and such symbols are grouped together to form the sounds which comprise words, Kira tells me that the same holds true with your own language; you apparently use a system of 26 such symbols, we use 35. The ancient system of pictograms, however, arose during an age in which all language and communication was, Kira tells me the term you use for this is telepathic... There was no spoken speech and so the idea of combining sounds into words or of writing the way we do now would not have ocurred to anybody. Grammar such as we understand it would not have been a part of such an antique language either, and that complicates translation as well."


"Nonetheless, you have come capabilities along those lines?"


"Some. They are reasonably good at translating poetry; how close anybody could come to translating something like a technical manual from such a language to yours or ours, I don't know."


"This is one of those situations in which any help at all might make some sort of a difference." replied General Davis. "There are no guarantees but, if by any sort of chance this thing could be made to work again, it might cut travel time from our system to Andarka from the two and a half years it took us to get here, to basically nothing. If you could get a couple of experts in the old language here, it would help."




"You Andarkans still have some facility in the way of telepathic communication, don't you?" asked Colonel Jackson. "I mean, I can't easily believe you got a whole lot of information out of the grunting and whuffing I heard in that conversation between you two and the old ones on the plateau."


"Our home world had a strongly charged electrical environment, and this thing you call telepathy, the voice which emanates from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, was the normal means of communication. Apparently the capability itself became vestigial amongst yourselves, while we never completely lost it. But it takes a great deal of concentration and we use it only for communicating with the old ones and one or two other groups of higher animals with whom we could not otherwise communicate. Trying to communicate that way amongst ourselves would have us walking around with headaches all day long."


"Hate to keep changing the subject," interjected General Davis, "one other obvious thing we need to do is set up a subtron link from here to Mars, and let some of those guys have a look at this.  No telling how far they've gotten since we left, this place might be the last piece of some sort of a puzzle they're trying to put together."


"We're working on it sir, figure tomorrow morning."


"Pardon me, sir" Kira said, "but this thing you call subtron has a number of us curious. Radio transmission only moves at a certain speed, and yet you apparently can communicate with your home world more or less instantaneously. Is there any sort of a simplistic explaination you might could offer us?"


"I'm not a physicist, but I could try." General Davis replied. "Trying to use radio waves to communicate across cosmic distances would be basically idiotic; it would be like trying to communicate with another city across an ocean by splashing rocks into the water on your side and waiting for the ripple waves in the water to get to the other city. Fortunately, we don't need to do anything like that. We used to think electromagnetic radiation (including light and radio waves) were one kind of thing and gravity another, because of the instantaneous propagation of gravity and the fact that electromagnetic radiation appears to be moving at finite speed, but experiments finally disproved all of that. The Sansbury experiment in particular, showed that light was basically an instantaneous force between points like gravity, and that the phenomena which appear to have finite speed are secondary effects of some sort. At any rate, subtron amounts to using light itself rather than the observable phenomena associated with it as a medium for carrying information, and is basically instantaneous, even across cosmic distances."


Adrina (hearing Kira's translation of the above) asked "Could you possibly describe this Sansbury experiment for us?"


"Not me... Tom?"


"I could try. Light appears to move at a rate of speed which would get you from here to Andarka IV in about five seconds or, in terms of shorter distances, about one foot in one nanosecond. Ralph Sansbury's experiment amounted to having a Pockel cell, basically a nanosecond gate sitting in front of a laser light chopping off little 10' spears of laser light and throwing them at a wall a few hundred feet away. There was a light-sensitive diode on the wall to register when these little spears of laser light hit it, and a second Pockel cell in front of the light-sensitive diode. Now, the pockel cell in front of the diode was being held closed while the little 10' spears of laser light were being formed up, and then opened. The light spears should have gone through and registered on the diode, but they didn't; nothing registered at all! The only possible interpretation was that every meaningful part of the 10' light beams was being absorbed as they formed up, and that implied that light itself, was basically an instantaneous force of some sort between two points."


Kira translated for Adrina and the other Andarkans and then asked "Sort of as if I and one of the other guards were to stand a hundred meters apart and she were to throw a spear at me with good aim, and I were to hold a shield in front of my body only until the spear was in the air and then toss the shield away, and still somehow magically survive because the shield had done its job during that short time while she was actually throwing it?"


"Yeah, that's pretty much the idea. At any rate, setting up the subton link will let some of our scientists on your original home planet compare what they're seeing with what we see here and see if we can't make sense of some of this stuff."


"One thing I've got to tell you guys, ", General Davis remarked, "assuming there is any possibility of this thing actually doing what you guys are thinking it can do, there's two possible ways I can picture it doing it, only one of which I'd care to have anything to do with. One would be creating some sort of a gap in space itself, in other words, shortening the distance between some other point and here; that might work. The other would be reducing some physical thing to subtrons or some other kind of information content, sending that here, and then reconstructing it, and I wouldn't want any part of that. Any of you guys ever see the movie 'The Fly'? Can't remember which remake it was, might have been the third, but that scene where the guy takes the girl into the expensive restaurant and then orders a bowl of dog shit sort of got to me, any rate, we'd have to have some sort of a really serious discussion before anything like that happened here."





The Home Front


What General Davis did not tell the Andarkans about subtron, was the extent to which it in fact had already been used to bring to the people of Earth the unfolding story of Andarka III and, in the process, to hand the governing republican/libertarian/reform coalition a political victory at least as great as the military victory which the expeditionary force had set up for the Andarkans.


Arrayed against the governing coalition had been an unlikely conglomeration of leftists and left-of-center minor parties, old-line die-hard Darwinists and uniformitarians, the Hollywood/media consortium, and various others, and some of this opposition could trace roots going back to the 1970’s.  Cydonia, in particular, had created a monsterous conundrum for NASA from the first days in 1976, when film from the Mars Viking probe revealed the remains of the megalithic city.  These images revealed the familiar face-on-Mars image, as well as pictures of a hexagonal ring of pyramids, a monsterous five-sided pyramid, roughly a mile and a half on an edge on the long sides, and any number of things which do not occur in nature. 


The problem arose because, obviously, nobody could build such a thing with space suits on;  for such a complex of megalithic structures to get built, the planet had to have been habitable and there was simply no way, given standard theories as to the history of our solar system, for anybody to picture Mars ever having been habitable.  Ordinarily, given such a situation, the first thing which might have occurred to the scientists would have been to try to use vast stretches of time as a magic wand as was done with evolution, i.e. to claim that Mars had somehow or other been habitable 200 million years ago.  That idea, however,  ran aground on the fact that the face in the face-on-Mars monument was basically humanoid;  such an explaination would have required them to explain how some monkey got to Mars 200 million years ago and they obviously did not want to hear about  that.



D&M  (5-sided) Pyramid, Viking Probe photo, 1976


In other words, in order to make any sense at all out of the Cydonia complex, NASA scientists would have needed a totally different version of a history of our solar system from the one they in fact had, and they were simply not interested in tossing their entire paradigm base.  All which was left was your basic state of denial.  Despite the obviously artificial structures in their own images, they went for years claiming that all of those things were tricks of light and shadow and sending probes to every part of Mars but Cydonia, as if the search for microbes outweighed the search for cities.  All of that came to an end, of course, when private Japanese and Russian groups landed probes right on top of the complex and sent back images showing the blockwork in two of the pyramids.  President Adams summarily fired four fifths of the management echelon at NASA and JPL, and told those who remained that NASA, henceforth, had no priorities other than Cydonia, and no funding for anything which did not involve Cydonia. 



Other Cydonia features, Viking Probe image, 1976


Such an official recognition of solar-system-wide catastrophes within the memory of man, of course, was almost instantly fatal not only to the theory of evolution, but to the basic axiom of uniformity in the natural sciences generally;  a lot of people who should have known better never forgave President Adams or the republicans for that.  Long after there was any possible case to be made against exploration of the Cydonia complex on scientific grounds, they were trying to make cases on humanistic, political, and quasi-religious grounds, decrying the necessary expendatures of such operations in every venue open to them, including Hollywood.  Teasers to films showed vast rivers of dollars flowing into bottling plants and then out onto trucks labled Cydonia Inc., and then showed scenes of people starving in third world countries (from 30 years ago, presumably, since nobody was starving at the time).  One film showed scientists digging up a prehistoric monster from the bowels of one of the Cydonia pyramids, and an ancient curse destroying the entire universe. 


That was before Andarka III, however, and the battle in the Valley of Agincourt, as the valley leading off the plateau had been named shortly thereafter.  In a carefully orchestrated and timed-out sequence of events, entrepreneureal groups connected to the libertarians had opened what they called Newsreel Parlors all across the United States and Europe, including Russia, and for tickets costing $3, were showing an hour-long newsreel, provided by subtron links, of beautiful six-foot-tall women with indian-red hair riding atop mammoth elephants shooting arrows at charging hordes of monsters, and it was all real.  Interest was not lessened by the rumors that there were no men on this planet and that, near as anybody could tell, all of those indian-red haired women but one, who had married an expedition-force officer, were virgins.  These parlors opened their doors in mid May and, two months later, the public had not tired of it.  Sum total ticket sales for Hollywood’s entire initial summer run of movies was vanishingly close to zero, and the moguls  were in panic.  Two of these worthies had come to plead their case or, that failing, to at least find out which way the wind was blowing at the Public Information Department in Washington D.C. 


“What exactly are your long-range plans for the ‘newsreels’ and ‘newsreel parlors’?” asked the more senior of these gentlemen. 


“Are you familiar with the history of World War II?”


“What do you mean?”


“During WW-II, newsreels came out about once a week, and people went to watch them on saturdays.  That was your normal form of entertainment for about four years.  We figure the Andarkan operation is going to be good for at least four years, and there are going to be other planets with other groups of people related to us;  Andarka III is the tip of an iceberg.  Other than that, the people in the newsreel business on both ends are just getting ramped up.  They’ll be able to turn out newsreels on a weekly basis starting in about two weeks.  The neat thing is, that ticket sales from the one newsreel with the bow-and-arrow fight have damned near paid for the Andarkan expedition altogether and, with the tiniest bit of luck, newsreel operations over the next two years could pay for everything that’s gone down at Cydonia to date.   Ain’t that cool?  Can you imagine what the know-nothings in congress will be going through trying to come up with arguments against that?”


“What do you expect us to do?”


“Why, I think one of your own productions provided an answer to that question.  How did that go, ah yes: ‘Why, I expect you to DIE, Mr. Bond’.  I mean, if there’s a way to fuck this country over which you guys haven’t thought of, it’s only because nobody’s invented a drug strong enough to let you think of it yet, isn’t it?  The last time your side had control of the federal government, you were killing people, smearing people, blackmailing people, starting wars and bombing innocent countries to take bad news off the headlines of the papers, and doing armed kidnappings in public for the benefit of that clown in Cuba.  We don’t do things that way;  we believe in letting the free market take care of things.  In other words, if you can produce movies which can compete against the newsreel business, you’re free to do so.  Of course, there’s always the possibility of finding honest jobs...  And now, gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious business to attend to.  Sergeant, if you’d please show these two gentlemen to the door.”



The paradigm base which was demolished by the Cydonia findings was shortly replaced by several similar versions of a history for our solar system built upon a massive and painstaking study of ancient literature from all over the world, rather than upon untestable theories.  A theoretical basis for understanding how a planet the size of Mars could have had an atmosphere was provided by Al DeGrazia and Earl Milton, in a book titled Solaria Binaria.  A fairly accurate recent history of the solar system starting from a time just prior to the biblical deluge was provided by Ev Cochrane, David Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, and others at Kronia (  Finally, an accurate interpretation of ancient records relating to the planet Mars was provided by by Ev Cochrane and the Aeon Journal.  Most of those articles are still linked from






Tony Hears the Voice



Behold how the fairest of the fair,

doth peacefully sleep in the demons' lair

snuggled amidst great tawny forms

their fur and manes to keep her warm...



“We are on a mission of war, lords, as you might have heard;  a war against the horror.  We ask the safety of thy companionship for the night.”


“You may sleep amongst us, if you can abide the little ones gnawing on your ankles...  That is the thing with which your mate slew the tusk-tooth?”


“Stories like that seem to travel fast...  He had no choice, the tusk-tooth would have slain me and another of his company.”


“We have no particular love for the tusk-tooth.  We call him ‘Uncle Gorff’.  He is of our creation but of an older part of our creation and does not hear the voice as you do.  We tolerate him when we can;  when he tarries overlong in our dominions, we either chase him away or kill him.  Your mate also does not hear the voice?”


“My mate is of another world, on which the voice seemingly does not exist or is not used.  They use vocal speech to communicate as we Andarkans do amongst ourselves.  It may yet be possible to teach some of them to hear the voice, we haven’t gotten around to it yet.  And you do not fear the horror here?”


“In the numbers you see here we have no need to fear him, nonetheless you never used to see 70 adult lions living in one place.  It is necessary for safety but can make hunting somewhat difficult at times.”


“We mean to solve that problem once and for all shortly.  We were on a scouting mission and are on our way home.”


“If you require any aid from us, you need but ask.  We know of the battle in which the old ones aided you.”


“And you allow bears to sleep amongst yourselves as well?”


“Well-mannered bears, such as those three.  Hard times make strange bedfellows...”




“Tony, you think you could leave off playing with those kittens long enough to come over here and recite that poem for these guys?  I could only remember the first couple of lines of it”


“Lions speak English here?”


“They may understand the words through me.”



Behold how the fairest of the fair,

doth peacefully sleep in the demons' lair

snuggled amidst great tawny forms

their fur and manes to keep her warm


What deviltry hast thou inside thee,

how charmst thou my cats, that they thus abide thee,

or would’st thou a hunter's bride be?

What fortune brings thee here?


Forgive me, lord, for I am not yet strong,

I'd grown faint with hunger, I'd wondered long

and had died on yon steppe before the dawn

had thy cats not heard my prayer.


Thy cats are gracious, they did not eat me

but slew a deer, and did entreat me

to eat my fill, whilst they did purr,

then licked my face, and brought me here


and bade me sleep midst their tawny forms,

their fur and manes to keep me warm.





“The purring indicates approval??”


“They seem to like it.”


“That’s not anything I’d call good poetry, just some doggeral from the Army Times poetry contest.”


“It was good enough for them.  You don’t want to see what happens when somebody recites a really bad poem in front of a bunch of lions...”


“I’ll take your word for it.  Hey, what about opera?  I know the song of the viking guest from Sadko!”


“Don’t push your luck.  It’s pretty much bedtime here, and lions aren’t much on formalities.  Just find an open spot in a pile of them and flop in.”


“I’m supposed to sleep with these “kittens” gnawing on my ankles?”


“You’ll get used to it.  Good night...”






“Come on, just one, curiosity’s got us...”


“We gotta see how that thing works.”


“If humans start shooting prey animals for you guys, the lions of this world shall all shortly become indolent and lazy.”


“Laziness and indolence are the chief goals of all lions...”


“The fact that none of us ever achieve perfect laziness and indolence does not make them less worthy ideals.”


TONY!  You awake??  We need you to come shoot breakfast for us!”


“I’m awake, sort of, but these kittens on top of me are all still asleep and what your friend said about laziness and indolence makes a lot of sense;  hell, you know how to use rifles now, you shoot em, I’m going back to sleep for awhile.


“He’s right...”


“What’s that thing you’re putting on your head?”


“To protect my ears, you can’t believe how much noise that thing makes.  Here, look, you guys better cover your own ears, here, up on your haunches, yeah like that, front paws over your ears;  you too, all of you...”


“I don’t believe this...”


“Okay, now watch those two bulls over closest to us up front...”




Click, click...




DAMN!!!  They just dropped!!!!  It takes four or five of us a whole morning to kill one of those things, if we’re lucky!!!!



“What your friend said about laziness and indolence makes a lot of sense..” 


DAMN, Tony heard the voice!!!!”



A Lioness’ Stupid Question



“Oh God, that’s nice...”


“Cats all love being scratched behind the ears and the sides of their faces.  I can’t believe lions would be much different.”


“We’re bigger than cats and we eat grazing animals...  There’s no other real difference.  Kira won’t be jealous?”


“She’s off over there helping your friends carve up those two buffalo.”


“You mind if I ask a really stupid question?


“Go ahead.”


“Humans don’t really seem to be predators or grazing animals either one.  I’ve heard that humans eat just about every sort of thing but I can’t really look at humans and figure out what their original or natural diet might have ever been.  There must have been some original setting in which humans lived and some basic original diet.  Do you have any idea what that would have been?”


Humans originally lived in water.   Not having a fur coat is an adaptation for swimming;  it’s a disadaptation for anything on land.  You might have also noticed that our legs are our major limbs while monkeys and apes, which are near cousins of the same creation, have their arms as major limbs.  That’s also an adaptation for wading and swimming.  A monkey trying to swim the way we do would just turn summersaults in the water.  Humans originally lived in some shallow beach area or lagoon which must have been protected from sea predators.  The original human diet was some combination of shellfish and fruit.  They would come up on shore for fruit which grew naturally nearby, and eat small creatures with hard shells which lived in shallow water.  Everything else humans ever eat are acquired tastes, and not any sort of natural diet.”


“That at least makes sense...”


“The funny thing is, we just figured all that out about a hundred years ago.   Before that, the question used to worry us.  Because of the catastrophes, we didn’t have any records from the time humans first arose and so we didn’t really know what was natural for humans to eat or what sort of requirements humans had.  They used to worry about human cubs not getting enough of this or that sort of thing we saw other animals eating, and try to force them to eat at least some of most everything we saw other animals eating, even green beans.”


YUCK!!  You’re kidding!?”


“Wish I were...  Somebody finally put the thing into the form of a question which made it clear enough for most people:  basically, everybody knows that a little kid’s reaction to alcohol and tobacco is correct;  why would anybody think that same kid’s reaction to green vegetables was wrong?  When something tastes that bad, your body is trying to tell you something.”


“That’s basically the first rule of child nutrition;  if the kid or the cat (same thing) can’t eat it, the sum total nutritional value is zero.”


“I couldn’t help but notice, you were a little bit afraid of us at first?”


“On my world, the voice does not exist and because no two different kinds of creatures can communicate, they mistrust one another.”






The Crystal Gate



It turned out that there were in fact replicas of the crystal cylindar and the machinery associated with it inside one of the (relatively) smaller pyramids at the Cydonia complex.  The machinery at Cydonia was in considerably worse condition than that on Andarka but, with the efforts of the Andarkan antiquities experts, the expeditionary force scientists, the scientists on Cydonia, and teams of mathematicians on Earth, and given the reasonably well-preserved equipment on Andarka III as a model, a reasonable understanding of how the device operated was attained.  It turned out, that the actual manner in which the devices worked was a good deal more exotic than either of the the two possibilities which General Davis had anticipated.  They assumed something akin to a holographic model of the universe, and were actually manipulating the representations of physical things in a phase space, as a means of changing their locations in the physical realm which we live in.  A  month and a half of furious effort, and machinery on both sides was ready to test.


“You’re 99-percent certain that nobody’s ever going to end up in a fancy restaurant ordering a bowl of dogshit on account of this?”


“We’re one hundred percent certain of that, general, nothing’s getting taken apart and reassembled or anything like that at all;  we’ve simply got a more efficient way of moving things from point A to point B than we’ve ever had before.”


“And that Diesel engine is all it takes to power it?”


“Like I said, sir, we’re talking about efficiency here.”


“We’re actually seeing and talking to people on our home planet?”  asked Kira.


“Probably not your own home planet”  replied Colonel Jackson, “but the master planet from the home system.  That planet was totally dead until 35 years ago, of course, those are simply people from my planet working at the site.”


The refurbished power and electrical system of the complex had now taken over from the lighting system which the scientists had brought into the megalith, lights up and down the walls and ceiling of the building itself making it appear as if in bright daylight inside the massive structure.  The mirror-like objects on the walls over the control panels were in fact the video screens for those devices and were lit up with various glyphs and idea-grams in the old language.  Scientists and Andarkan antiquarians along with newly trained language specialists serving as translators were at the controls, and scientists at the mirror site at Cydonia simply took their queues from their counterparts via subtron. 


“They seem to have gotten those other translators up to speed in the nick of time, Tony, I think I’d have gone nuts if I’d had to be translating for all of those people.  The thing I can’t believe is General Davis starting to speak our language with Adrina;  military officers aren’t supposed to be good at that sort of thing, are they?”


“General Davis is a sort of an exception, he speaks two or three other languages on top of English.”


“Amazing!  Here, looks like they’re getting ready to try something with all of that stuff, we better get these dark glasses on.”


A number of heavily shaded glasses and visors had in fact been found scattered around the interior of the megalith when the investigation first began;  scientists assumed they were there for a reason, and everybody present had a pair.  There wasn’t a great deal of fanfare to the operation of the gate, but those in the complex did notice the sort of ringing noise you get running a wet finger across the rim of a crystal glass although a good deal louder, and they noticed a brilliant burst of multi-colored light which started off white-blue, and ended up a brilliant yellow, and then faded until, several seconds later, there was no evidence of anything unusual having transpired other than the contents of the crystal cylindar, which had been on Mars seconds earlier.  The contents of the identical chambers on the two planets had simply been exchanged.  There was no visible movement of anything involved in the process nor any other observable phenomena associated with it other than the humming and the light.  The scientists started off with simple things, a chair and a book and, those presenting no difficulties, proceeded to a canary and, that arriving without harm, to two of the scientists themselves.  After thousands of years, the most awesome system of transport ever devised was again in working order.



The Beast Strikes Back



“Adrina, Kira, we’ve got some sort of bad business or bad news here, about 4000 klicks to the South of our position, we just don’t know how bad or what exactly’s involved just yet.  We left sensors in orbit around the planet before we landed here as a sort of a routine precaution to warn of anything unusual happening on the planet or anything approaching from space, and one of those sensors has picked up something near the edge of the outback down around here on the map.  There’s a kind of an open stretch of steppe between this point and the interior and no real natural barrier to prevent movement into human settlements.  What we’re seeing could indicate some sort of a mass movement of your bad guys directed more or less towards this spot on the map here.  What exactly would that be about, if that’s what was going on?”


“Oh God, no!” exclaimed Adrina.  “How far out are they from this point?”


“Captain Adams?”


“Two, three hours sir, more or less, if you assume they’re moving at 30 mph or thereabouts the way we’ve seen them.”


“That’s the city without a name, the main cloning and nursery center on Andarka III!  The site is well guarded, but not against some sort of an all-out total assault...  We don’t have anything which could get there in less than four hours!”


“Those two shuttles can’t get there in two hours on fans and they can’t use rocket engines with those rag-top canopies;  how long to get them back to normal configuration?”


“About an hour, sir, I assume you’d want to keep the laser weapons on them.”


“What the hell are you standing around for?”


“Yes sir, we’re right on it sir!”


“Colonel Jackson, what about the Eisenhower itself?”


“Never made for close support, sir, no real way to train its weapons on individual targets moving at 30 mph on the ground.”


“Adrina, you need to call your people and get everybody you can out of there.”


“We can get most of the people out, but the equipment...  Jana, are there any of those new archer groups that can get there in even three or four hours, assuming the two shuttles could delay the beasts for that long?”


“Groups three, seven, and eight, lady.”


“See to it that they get there, with all possible dispatch.”


“Companies Alpha, Charlie, Daniel, Davis, George, Harris, report to the shuttlecraft area immediately, combat gear, body armor, rifles, grenades, and minigun squads, this is not a drill, I say again, this is not a drill.  Combat operations commence in fifty minutes, the mission will be explained en-route.”



NEWSREEL June 14, 2087


McDaniels, Thompson, and Anderson News Associates bring you the latest developments from the Andarkan system, and the planet Andarka III.



Another ferocious pitched battle has taken place on Andarka III pitting the giant red-haired women of Andarka III along with elements of the expeditionary force, against the fearsome aboriginal inhabitants of that planet.  The Andarkans did not escape without casualties this time although Andarkan losses are being described as minimal, at least in terms of lives.  There were injuries but no deaths amongst the expeditionary force personnel, while casualties amongst the aboriginal inhabitants of the planet are being described as heavy.  The target was a previously unidentified city which is being described as the principle cloning and nursery center for the planet.  Civilian personnel and children were evacuated, but the physical plant of the city itself, along with most of its complex technological infrastructure, is nearly a complete loss.  The following scenes, filmed live, will give you a picture of the ferocity of the encounter.


Every Winged Thing



The huge bull mammoth stood close to an edge of the plateau.  Plummeting downward thousands of feet were steep cliffs, upon the jagged faces of which nested various birds of prey. 


“The horror, left to their own devices and capabilities, had no possible way of knowing that city was there.” said Adrina.  “Some creature of the skies provided them with the information to  attempt an act of genocide against us, and that creature and all of his kin will perish from this planet along with the horror.  We will find him or, that failing, we will kill out every winged thing from off of this planet, and replace them with winged things from other  planets.”


“You’ve told her about Chengis Khan and the idea of not coming in last by being a nice guy?"  asked Kira.


"Fraid so..." replied Colonel Jackson.


“Let us hope that will not be necessary.” came the reply, in the voice which arose from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  The bull mammoth trumpeted into the distance.  Several minutes later, in response to the call, two of the great hunting eagles of the outback flew in and, there being no other suitable perch nearby, alighted on the mammoth's tusks.  The conversation which ensued was entirely in the voice from everywhere and nowhere, the crude telepathic communication amongst the higher life forms of Andarka III.


"Forgive us, we mean no disrespect, there was no other perch to be had."


"No problem.  You are certainly aware that the war between the human tribe and the horror has escalated recently.  The horror attempted to overwhelm and annihilate the hidden city, the location of which they had no way of knowing unless they were aided by some creature of the skies.  Some bird betrayed the humans and my own tribe as well, since we also war against the horror."


"True birds, including ourselves and all songbirds, are part of the same creation as yourselves, and would not under any circumstances betray any other member of our own creation to the horror.  The answer to your question is complex and better seen than heard described.  Give me until this same hour tommorrow, and I shall attempt to provide you with an answer."


With that, the two great eagles flew off into the outback whence they had come.  When the humans and the mammoth returned the following day, the two eagles were there to greet them, and they had brought the remains of some other creature roughly their own size.  The mammoth dipped his tusks and the eagles, which could not easily take to the air from such low ground, hopped on. 


"What in the world?"

"This is your guilty party;  like the horror itself, and the animals upon which the horror preys, this is a member of the old creation on this planet.  Pretty, isn't he?"


"Five eyes, insect wings with black feathers, double tail, and teeth like the horror's own...  yeah, that's pretty enough.  How in the world in 10,000 years of living on this planet, did we never notice this guy?"


"There aren't a whole lot of them, and you have to know when and where to look, and it helps if you can fly.  This thing acts as eyes and ears for the other creatures of the old creation.   The creatures of the old creation are one blood and one mind;  they are, in essence, one race.  It would not suffice to kill out the horror alone, you must kill all of them.  The horror could die out altogether and, the first time the population of its prey animals exceeded some limit, the horror would be born again amongst them, likewise this creature.  The normal rule of my kind, as you know, is Kill only for food, and there will always BE food, nonetheless, this creature has just been declared to be outside of the law.  My people will kill this thing out from the planet for you;  you must kill out the others."


"I thank you and my people thank you.  We shall remember you for this service, and make use of the information you have provided us with."






Getting out of the Cloning Business



A number of Adrina's fellow council members from the city of Brina were again in attendence at the starship, Adrina herself having become a sort of a regular feature of the landscape there.  The main question under discussion involved the damage to the hidden city.


"How serious is the damage?" asked General Davis.


"Very serious, I'm afraid." replied Liyayka.  "The three hundred or so casualties may not sound like much from a military perspective but that number included almost everybody who knew more than a little bit about the cloning processes, and the physical plant of the city was almost totally ruined, and that includes libraries and most of what had ever been written down about cloning methodologies.  Yes, we teach biology in our schools and the topic of cloning does come up, but that's not the same thing as actually doing that sort of work or understanding the technologies which our people developed so many thousands of years ago.  The bottom line seems to be that we may or may not be able to put the cloning infrastructure back together.  By God's grace we managed to evacuate the children and infants from the center, but there may never be any more infants or children.  We might be looking at a population catastrophe on this planet beginning in about ten years."


"On my planet," replied General Davis, "we have no such cloning facilities, and we have never experienced a population catastrophe, at least not within recorded history.  There is a somewhat radical solution to your problem which one could suggest..."


The Andarkans were struck dumb, but only momentarily.  Liyayka motioned towards one of the younger council members:  "Suliya?"


"Assuming for a moment that you actually had fifty to a hundred million surplus males in search of red-haired brides who were taller and stronger than themselves and some way of getting them here, is such a thing even possible?  Would the ability to bear children not have become vestigial in us after all of these ages, like the wings of giant birds on a heavy gravity planet?"


"Allow me to answer the first two parts of your question, and then I shall allow Kira to answer the third part."  replied General Davis.  "Our home planet is far more densely populated than Andarka III.  The fifty million surplus males could be spared, and volunteers would not be difficult to find.  This expedition is not a secret project;  our people know of Andarka III and of the war against the horror, and are fascinated by it.   Moreover, work at the monolith has proceeded apace while we have been concerned with other problems.  We are close to having a copy of the transport chamber constructed on my home planet and, assuming we succeed at that, getting fifty million mail-order husbands here should become possible.  So much for my part of the answer;  Kira, what can you tell us about the third part of the lady's question?"


Kira and one of the language scholars had been sharing translation duties, and Kira now turned towards the council members.  "The doctors here assure me it is possible, but there's really only one way to find out."  Kira took a small packet of bubble-gum from her pocket and started to toss it into a nearby trash can, and then handed it to Adrina.  "This is a form of population-control medicine in the form of a chewing candy.  Without it, the women here would be having more and more children all the time, and a reverse population catastrophe would ensue."


"All the time??"  asked Suliya.  "Surely your statement implies,  either a gigantic amount of wasted motion or...  or, could it really be, that much... that much...  fun??"


"I've never seen Kira blush before."  General Davis whispered to Colonel Jackson.


Kira smiled.  "I'll tell you about it sometime with fewer people around to snicker or, you might wish to ask Elaine and Joannie, my two bridesmaids, to show you their movie collection.  But the basic idea is that somebody who desires a new child simply stops using the medicine.  Tony and I have already had this discussion, and I have his permission for it.  We shall see what happens.


Adrina handed the pack of gum back to Kira and Kira tossed it into the trash can, and then turned towards Elaine.  "That stuff is addictive, and I fear I have no particular immunity to it;  is there such a thing as plain, non-medicinal bubble gum, merely for chewing and blowing bubbles with?"


"At the very least you can see"  said General Davis,  "that there is often more than one way to resolve a problem, and that any despair over your cloning facilities is somewhat premature.  Let's get on with solving your other problems, and assume that the problem of producing future generations of Andarkans will resolve itself somehow or other.  Now, the animal which you see in the picture to my right is called, in my language, a horse.  Do you have these, or anything reasonably similar, on Andarka III?"


"We have several kinds of creatures which are roughly of the same family."


"Would it be possible to bring several of each of those creatures to the megalith in two or three days?  Basically, you need something to ride which is faster than the old ones, and we have several experts in training such riding animals coming to the megalith two days from now."


"It shall be done."


"Good.  We shall resume our discussions at the megalith in two days.  You are all invited to remain here at the Eisenhower for dinner tonight.  Kira and Wolfie have been out on one of their hunting trips, and the chef informs me he has some sort of a barbecue prepared.”




            “Are you. . . happier now, than you were?”

            “I could not possibly go back.”


“And, are you able to deal with all of the changes which you must have had to undergo?  Surely, nobody in our world has ever been put to such a test before;  it must almost be as if you had become some other sort of animal, or creature, from that which you had been for your entire life aforehand.”


“If it is not for the right person, then it would be more of a hassle than it would be worth, and I would not recommend it to anybody.”


“And is it supposed to be terribly difficult to know who the right person is?  When I am with General Davis, my head seems to be caught in a whirlwind or something like an eddy in a river, I have never seen or heard of anybody so wise and yet so naturally good and decent.  Scholars here more often than not are condescending, but there is none of that in him and, while he is not as large or strong as we are, his wisdom and judgement are a kind of a greater strength, which is clearly why he holds the position he does, I am sorry, I must sound like an idiot. . .”


“You sound like somebody in love.  You must overcome your fear of it, for you will not be happy otherwise.”


“I shall try, but I am so afraid, and I don’t even really know what of...”


“God help us, there’s no going back.”


Base Camp



When General Davis and the group from the Eisenhower returned to the megalith, they found the beginnings of a semi-major army base camp in the process of taking form in the surrounding area.  There were large tents  and quanset huts beginning to be filled with the wherewithal for major operations, and there were corrals, and stables, and a number of horses in evidence, and a sizeable number of creatures similar to horses, along with their Andarkan handlers. 


General Davis and his little entourage walked over to a corral in which a number of stocky and decidedly swarthy-looking individuals were in the process of getting one of the Andarkan horse-lookalikes used to the idea of saddles and bridles. 


"Those gentlemen don't look entirely like the rest of you."  Kira noted.


"You've heard us talk about Chengis Khan and the horse-archer empire?"  replied Colonel Jackson.  "Those are Mongols; we asked for a number of the best horsemen and horse trainers available, and that's what they sent us."


"Any of you guys speak English?"


"English, Russian, whatever you need, boss.  Whole universe shoulda started speakin Mongolian by now, but we ain't holdin our breath.  Most of these native horse-wannabees are pretty useless, but this one type we're working with might do;  we'll know in about another couple hours.  Are there enough of these things on the planet, I mean, if we needed a herd of thirty or forty  thousand of em, could you guys come up with that?"


"Yes."  replied Kira.  "But I wasn't aware anybody was talking about that many people on horseback or klay-back in this case, if that's what you end up using."


"Whole idea of Mongol cavalry operations is to move whole armies at something like the max possible speed at which a herd of wild horses could migrate.  That means we don't never ride any one horse into the ground;  each guys goes with three or four horses and you switch horses every thirty minutes or so, so's no one horse gets tired." 


"See if you can believe this." interjected Colonel Jackson.  When Mongols used to attack cities or fortified areas, they'd stop in some cornfield on the way and make up straw dummies to put on all the extra horses so from a distance it would look like there was fifty million of them, and half the other guys would die of heart-attacks and fright just watching them coming.  We've improved on that idea;  each horse, or each klay will be equipped with one of the inflata-yuppie dolls which ordinary republicans use to drive in HOV lanes.  Watch this."


One of the Mongols whistled, and a saddled horse walked up to him.  The Mongol pressed a button on the saddle and, POOF!, there appeared in the saddle a plasticene likeness of an Andarkan warrior, tall, with indian-red hair, a rifle in one hand, and wearing a Mongol war helmet. 


"Now, watch this,"  said General Davis, "this is the ordinary inflata-yuppie, or one version of it at any rate..."  The general reached into his pocket and produced a box  about the size of that of a bar of soap, pressed a button on one side of the box and, again, POOF!, there appeared a likeness of the aforementioned Slick Clinton in a seated position, white shirt, tie, sports coat, silver hair coiffed, a cigar in his mouth, and a stuffed beaver ala Gladnick seated on his shoulder, a cigar also in the beaver's mouth.  Several of the Mongols were rolling on the ground.


"Whatever happened to that guy?"  asked one of the Mongols.


"Spent the last twenty years of his life in a looney bin."  replied Colonel Jackson.  "Couldn't deal with all the lawsuits after he left office, and his mind snapped.  History books at West Point said you guys used to hit targets up to 100 meters with arrows on horseback at a dead run;  can you guys still do that?"


“Pretty much, boss, long as Mongolia exists there’ll be guys can shoot on horseback, but if what we hear is right and these monsters of yours average 500 lbs., I wouldn’t really recommend arrows;   308 ammo is dirt cheap and there ain’t much it won’t stop.”


“My sentiments precisely.” replied General Davis.  “Why don’t two or three of you gentlemen follow me for a minute here, I’ve got something you might want to get a look at.”


Several of the Mongols followed General Davis and the little entourage accompanying him several hundred yards over to a large, heavily guarded quanset hut containing hundreds of wooden crates with the Springfield Arsenal insignia on them.


“Mind if we get a quick look at one of these?”


“Feel free, sir.”


The general opened the lid on one of the crates and what he produced from it drew low whistles of admiration from two of the Mongols.


“M-14/C5’s, manufactured in 04 for something which never happened, been in storage since, stainless steel barrels, cryogenically treated, last forever, muzzle-brakes vent to the sides and top so it stays dead on target, carbon-fibre stocks, the very best.  Didn’t even need cosmoline for storage since there’s nothing on em that rusts.  Sub-minute-of-angle accurate.  You boys do a good job of teaching our Andarkan friends how to ride and conduct mounted operations here, and you can each take one of these back with you!”


“You can count on that, boss.”          


“That is, assuming you don’t get kidnapped or anything like that and end up staying here...“


“Thad’d be a hell of a thought, teach alla them six-foot, red-haired women to ride just to have one of em kidnap me and carry my Mongolian ass off into the night on horseback...”


“I’ve heard of stranger things happening.”  replied Kira.




“I think most of you know me, I am Kira.  Most of you are at least starting to learn English by now and  either I or one of the other translators will be here for anything which you can’t understand.  English is a second or third language to your instructors as well.  Learning their true language would be more work than most of you would ever wish to hear about.  The two leaders amongst the instructors are Nogai and Jebe, who you see to your left, and the others will introduce themselves.”


            “The good news is that these people who will be teaching you to ride and to conduct operations and use weapons while riding the klays are descendants of the most barbaric barbarians who ever bar-bore, whose whole line of business consisted of kidnapping women, stealing chickens, killing things, and tearing down cities, and they had to be the best riders in their world to do all of that.  The bad news is that there aren’t enough of them to go around.”


“You will learn to ride, and to use the basic weapons of the heavy cavalry, the long lances and sabres which you see on the saddles and, assuming the council approves it and I am fairly sure they will, you will then learn to use the rifles.  There is no reason to feel sorry for the klays on account of the bridles and gear which you see them with.  They have not been enslaved;  the nature of the project has been explained to them and they have agreed to serve, albeit for no longer than two years for any one klay.  Use the voice only to communicate some special sense of urgency to your klay, or to communicate to him some general plan of attack;  for anything else, use the reins and otherwise control the klay in the manner in which the Mongols instruct you.  The klays know to expect this.  Good luck and, hopefully, in about five months,  we’ll all get to have some really good hunting.”

Keeping and Bearing Arms



“Restoring the old transport system has changed the entire picture of what we are capable of doing”  stated General Davis.  “Rather than having to take three years bringing things here the way we came, we now need only move them from my home planet to the old home planet in our system, and from there to here is nearly instantaneous.  The next part of the basic plan I would like to proceed with would involve teaching your people the use of the kinds of weaponry which we ourselves use, nonetheless I would not wish to do that unless you clearly understood all of the ramifications of such a thing and agreed that it was a reasonable and safe thing to do, given the nature of your own particular society.  Rifles allow their users to kill things from several hundred meters away, and the rate of fire is much greater than that of any bow or javelin;  a second shot is delayed only by the time needed to bring the rifle to bear on the next target.  Let me begin by asking what kinds of murder rates you have in Andarka III, and whether or not those rates vary much from place to place or from rural to urban settings.”


Liyayka replied:  “We don’t really have anything which you’d call a murder rate.  Andarkans are naturally aggressive at times and get into a lot of fights, but they don’t kill eachother.  Rarely, somebody will die from some injury sustained in a fight, but such cases are invariably viewed as accidents and nobody has ever been charged with a crime in such a case to my knowledge.  Fighting amongst Andarkans is either unarmed or with blunt instruments.  Fighting with anything more than that is viewed as leaving the horror with two fewer sets of human hands to deal with and would be heavily censored were it to ever happen.  Fights are always fair.  All Andarkans are cut from nearly the same physical mold as regards size and strength and there is thus no possibility of anybody claiming a need to use any sort of a weapon as an equalizer against a much larger adversary.  Using a weapon against an unarmed adversary would be viewed as an ultimate disgrace;  it has never happened, to my knowledge.”


“I won’t bother asking you about crime since Kira has already explained some of the workings of Andarkan society to us and we understand why you don’t have burglars and such here.  The only other question involves the relationship between individuals and governments.  Who OWNS the various javelins and bows and what not which you use, individuals, government agencies, or...”


“Individuals own all weapons here.”  replied Suliya.  “Nobody would be expected to fight with a government weapon...”


“That’s good enough for me.”  said  General Davis.  “The rest of you guys?”


“Good enough.”


“Close enough for government work, sir.”


“Good enough.”


“Good enough.  This is an M14/C5 308 calibre semiautomatic rifle.  The rest of the meeting here will be spent discussing it, what it does, and how it works.  Sergeant, would you pass out three or four of these to the councilwomen?”




Red Rose


The early sunlight shimmered across an ocean of grass and wildflowers, broken up only by a number of small lakes and streams and the waking sounds of distant mammoth herds.  Out into this vastness at an easy run came four Andarkan klays; mounted on two of them, a warrior and a girl, scions of two remarkable races.  The warrior had the stocky musculature, high cheekbones and coloration of the high Asian steppes, most of his jet black hair tied into a ponytail which one noted behind the Mongol helmet;  the girl, several inches taller and nearly as strong if not as stocky, had skin which appeared pale next to her companion and hair somewhere between Indian red and flame red.  Attached to the saddles were long Mongolian lances and sabres;  nothing requiring any real weaponry had been anticipated atop the plateau.


“This one is a kind of a strange one...”  thought Jeena.  “He has all of a warrior’s skills and more, but he doesn’t really act or behave like a warrior, not boistrous or rowdy enough, I don’t really want to say he’s not stupid enough to be a warrior, but, but...  he’s not really stupid enough to be a warrior.  Seems lost in thought at times, spends a lot of time reading...  He seems more like a, a...  I don’t really know a word...”


Jeena’s English lessions hadn’t gotten to the word “knight” yet.


“It’s like flying!” 


“The basic idea is to switch mounts every once in awhile so no one animal gets tired.  That way, you can just keep on getting up;  biggest weapons in a Mongol army used to be a number of intangible things, mobility being on the top of the list.”


“Nogai, Tell me a bit more about Chengis Khan;  it almost sounds like your people saw him as some sort of a supernatural character.”


“Just about.  Chengis Khan was about the ultimate warrior chief, smartest, meanest, toughest, baddest, and most ruthless there ever was.  Damned near conquered the entire world with nothing more than armies moving the way we’re moving now and using these same kinds of lances and sabres and bows, until people finally began to assume the guy was some sort of a god and actually worship him.  Nobody could believe it when the guy finally got too old and died;  they’d started to assume he was immortal.  Couple or three hundred years later, nothing left of the empire other than a few fragmented kingdoms and a collection of tall tales which sounded more and more like fairy-stories as time went on.  You can sort of see the problem.  There’s just no way to do a better job of the whole conquest and warfare thing than Chengis Khan did, and the whole thing wasn’t really capable of lasting.”


“Are you saying that there’s something wrong with the war we’re getting ready to fight against the horror?”


“That’s different, you’re fighting for your own right to live and survive under decent conditions.  As long as you don’t go on wanting to fight wars after you eliminate the monsters, you’ll be fine.  But, like I was saying, you can see the problem with Chengis Khan’s approach to life.  He was the best and baddest there ever was, but he only lived about 65 years, and where ever he is now, he’s been there for 800 years.  If whatever’s happening with him ain’t cool on account of how he went about his business during those 65 years, then there’s no way you can figure it was worth it.”


“Bad karma or something like that?”


“Being a conqueror always meant killing a whole lot of people.  Chengis Khan killed about double the number of people on your whole planet.  You don’t make a whole lot of friends that way.”


“I see.  Are you into any sort of religion at all?”


“Mongols adopted the various religions of the lands we conquered;  my family are orthodox Christians, which gets us a lot of funny looks out in the steppeland since there ain’t a whole lot of Mongols made that particular choice.  Lotta mythology and fairytales involved in the religion which you can’t get too worked up over, but the man started the religion had a better answer to the 65 versus 800 year thing than Chengis Khan did.”


“How’s that?”


“He spoke in front of a crowd of people on a mountain once.  I memorized part of that speech:”


Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor Steal:  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


“You can’t really argue with that, can you?”


“It got better:”


And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:  And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 


...But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his  righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you....  



“We - have religious people on Andarka, but I’ve never heard one of them say anything like that.  That doesn’t sound like anything a priest would ever say;  that sounds more like, like...”


“Like God telling people how he expects them to live?  I know, the thing which sounds strange is there’s no profit motive in any of that, and priests are always looking for money;  they said the thing which was remarkable about Jesus was that he spoke about the spirit world as one with authority.  And, for every one guy who still worships Chengis Khan, there’s several million  folks worship him, and that’s after 2100 years. 


“Nogai, you got a wife or any sort of a girlfriend or anything waiting for you back in Mongolia?”


“Not really, like I said, there ain’t a whole lotta orthodox Christians in Mongolia and...

Oh SHIT!  We got bigger problems here than worrying bout what’s happenin in Mongolia!”


“Oh, shit!”  Repeated Jeena, turning her gaze in the same direction as Nogai’s  “There ain’t supposed to be any of them up on this plateau!”


The two humans turned their mounts back towards the base camp;  they did not need to communicate the need for speed.  There were four or five of the horror in pursuit.  The beasts kept a steady distance of about three hundred meters between themselves and the two humans for several miles at about a 35 mph pace.


“Those things aren’t any faster than the klays, but they can run forever, and we’re a long ways from anybody who looks more like us than like them.”


“We ain’t gonna outrun those guys all the way back to camp, but if we could isolate one of them I could take him with the weapons we got.  We split up going around that little lake, you slow down slightly and act like something’s wrong an try to get three of em after you and one following me around the other way, we meet up on the far side.”


Jeena had practiced with the lance and sabre, but had no real experience using them, and there was no better plan to be had on short notice.  She somehow did get three of the of the monsters after her while a third held its ground, and then sped around the lake.  Nogai, thus having at least one of the beasts alone, brought the klay he was on to a halt, turned, took the long lance in his right hand and the reins and sabre in his left, and charged straight at the creature, impaling it on the lance, but not before the creature managed to take the klay’s front legs out from under it with a swipe of its front claws.  Both the klay and Nogai went head over heels.  The klay had cuts and bruises and Nogai, having tucked everything in and rolled, was little the worse for wear, but he was not going to get back on one of the mounts and get speed up before the creature which had held its ground was on top of him. 


Jeena, coming around the small lake with the three other beasts again several hundred yards behind, tightened the strap on her helmet and took the lance in her right hand and the reins and sabre in her left.  Kira’s words came back to her:


“Use the voice only to communicate some special sense of urgency to your klay, or to communicate to him some general plan of attack”


“You’re serious about this!?”


“That’s right, my friend, we’re gonna KILL that frickin thing, see to it you keep him to our right and give me about three feet!”


“You got it girl, see to it you don’t miss with that lance, or it could be both our asses!”


The klay hit top speed, turning to his right to track the beast which was moving across his field of vision to the right towards Nogai until finally the beast turned to face the Andarkan, but too late.  Jeena pitched herself slightly forward in the stirrups so that she was almost falling forward at the point of impact.  She somehow got herself underneath a blow which would have taken her head off had it landed and impaled the monster before the lance was torn from her grasp.  The impaled creature then turned towards Nogai, who would have had little chance against it with the sabre which he still held were the beast in better condition, but under the existing circumstances, he quickly dispatched it.  The other three of the beasts had stopped and were trying to decide whether the odds still favored them when the decision was, of a sudden, made for them.  Wolfy, and what appeared to be about a dozen of Wolfy’s biggest friends, having heard the commotion from the perimeter area of the base camp, had covered that distance at top speed and now arrived on the scene, ears laid back and headed straight for the monsters.  The monsters did not stick around. 


“Those last two gotta be the two biggest and meanest lookin dogs I ever saw!”


“Those are two of Kira’s lioness friends.  They must of seen wolfy and his pals and what they were up to and not wanted to miss out...”


“I see;  I can’t believe you’re not dead!  There’s no way in the world anybody should be able to take on something like that as their first lesson in using lances!”


“I’d practiced spearing rings several times after classes were over, nobody was watching.  I guess I just got lucky...”


“I guess you’ve just saved my ass from getting eaten and going into the books as the stupidest person my family’s ever produced, on the same day.  I hope there’s some way I can repay you for that...”


“The girl you’d marry would have to be an orthodox Christian, wouldn’t she?”


“More or less.”


“You can repay me by showing me whatever’s involved in becoming an Orthodox Christian.”


The girl bowed slightly, and offered her hands to the warrior, who took them and looked into her eyes for a long moment.  “I had sought no treasures here;  it would be an immense honor to return with one such as yourself for a wife, nonetheless you should understand that my people are not amongst the rich or famous of my world.  We raise sheep for a livelihood and hunt deer for food.”


“We have a saying on Andarka:  the person who measures wealth in terms of happiness will be as wealthy as need be;  the person who measures happiness in terms of wealth will never be happy.”




“What’s with all the prancing and the shit-eating grin?”


“Jeena was riding him when she killed the monster with the lance.  Klays are natural idiots, you just have to get used to them if you’re going to be around them;  they’re not ever going to change.”


“Jeena killed one of the horror with a lance?”


“It was trying to attack Nogai, and I think she figured Nogai was hers...


“Is Wolfy okay?”


Yeah, the cuts aren’t deep and I’m guessing at least one of the monsters is in a lot worse shape.  C’mere, big dummy, let me get some medicine on that;  Kira’d be real pissed if anything happened to you.


A Second Wedding on Andarka III



“You don’t doubt that you can command the Eisenhower?”  asked General Davis.


“No doubts, Sir, just that it seems sudden, I mean, I don’t really have a whole hell of a lot of time in being a Colonel at this point.”


“Promotions have a way of coming quickly in wartime and on critical missions.  A starship commander has to be a general officer, and there’s nobody else as familiar with the Eisenhower who they could send here nor would they even want to.  You’ve earned it.  Surely you realize there is a political dimension to any promotion above colonel’s rank and, in this particular case, we’ve pretty much handed the coalition the oppositions head on a platter, along with more campaign money than they ever dreamed of and a whole new way of going around the normal media.  Did you think they were going to use all those newsreel parlors just for showing newsreels?


“I hadn’t really thought about it, Sir, but what are you going to be doing?  I don’t picture you going back into farming on a place like this? 


“They want me to give up on spaceflight for a while, and become an ambassador.”


“Ambassadors have to be married men, and you’re a confirmed bachelor, or am I missing something?”


“You actually haven’t heard?  Just kidding, you’re probbly the first to hear about it, Adrina and I are getting married in two weeks. . .”


“No shit!!!”


“No shit.  Your promotion to general officer will be effective in about two months.”




“You get to be the bridesmaid this time?”


“You should know better than that, Joannie, I mean, it’s your own custom, a married woman can’t be a bridesmaid;  Suliya and Arna will be bridesmaids.”


“Probably just as well, you need to be getting ready for the campaign, there isn’t really gonna be a whole lot of time for honeymoons or anything like that here.  You must be excited!”


“I’m afraid not.  I’ve gotten myself into a sort of a...  a predicament, and, well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to miss out on this one, at least for awhile;   Jeena can lead the cavalry groups.”


“What are you talking about?  You look perfectly fit and healthy to me other than gaining a little bit of weight here lately and..  and... and .... uh.....”


Oh NOOOOO!!!....  YOU’RE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Fraid not.  The doctor says twins, a boy and a girl!”


“With Indian-red hair and orange eyes?”


“Most likely.”


“Six feet tall, 200 lbs?....”


“Hopefully not when they’re born.”


“Well, I guess anybody would figure you’ve long since bagged your quota of those things.  You mind if I ask a really stupid question?”




“They say you actually killed one of those fricking things with a spear.  Would you mind telling me how you managed that, I mean, I’d be scared totally out of my mind trying to face something like that with a spear.”


“You think I wasn’t?  There just wasn’t time to sit around and think about being scared at all.  I was standing in a hallway and the thing was on top of me before I could blink.  I basically just fell on my ass and the only thing which saved it was I somehow got my spear into the things stomach, kind of like what your judo wrestlers call “tomoe-nage” only using the spear instead of my leg, and came up with the thing as he went over and ran the spear blade into the wall and pinned him there.  Two other monsters which were with him stopped to figure out what might have happened and, by that time, a dozen or so more guards got there and killed them without anybody getting seriously injured.  The things are unpredictable.  Sometimes, like then, it seems like they’re more vicious than they are brave, other times like the battle in the valley, they seem to be ready to fight to the last one.”


“Well, to listen to General Davis tell it, that’s about what’s gonna happen...”




“People used to get married when they were teenagers;  that’s just about been outlawed nowadays, although that doesn’t seem to be a problem in your cases.  Marriage ideally should represent a sort of a final choice.  It means that you’re basically through experimenting or “finding yourself”, and are settling for one basic partner with whom to spend the rest of your life.  That obviously can’t hold precisely for an Andarkan since men have only been here for the last two years more or less, nonetheless you seem old enough to know what you’re doing, sorry, we’re required to try to make sure people know what they’re geting into, sort of like the warning label on a pack of cigarettes or something...”


“I thought I was going crazy but then I got to watching a few of Joannie and Elaine’s movies, particularly the one about Romeo and Juliette and, if I’m going crazy, at least I’m not alone...”


“You know, I can’t even judge our own womens’ ages any more, you mind if I ask how old you are?”


“About forty three of your years.  Our lifespans aren’t much different.”


“And, General, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think you’ve ever been married before, you sure you know what you’re doing?”


“I guess we’ve got another case like Colonel Jackson’s here.  Aside from the question of ever having been organized enough for it, me marrying any of the women I could have married in the past would have been forcing something;  the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending.  This isn’t forcing anything.  This is sort of like providence saying ‘Hey, here’s one final shot at you leading some sort of a normal life, let’s see if you’re enough of an idiot not to take it.”




DEARLY beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church: which holy estate Christ adorned and beautified with his presence and first miracle that he wrought in Cana of Galilee, and is commended of Saint Paul to be honourable among all men: and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of God. Into this holy estate these two persons presently come to be joined. 


“I shall dispense with the usual query as to reasons why this pair should not be joined in holy matrimony, since under these circumstances anybody coming forward with such a case would have to be completely out of his mind.”


Will you, General Davis,  have this Woman to thy wedded wife, to love, cherish, and protect and, forsaking all others, to abide with under all conditions and circumstances which might befall, to the end of your days in this life?


“I shall.”


“And will you, Adrina, have this man for thy husband, to love, cherish, and protect and, forsaking all others, to abide with under all conditions and circumstances which might befall, to the end of your days?


“I shall”


“Then by the powers vested in me I pronounce you man and wife.  The rings indicate to others that the two of you are already taken, and are basically out of circulation.  These ceremonies have been shortened conseradibly over the years as people’s attention spans grew shorter but this is still serious business.  There are no guarantees in this life, nor magical formulas to produce happiness, and such happiness as we have usually arises from love, and companionship, and from making the effort to heed our better instincts in dealing with one another, and in obeying the laws which are the foundation of our religion.  I only wish more people would come here asking to be married for the first time at your ages;  Romeo and Juliet might have been a comedy...





The Voice From Everywhere and Nowhere



“Okay, I don’t want to leave this meeting without knowing everything, and I mean everything there is to know about this thing you call the voice, or the voice from everywhere and nowhere.”


“That’s a sort of a long story, General;  might take all day.”


“I’ve got all day.”


“You read the bible or Greek literature much, General?  Don’t laugh, the story starts in the bible, or at least what we know of the story.”


“The bible, Julian Jaynes’ book, and that old article from the bearfabrique website.


“Colonel Jackson, I’m told you’ve actually experienced this phenomenon;  before we start talking about theory, could you tell me what the hell exactly that’s like?”


“Kind of hard to describe, sir.  Kind of like sex, in a way, I mean if you try to force it, it’ll never happen.  It seemed to happen when I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, and suddenly I’m hearing these conversations between Kira and a bunch of lions, almost the same as we hear spoken speech, I mean it must use the same part of the brain or at least part of the same part of the brain as we use with spoken speech.  I couldn’t even tell you what it sounded like, I mean it for sure wasn’t English, but I didn’t have any trouble understanding it.”


“Sounds like collosal fun but that doesn’t help me understand this business a whole lot.  Major Danials, can you describe the theory here at about a middle-school level?”


“I can try, Sir.  The basic idea of that article from Bearfabrique, was that caucasians had only been on the planet 10,000 or 12,000 years, and that wasn’t enough time to produce the non-relatedness between IndoEuropean and Semitic language families;  in other words, the idea of languages evolving basically didn’t work.  He figured Jaynes had basically stumbled onto something without completely comprehending what he’d stumbled onto.”

“How so?”

“Jaynes assumed an evolutionary model;  he assumed that man had simply evolved into a state in which human societies were being controlled by a system of what he called “auditory hallucinations”.  That’s obviously unworkable;  to the extent that evolution ever works at all, it causes creatures to improve rather than degrade themselves.  In other words, you can’t evolve into a disfunctional state.  He figured man must have DEVOLVED into the state which Jaynes described, i.e. gone from a fully functional condition in which the human mind was being used in the manner Jaynes described to the condition which we read about in the old testament.”

“So the claim is that human communication before the flood was telepathic, and that spoken languages only got invented in the last 5000 years or so?”

“Pretty much.  The story of the tower of Babel pretty much says that whatever man had done for communications prior to that day suddenly stopped working, and that people had to scramble to invent our present languages.  In fact the non-relationship of Semitic and IndoEuropean languages turns out not to be a big mystery with this version of things.  The two groups were just living on opposite sides of the Caucasus mountains for the critical 100 year period when spoken languages were being invented.  Simple.”

“What about Andarkans?”

“Telepathic communications appear to be easier in some places than others sir.  On Earth and Mars before the flood it must have been real easy.  On Earth after the flood it got to be impossible and, apparently on Andarka III, it was still possible, but not as your normal everyday system of communications for humans.  They devised spoken speech as well.”

“You mean there was no spoken speech at all before the flood?”

“There was a minimalistic system of spoken words used by priests for ritualistic purposes which Egyptians referred to as “words of power”.  Funny thing, I noticed on the Bearfabrique article that the sentence “The world was of one language, one speech” in the bible was a mistranslation;  the original Hebrew reads “The world was of one language, few words”.

“And those few words are what you call words of power?”

“That’s what the Egyptians called them sir.” 

“What about the creatures we call the horror themselves?  Do they hear the voice or have any telepathic capabilities?”

“Apparently not, sir.  They appear to communicate by a system of squeeks and grunts and what not.  I mean, they’re intelligent, but communications skills aren’t really their strong suit in life...”

“What about the claims of godlike powers coming out of all of this?”

“I don’t know if godlike is the word I’d use sir, and some of it’s conjecture.  The theory was that once you had telepathy, you had group minds and possibly a planetary mind comprising the compute power of all higher animals on the planet, kind of like the idea of using networked PCs as a kind of a poor-man’s supercomputer using jobjar files like the Yale University LINDA system.”

“And that’s where the compute power for genetic engineering and re-engineering came from?”

“That’s how the theory goes, sir.”

“Okay, then what about these guys we’re dealing with now?  Are they supposed to be godlike or gods of some sort?”

“I think Colonel Jackson might have disabused them of that kind of thinking sir.  Any rate, there’s no way to picture an all-powerful, all-knowing, loving God creating black flies, ticks, mosquitos and chiggers.  In other words, the evidence indicates that more than one set of hands has been involved in genetic engineering and there’s apparently no law of physics or biology says some serious asshole in past ages couldn’t have gotten into this genetic engineering game, and that looks like what we’ve got here as well.”


“Okay, run this by me again, what the hell all happened this morning?”


“Before I go into that, sir, there’s one other thing you have to understand about this whole idea of telepathy, and that has to do with the possibility of somebody misusing it.”


“You mean like our three asshole space aliens?”


“You remember reading about David Berkawicz, the “Son of Sam” who claimed an inner voice was telling him to kill all those people in New York?  One thing Julian Jaynes made a point of was that the questions of communication and control were intimately wound together, and that any sort of a voice which was inside somebody’s head would be terribly difficult if not impossible to disobey.  It was that kind of thing which had people fighting wars and sacraficing children at the behest of wooden idols in old testament times, and that we assume is why the capability to use the human mind that way at all was nearly ground out of our species by a process of attrition after the flood.”


“In fact sir, the words for hearing and obeying are nearly the same or the same in a number of languages;  slushats and slushatcya in Russian for instance.  The one’s just a reflexive form of the other.”


“And so you no sooner captured these three space aliens than they tried to use this kind of thing to force several of the Andarkans to kill our soldiers?”


“Several of the Andarkans were in obvious pain sir and were holding their heads.  Colonel Jackson pointed an M14 at them and told them to stop or told Kira to tell them to stop, then they must have tried their thing on Kira, and then she pointed an M14 at them and apparently told them they were all three seconds from being dead.”


“And then what happened?”


“One of them, the leader as far as I could tell, had a very stern look on his face;  he pointed his finger at Colonel Jackson and said something, the voice again, which apparently Colonel Jackson understood.”




“He said  ‘Bow before your God!’”


“I take it you took some offense at that?”


“It was worth paying to watch sir.  The Colonel said something like:


‘There’s one thing which I know for a certainty about God, asshole, and that is, you ain’t him!


and then proceeded to absolutely stomp the shit out of all three of the bastards.”


“I understand Jeena got some licks in too...  Are the idiots going to live?”


“Doctors say they can repair them sir, but the one of them’s probably going to be walking with a cane if he ever walks again at all.”


“They’re being watched?”


“Guards have orders to kill them at the first sign of any trickery sir, and they know that. 


“And I’m correct in assuming these guys came here to check up on their “creations”, in other words, the horror and the other animals originally on Andarka III?”


“Far as we can tell, sir, that’s correct.  Sensors picked up their spacecraft coming in over the pole and scouts took em about a hundred yards from where they set down.  Apparently they had no clue anybody on the planet was capable of anything like that.”


“Anything on the craft tell you anything about weaponry or anything else we need to know about these guys?”


“G-7 is going over the craft now sir.  Far as we can tell so far though, these guys whole thing is winning through intimidation and psych jobs.  There doesn’t seem to be anything on the craft that looks like weapons and the technology doesn’t appear to be significantly better than ours in any noticable way.  We’ll have the whole story in a couple of days.”


“Any reason why there was just three of em?”


“Like you said, sir, we seem to have a scientific study group rather than any sort of military expedition.  They obviously didn’t anticipate any danger to themselves.  These people, that’s probably the wrong word, these folks just came to check up on things.  They’re probably what you’d call real-life ecologists...”


“I’m not much of a historian other than military history.  The word “ecologist” used to just mean a scientist who studied living systems and ecology.  Any of you guys know when and how exactly that word took on its modern meaning, I mean some sort of a super asshole?”


“Near as I can tell, sir, that goes back to around the turn of the 21’st century and President Adams showing those films of that idiot yuppy ecologist on the Naya river and that village and all those crockadiles and the ecologist talking about bringing the crocks back from extinction and how wonderful that was and all.  The reporter asked him about the villagers and he said yeah, couple dozen of em get killed every year but that’s just the price you pay for good conservation practices.  You’d had entire communities gone bankrupt or closed down over snail darters, sucker fish, spotted owls and God knows what all else and it had gotten to where people couldn’t swim around Florida because of the sharks and when the truth about DDT finally got out[2], the people had finally had enough.  They passed the formula for DDT around on the internet and people just started manufacturing it on their own, the people in Florida killed most of the sharks on a single weekend and the government wonks were so totally outgunned they didn’t dare say anything about it, and that’s basically what happened.  Nobody has ever wanted to hear anything about ‘endangered species’ or anything like that since then.”


“Colonel Jackson, you had some sort of a question?”


“Yeah...  As long as we’ve got the history professor here, why do I somehow associate the name “Mencken” with those kinds of stories?”


“You know who H.L. Mencken was of course, a journalist working out of Baltimore in the 1920’s and 30’s and one of the four or five Americans who could claim to be a philosopher and not get laughed at.  Mencken had a plan to end prohibition which would have worked if the government hadn’t wised up and ended it when they did.  Mencken went over to Germany and put himself through the standard course in brewing beer at his own expense and was in the process of teaching five of his friends how to do it on condition that each of them teach five of HIS friends, on condition that...”




“Yeah, kind of.  People started telling that story when they started passing the formula for DDT around on the internet.”


“And so what happens to these three space alien yuppie scientists now sir?”


“They get to ride on the command shuttles and watch their “creation” get exterminated and then they get told that they’ve just seen what will happen to their entire race if they’re ever seen anywhere close to the Andarkan system again.” 


“Seems reasonable.”


“One other question here:  Jeena seems to have some new kind of helmet which is different from what I’d been seeing.  Any idea what that’s about?”


“Yes sir, the mongols have promoted her to gurkhan.”


“That the same rank Subudai and Jebe held?”[3]


“No sir, they were orkhans;  don’t ask me the difference...”


“Any woman ever held that rank before?”


“Not that I know of sir;  seems to be another first for Andarka III.”






“Adrina, I was hoping maybe you could tell me what Kira’s been up to.  I mean, painting those Disney characters on that 70-lb. heavy punching bag and what not...”


“Oh, she should have figured you’d be curious about that.  We figured if she’s going to be spending the next five or ten years raising kids, she might as well start getting used to it.  You see, Andarkan guards start getting babysititing and tutoring duties at about her age anyhow, so you haven’t really deprived her of anything or put her in line for anything that much out of the ordinary other than for wanting to have kids herself.  There’s a first time for everything I guess...”


“You’re talking about the two little girls I’ve seen Kira with...  But why the Disney characters on the punching bags?  I hadn’t seen any evidence that Andarkans would ever need anything like that??”


“Oh.  those two are bright girls and they’re easy enough to teach, but I’m afraid they...  I think the term you would use is “emotionally disturbed”.  This whole year at school they’ve only been in four fights between them, and one of those was the same fight...”


“Don’t play well with others?”


“Something like that.  Kira was going to try some sort of a psychological approach.”


“Isn’t there something a bit strange about Kira tutoring the two biggest sissies in the group?”


“No, that’s the way the system works.  Kira trying to tutor the next generation of Kiras would just create personality conflicts.  Super warriors like Kira end up tutoring the sissies.  The future Kiras have to find their own way.




On the next occasion on which the aboriginal creatures of Andarka III encountered human kind, they encountered something like the full martial capabilities of human kind.  The columns of riders fanned out into the forbidden half of the planet in waves using Mongol cavalry tactics and modern firearms.  Herds of the aboriginal prey animals were either slaughtered or rounded up into controlled areas, and the aboriginal predators which tried to approach these areas were cut down in traps and ambushes.  Groups of humans and other creatures of our own creation followed the warriors out onto these vast plains, Andarkans and mail-order husbands from Earth and other worlds inhabited by humans, the “Andarka Needs Men” posters having worked fairly well, and settlements arose, protected by lions and mammoths as well as by armed humans.  Three years afterwards, the horror was a memory on Andarka III.


Generals Davis and Jackson and a number of senior officers were again gathered at the teleport megalith.


“Run this by me again...”


“The stuff we see here served as communications as well as teleportation, sir.  The escape worlds were supposed to be hooked up together.  Apparently things broke down and our Andarkan friends got stranded here before they finished setting that up, but we may have the whole thing together at this point.”


“How many escape worlds were there?”


“Fourteen, near as we can tell sir.  We appear to have communications up with two of them.”


“What about the others?”


“Too early to tell at this point sir.”  The two worlds we have up have developed their own languages in the meantime just like the Andarkans have.  What we’re doing is trying to have the Andarkan language scholars communicate with language scholars on the other systems using the same system of symbols and hieroglyphs we found in the megalith here originally, which is an archaic language here and there as well.”


“And you’re getting anything much across that way?”


“We seem to have directions to the one system sir.”


“Most people would view that as an invitation.  What kind of shape are we in to be thinking along those kinds of lines?  Is there any reason at all why the Eisenhower might be needed in the Andarkan system?”


“Not that any of us can come up with sir.  We’ve got three mainline battle cruisers arriving here three months from now and nothing could conceivably get here from deep space in any less time than that.  The Eisenhower doesn’t have any real weaponry compared to those things and there’s nothing it could really add to their capabilities.”


“And our three asshole space aliens?”


“They were pretty much in a state of shock when they left sir.  We made sure they got to see that hydrogen bomb blast when we finally penned what was left of the “horror” into the triangle desert.


 “Deserts and hydrogen bombs sort of work well together, don’t they?”

“Tony, can you be ready for something like that in a couple of months?”


“I don’t see any reason why not sir.  Kira will be back in another week with the twins.  My mom wanted to keep the twins in New York but she settled for keeping the two girls for a while.  They seem to like New York.”


“Those were the two Kira was making up the Disney punching bag for...  your mother found a gym or some sort of a girls’ gang for them?”


“They’ll be fine.”





Appendix A

Bearfabrique article on NASA Mars images




The Viking probe of 1976 sent back images of a region of Mars called Cydonia, which included the familiar "Face on Mars" as well as images of pyramids and other seemingly artificial structures, all megalithic in nature and apparently intended to be seen from off-planet.




These images also included a gigantic and seemingly five-sided pyramid:



Images returned from the global surveilance device in orbit around Mars the last several years have included an image of the main pyramid in the ring of pyramids to the left of the face which should have immediately ended all controversy over the question of artificiality:




To me at least, the pyramid is four sided and the four triangular sides are clear enough, and I've marked them with green lines. The other part of the image which I believe I'm seeing amounts to some sort of an enclosed corridor or causeway leading out from one corner of the pyramid, and then two funny and nearly rectangular features at the end of that causeway or whatever it is, which may be doors or some sort of adjunct buildings or something. There also seems to be a line going from the Eastern corner of the pyramid to the two doors or whatever, which I've marked with a blue line, but I suspect that's just an edge of sand being blown up into a sort of an apron abutting the pyramid, and that the hollow between the pyramid and the corridor would naturally trap sand. In particular, if you didn't look at the whole thing closely enough, the line (blue) from the Eastern corner to the two doors might cause you to think that the whole structure was irregular enough to be a natural formation but, again, a closer look seems to me to forbid that.



Nonetheless, there was little or no mention whatsoever in the press of this new pyramid image, and this was largely because press coverage centered around the new image of the face which NASA released:



This image was said to prove the entire controversy regarding Cydonia to be a bunch of buncombe, and to prove that the structures at Cydonia all to be natural geological formations.

More recently, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, a former director of celestial mechanics at the Naval Abservatory, and others have noted that the image which NASA and JPL released, aside from being a worst possible case in terms of viewing angle and lighting, had actually been "cleaned up" or something like that via the use of a high-pass filter which is a standard image processing device for removing detail. Van Flandern notes that the basic help function for Adobe's Photo Shop product notes:

High Pass Filter: Retains edge details where sharp color transitions occur and suppresses the rest of the image. The filter removes low-frequency detail in an image. Useful for extracting line-art and large black-and-white areas from scanned images.


Van Flandern notes that, as to JPL's motives in using such a filter device on this particular image and then handing it to the public, "we are left with an unhappy choice between dishonesty and incompetence."


When we consider that the raw image looks like:




and that the same image with minimal computer enhancement, which does not add any information looks like:


All of that is bad enough, i.e. it might convince people that NASA and JPL told a big, stupid lie to the American people and to the world. But it's getting worse; consider the new and more direct overhead image of the face which NASA released during May of 2001.


Several things are clear. First and most obvious is that anybody still trying to claim that this thing is a mesa or any other kind of natural formation is dillusional. I notice several things, which I have indicated in the marked-up image below


First is that there is only one possible way to build such a thing, i.e. to pile up stones into the rough shape you need, large stones on the bottom and then progressively smaller ones, and then put some sort of a hard facing over the entire thing. You can see how this has been done in the image. On the left side from which wind and sand come, the facing is almost entirely eroded and, even where the underlying stone shows, everything has been worn smooth. On the right side, we can see that part of the facing remains, much of it having fallen off to the side in heaps. We can see the cutout in the facing for the left eye which I have noted, and we can see where the facing fell and broke away from the nose, which is what you would expect. We can also see the rough stones of the nose area, which have not all been worn smooth.

Second is that the megalith is heavily damaged, and has suffered more than one kind of damage. My guess is that the entire rock plate on which the megalith sits was picked up and slammed down, and that the megalith was deformed in the process. You can see the places where the hard casement has been pulled apart on the right side. The megalith has been compressed along the axis from lower left to upper right which I have marked with the blue line, and stretched along the other axis from lower right to upper left. The angle A between the line of the headdress on the left side and the line along the top is thus less than the original 90 degrees. The line through the center of the face has been deformed from the original straight line to the curved line which I have drawn. The basic shape of the mouth is still there, albeit moved to the left as I have noted. You can see where the outer casing has broken away from part of the outline of the mouth on the right.

You can see the ridge along the eyebrows as I have noted, you can see the indentation for the right eye and the outline of the left eye cut into the facing and still in reasonably good shape. You can see the rise for the nose as well as the area where the casing broke away from the nose on the right, and part of the remains of nostrils, and you can see the basic lines of the mouth.

A short while ago, Dr. Van Flandern and other associates gave a presentation at the National Press Club which may be viewed at:"

Information has been coming in for two or three years now from the device presently over Mars. Massive evidence of Mars having been inhabited fairly recently has been accumulating. As Metaresearch and other www sites dealing with the subject note, this includes evidence of settlements:



Note the terracing, and the rows of structures which are heavily weathered to the upper right of the image but which retain their rectangular corners on the lower left (leeward) side.

Other human faces have been found carved in the surface, e.g.:





Numerous other things intended to be viewed from off-planet have been documented on Tom Van Flandern's Metaresearch web site ( ) and other sites.


What then drives the basic instinct of NASA and JPL to bury this story? One possible motive which has been suggested involves the division of funding between manned and unmanned space missions at NASA and JPL. But, more realistically, the major problem which the Cydonia findings presents to the people in these agencies is one of basic scientific paradigms. Nobody could build all of this stuff on this kind of a megalithic scale with space-suits on; the planet has to be habitable for Cydonia to get built. This is a huge problem, in that it would require a totally different basic theory of the history of our solar system from the one which the scientists have. There is simply no way, given the standard paradigm, in which Mars could have ever been habitable. It would always have been too cold, and it would never have had the gravity necessary to hold a livable atmosphere, assuming that gravity is the only thing which ever holds atmosphere to planets.


The standard scientific axiomatic scheme including the basic doctrine of uniformitarianism, evolution etc. etc. does not allow for solar-system-wide catastrophes within the age of man, nonetheless, that is precisely what we have here. Those newer face images are definitely modern people and not early hominids. Nothing involving modern people here, on Mars, or anywhere else figures to be millions of years gone by, and nothing capable of destroying the planet next to us and making a dead world of it would have gone unnoticed by our ancestors.


What we have here is another case of junk science, i.e. the theory of evolution and the doctrine of uniformity, destroying research and logical thinking amongst scientists. The science pages of our journals are filled by descriptions of NASA projects to search for microbes on Mars while studiously ignoring major evidence that they have found a city there, as if germs were important, and cities were not.






Appendix B


Megafauna and the attenuated gravity of the antique system.



It is a fairly easy demonstration that nothing any larger than the largest elephants could live in our world today, and that the largest dinosaurs survived ONLY because the nature of the world and of the solar system was then such that they did not experience gravity as we do at all; they'd be crushed by their own weight, collapse in a heap, and suffocate within minutes were they to.

A look at sauropod dinosaurs as we know them today requires that we relegate the brontosaur, once thought to be one of the largest sauropods, to welterweight or at most middleweight status. Fossil finds dating from the 1970's dwarf him. The Avon field Guide to Dinosaurs shows a brachiosaur (larger than a brontosaur), a supersaur, and an ultrasaur juxtaposed, and the ultrasaur dwarfs the others. Christopher McGowan's "DINOSAURS, SPITFIRES, & SEA DRAGONS", Harvard, 1991 cites a 180 ton weight estimate for the ultrasaur (page 118), and (page 104) describes the volume-based methods of estimating dinosaur weights. McGowan is Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Royal Ontario Museum.


This same look requires that dinosaur lifting requirements be compared to human lifting capabilities. One objection which might be raised to this would be that animal muscle tissue was somehow "better" than that of humans. This, however, is known not to be the case; for instance, from Knut Nielson's, "Scaling, Why is Animal size So Important", Cambridge Univ Press, 1984, page 163, we have:


"It appears that the maximum force or stress that can be exerted by any muscle is inherent in the structure of the muscle filaments. The maximum force is roughly 4 to 4 kgf/cm2 cross section of muscle (300 - 400 kN/m2). This force is body-size independent and is the same for mouse and elephant muscle. The reason for this uniformity is that the dimensions of the thick and thin muscle filaments, and also the number of cross-bridges between them are the same. In fact the structure of mouse muscle and elephant muscle is so similar that a microscopist would have difficulty identifying them except for a larger number of mitrochondria in the smaller animal. This uniformity in maximum force holds not only for higher vertebrates, but for many other organisms, including at least some, but not all invertebrates."  

Another objection might be that sauropods were aquatic creatures. Nobody believes that anymore; they had no adaptation for aquatic life, their teeth show wear and tear which does not come from eating soft aquatic vegetation, and trackways show them walking on land with no difficulty.


A final objection would be that dinosaurs were somehow more "efficient" than top human athletes, or had better "leverage". Superposed images of sauropods and powerlifters at roughly equal-weight sizes show the sauropod's legs to be puny compared to the human athletes', as one would expect, since the sauropod's body was mostly digestive system, the humans's mostly muscle. The better-leverage argument would require the sauropod to be a spectacularly knob-kneed sort of a creature whose knees and other joints were wider than those of the human athletes, even though the rest of their legs were spindly by contrast with the humans. A quick look at the pictures dispels this.


By "scaled lift", I mean of course a lift record divided by the two-thirds power of the athlete's body weight. As creatures get larger, weight, which is proportional to volume, goes up in proportion to the cube of the increase in dimension. Strength, on the other hand, is known to be roughly proportional to cross section of muscle for any particular limb, and goes up in proportion to the square of the increase in dimension. This is the familiar "square-cube" problem. The normal inverse operator for this is to simply divide by 2/3 power of body weight, and this is indeed the normal scaling factor for all weight lifting events, i.e. it lets us tell if a 200 lb. athlete has actually done a "better" lift than the champion of the 180 lb. group. For athletes roughly between 160 and 220 lbs, i.e. whose bodies are fairly similar, these scaled lift numbers line up very nicely. It is then fairly easily seen that a lift for a scaled up version of one particular athlete can be computed via this formula, since the similarity will be perfect, scaling being the only difference.


Consider the case of Bill Kazmaier, the king of the power lifters in the seventies and eighties. Power lifters are, in the author's estimation, the strongest of all athletes; they concentrate on the three most difficult total-body lifts, i.e. benchpress, squat, and dead-lift. They work out many hours a day and, it is fairly common knowledge, use food to flavor their anabolic steroids with. No animal the same weight as one of these men could be presumed to be as strong. Kazmaier was able to do squats and dead lifts with weights between 1000 and 1100 lb. on a bar, assuming he was fully warmed up.

Standing Up at 70,000 lb.

Any animal has to be able to lift its own weight off the ground, i.e. stand up, with no more difficulty than Kazmaier experiences doing a 1000 lb. squat. Consider, however, what would happen to Mr. Kazmaier, were he to be scaled up to 70,000 lb., the weight commonly given for the brontosaur. Kazmaier's maximum effort at standing, fully warmed up, assuming the 1000 lb. squat, was 1340 lb. (1000 for the bar and 340 for himself). The scaled maximum lift would be a solution to:  1340/340^.667 = x/70,000^667 or 47,558 lb..  He'd not be able to lift his weight off the ground!


A sauropod dinosaur had four legs you might say; what happens if Mr. Kazmaier uses arms AND legs at 70,000 lb.. The truth is that the squat uses almost every muscle in the athlete's body very nearly to the limits, but in this case, it doesn't even matter. A near maximum benchpress effort for Mr. Kazmaier would fall around 600 lb.. This merely changes the 1340 to 1940 in the equation above, and the answer comes out as 68,853. Even using all muscles, some more than once, the strongest man who we know anything about would not be able to lift his own weight off the ground at 70,000 lb.!


Moreover, Kazmaier is using glutteal and lower back muscles in the squat, and pectorals in the benchpress, i.e. extra muscle groups which the sauropod he is being compared to would not be assisted by in standing. Any tiny advantage in leverage which a sauropod might have over the human lifter for any reason, would be overwhelmed by the huge edge in available musculature and the usage of the extra muscle groups on the part of the human in the comparison.


To believe then, that a brontosaur could stand at 70,000 lb., one has to believe that a creature whose weight was largely gut and the vast digestive mechanism involved in processing huge amounts of low-value foodstuffs, was somehow stronger than a creature its size which was almost entirely muscle, and that far better trained and conditioned than would ever be found amongst grazing animals. That is not only ludicrous in the case of the brontosaur, but the calculations only get worse when you begin trying to scale upwards to the supersaur and ultrasaur at their sizes.

How heavy can an animal still get to be in our world, then? How heavy would Mr. Kazmaier be at the point at which the square-cube problem made it as difficult for him just to stand up as it is for him to do 1000 lb. squats at his present size of 340 lb.? The answer is simply the solution to:  1340/340^.667 = x/x^.667  or just under 21,000 lb.. In reality, elephants do not appear to get quite to that point. McGowan (DINOSAURS, SPITFIRES, & SEA DRAGONS, p. 97) claims that a Toronto Zoo specimen was the largest in North America at 14,300 lb., and Smithsonian personnel once informed the author that the gigantic bush elephant specimen which appears at their Museum of Natural History weighed around 8 tons.


Again, in all cases, we are comparing the absolute max effort for a human weight lifter to lift and hold something for two seconds versus the sauropod's requirement to move around and walk all day long with scaled weight greater than these weights involved in the maximum, one-shot, two-second effort. That just can't happen.

Sauropod Dinosaurs' Necks

A second category of evidence for attenuated felt effect of gravity in antediluvian times arises from the study of sauropod dinosaurs' necks. Scientists who study sauropod dinosaurs are now claiming that they held their heads low, because they could not have gotten blood to their brains had they held them high. McGowan (again, DINOSAURS, SPITFIRES, & SEA DRAGONS) goes into this in detail (pages 101 - 120). He mentions the fact that a giraffe's blood pressure, at 200 - 300 mm Hg, far higher than that of any other animal, would probably rupture the vascular system of any other animal, and is maintained by thick arterial walls and by a very tight skin which apparently acts like a jet pilot's pressure suit. A giraffe's head might reach to 20'. How a sauropod might have gotten blood to its brain at 50' or 60' is the real question.


Two articles which mention this problem appeared in the 12/91 issue of Natural History. In "Sauropods and Gravity", Harvey B. Lillywhite of Univ. Fla., Gainesville, notes:  " a Barosaurus with its head held high, the heart had to work against a gravitational pressure of about 590 mm of mercury (Hg). In order for the heart to eject blood into the arteries of the neck, its pressure must exceed that of the blood pushing against the opposite side of the outflow valve. Moreover, some additional pressure would have been needed to overcome the resistance of smaller vessels within the head for blood flow to meet the requirements for brain and facial tissues. Therefore, hearts of Barosaurus must have generated pressures at least six times greater than those of humans and three to four times greater than those of giraffes."  In the same issue of Natural History, Peter Dodson ("Lifestyles of the Huge and Famous"), mentions that:

 "Brachiosaurus was built like a giraffe and may have fed like one. But most sauropods were built quite differently. At the base of the neck, a sauropod's vertebral spines unlike those of a giraffe, were weak and low and did not provide leverage for the muscles required to elevate the head in a high position. Furthermore, the blood pressure required to pump blood up to the brain, thirty or more feet in the air, would have placed extraordinary demands on the heart (see opposite page) [Lillywhite's article] and would seemingly have placed the animal at severe risk of a stroke, an aneurysm, or some other circulatory disaster. If sauropods fed with the neck extended just a little above heart level, say from ground level up to fifteen feet, the blood pressure required would have been far more reasonable."  


Dodson is neglecting what appears to be a dilemma in the case of the brachiosaur, but there are at least two far greater dilemmas here. One is that the good leaves were, in all likelihood, above the 20' mark; holding his head out at 20', an ultrasaur would, in all likelihood, starve.

Moreover, it turns out that a problem every bit as bad or worse than the blood pressure problem would arise, perceived gravity being what it is now, were sauropods to hold their heads out just above horizontally as Dodson and others are suggesting. Try holding your arm out horizontally for more than a minute or two, and then imagine your arm being 40' long and 30,000 lb......

An ultrasaur or seismosaur with a neck 40' - 60' long and weighing 25000 - 40000 lb., would be looking at 400,000 to nearly a million foot pounds of torque were one of them to try to hold his neck out horizontally. That's crazy. You don't hang a 30,000 lb load 40' off into space even if it is made out of wood and structural materials, much less flesh and blood. No building inspector in America could be bribed sufficiently to let you build such a thing.


In fact, a cursory look at an elephant's skeleton  reveals a structural system much like Roman archicture with one and only one purpose in mind, i.e. bearing the elephant's great weight. The legs are columns and the spine is a Roman arch. A sauropod's neck, however, particularly in the case of the recent ultrasaur and seismosaur finds, weighed several times the weight of a large elephant and, if held outwards horizontally, would actually arch downwards (the wrong way). Reconstructions actually depict them like that, no thought whatever having been taken as to the consequences, either by the scientists or the artists involved.


And so, sauropods (in our gravity) couldn't hold their heads up, and they couldn't hold them out either. That doesn't leave much.

Antediluvian Flying Creatures

A third category of evidence for attenuated felt effect of gravity in antediluvian times arises from studies of creatures which flew in those times, and of creatures which fly now.


In the antediluvian world, 350 lb flying creatures soared in skies which no longer permit flying creatures above 30 lb. or so. Modern birds of prey (the Argentinean teratorn) weighing 170 -200 lb. with wingspans of 30' also flew; within recorded history, central Asians have been trying to breed hunting eagles for size and strength, and have not gotten them beyond 25 lb. or thereabouts. At that point they are able to take off only with the greatest difficulty. Something was vastly different in the pre-flood world.

Nothing much larger than 30 lb. or so flies anymore, and those creatures, albatrosses and a few of the largest condors and eagles, are marginal. Albatrosses in particular are called "gooney birds" by sailors because of the extreme difficulty they experience taking off and landing, their landings being (badly) controlled crashes, and all of this despite long wings made for maximum lift.

The felt effect of the force of gravity on earth was much less in remote times, and only this allowed such giant creatures to fly. No flying creature has since RE-EVOLVED into anything like former sizes, and the one or two birds which have retained such sizes have forfeited any thought of flight, their wings becoming vestigial.


A book of interest here is Adrian Desmond's "The Hot Blooded Dinosaurs. Desmond has a good deal to say about the pteranodon, the 40 - 50 lb. pterosaur which scientists used to believe to be the largest creature which ever flew:  "Pteranodon had lost its teeth, tail and some flight musculature, and its rear legs had become spindly. It was, however, in the actual bones that the greatest reduction of weight was achieved. The wing bones, backbone and hind limbs were tubular, like the supporting struts of an aircraft, which allows for strength yet cuts down on weight. In Pteranodon these bones, although up to an inch in diameter, were no more than cylindrical air spaces bounded by an outer bony casing no thicker than a piece of card. Barnum Brown of the American Museum reported an armbone fragment of an unknown species of pterosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Texas in which 'the culmination of the pterosaur... the acme of light construction' was achieved. Here, the trend had continued so far that the bone wall of the cylinder was an unbelievable one-fiftieth of an inch thick Inside the tubes bony crosswise struts no thicker than pins helped to strengthen the structure, another innovation in aircraft design anticipated by the Mesozoic pterosaurs.


The combination of great size and negligible weight must necessarily have resulted in some fragility. It is easy to imagine that the paper-thin tubular bones supporting the gigantic wings would have made landing dangerous. How could the creature have alighted without shattering all of its bones How could it have taken off in the first place It was obviously unable to flap twelve-foot wings strung between straw-thin tubes. Many larger birds have to achieve a certain speed by running and flapping before they can take off and others have to produce a wing beat speed approaching hovering in order to rise. To achieve hovering with a twenty-three foot wingspread, Pteranodon would have required 220 lb. of flight muscles as efficient as those in humming birds. But it had reduced its musculature to about 8 lb., so it is inconceivable that Pteranodon could have taken off actively.


Pteranodon, then, was not a flapping creature, it had neither the muscles nor the resistance to the resulting stress. Its long, thin albatross-like wings betray it as a glider, the most advanced glider the animal kingdom has produced. With a weight of only 40 lb. the wing loading was only I lb. per square foot. This gave it a slower sinking speed than even a man-made glider, where the wings have to sustain a weight of at least 4 lb. per square foot. The ratio of wing area to total weight in Pteranodon is only surpassed in some of the insects. Pteranodon was constructed as a glider, with the breastbone, shoulder girdle and backbone welded into a box-like rigid fuselage, able to absorb the strain from the giant wings. The low weight combined with an enormous wing span meant that Pteranodon could glide at ultra-low speeds without fear of stalling. Cherrie Bramwell of Reading University has calculated that it could remain aloft at only 15 m.p.h. So takeoff would have been relatively easy. All Pteranodon needed was a breeze of 15 m.p.h. when it would face the wind, stretch its wings and be lifted into the air like a piece of paper. No effort at all would have been required. Again, if it was forced to land on the sea, it had only to extend its wings to catch the wind in order to raise itself gently out of the water. It seems strange that an animal that had gone to such great lengths to reduce its weight to a minimum should have evolved an elongated bony crest on its skull."  Desmond has mentioned some of the problems which even the pteranodon faced at fifty lb. or so; no possibility of flapping the wings for instance. The giant teratorn finds of Argentina were not known when the book was written... they came out in the eighties in issues of Science Magazine and other places. The terotorn was a 160 - 200 lb eagle with a 27' wingspan, a modern bird whose existence involved flapping wings, aerial maneuver etc. How so? There are a couple of other problems which Desmond does not mention, including the fact that life for a pure glider would be almost impossible in the real world, and that some limited flying ability would be necessary for any aerial creature. Living totally at the mercy of the winds, a creature might never get back home to its nest and children given the first contrary wind.


There is one other problem. Desmond notes a fairly reasonably modus operandi for the pteranodon, i.e. that it had a throat pouch like a pelican, has been found with fish fossils indicating a pelican-like existence, soaring over the waves and snapping up fish without landing. That should indicate that, peculiarly amongst all of the creatures of the earth, the pteranodon should have been practically IMMUNE from the great extinctions of past ages. Velikovsky noted that large animals had the greatest difficulty getting to high ground and other safe havens at the times of floods and the global catastrophes of past ages and were therefore peculiarly susceptible to extinction. Ovid notes (Metamorphoses) that men and animals hid on mountain tops during the deluge, but that most died from lack of food during the hard year following. But high places safe from flooding were always there; oceans were always there and fish were always there. The pteranodon's way of life should have been impervious to all mishap; the notion that pteranodon died out when the felt effect of gravity on earth changed after the flood is the only good explanation.


Back to Adrian Desmond for more on size as related to pterosaurs now:  "It would be a grave understatement to say that, as a flying creature, Pteranodon was large. Indeed, there were sound reasons for believing that it was the largest animal that ever could become airborne. With each increase in size, and therefore also weight, a flying animal needs a concomitant increase in power (to beat the wings in a flapper and to hold and maneuver them in a glider), but power is supplied by muscles which themselves add still more weight to the structure.-- The larger a flyer becomes the disproportionately weightier it grows by the addition of its own power supply. There comes a point when the weight is just too great to permit the machine to remain airborne. Calculations bearing on size and power suggested that the maximum weight that a flying vertebrate can attain is about 50 lb.: Pteranodon and its slightly larger but lesser known Jordanian ally Titanopteryx were therefore thought to be the largest flying animals."  Notice that the calculations mentioned say about 50 lb. is max for either a flier or a glider, and that experience from our present world absolutely coincides with this and, in fact, don't go quite that high; the biggest flying creatures which we actually see are albatrosses, geese etc. at around 30 - 35 lb.. Similarly, my calculations say that about 20000 lb. would be the largest theoretically possible land animal in our present world, and Jumbo the stuffed elephant which I've mentioned, the largest known land animal from our present world, was around 16000.  "But in 1972 the first of a spectacular series of finds suggested that we must drastically rethink our ideas on the maximum size permissible in flying - vertebrates. Although excavations are still in progress, three seasons' digging - from 1972 to 1974 - by Douglas A. Lawson of the University of California has revealed partial skeletons of three ultra-large pterosaurs in the Big Bend National Park in Brewster County, Texas These skeletons indicate creatures that must have dwarfed even Pteranodon. Lawson found the remains off four wings, a long neck, hind legs and toothless jaws in deposits that were non-marine; the ancient entombing sediments are thought to have been made instead by floodplain silting. The immense size of the Big Bend pterosaurs, which have already become known affectionately in the palaeontological world as '747s' or 'Jumbos', may be gauged by setting one of the Texas upper arm bones alongside that of a Pteranodon: the 'Jumbo' humerus is fully twice the length of Pteranodon's. Lawson's computer estimated wingspan for this living glider is over fifty feet It is no surprise, says Lawson announcing the animal in Science in 1975, that the definitive remains of this creature were found in Texas.


Unlike Pteranodon, these creatures were found in rocks that were formed 250 miles inland of the Cretaceous coastline. The lack of even lake deposits in the vicinity militates against these particular pterosaurs having been fishers. Lawson suggests that they were carrion feeders, gorging themselves on the rotting mounds of flesh left after the dismembering of a dinosaur carcass. Perhaps, like vultures and condors, these pterosaurs hung in the air over the corpse waiting their turn. Having alighted on the carcass, their toothless beaks would have restricted them to feeding upon the soft, pulpy internal organs. How they could have taken to the air after gorging themselves is something of a puzzle. Wings of such an extraordinary size could not have been flapped when the animal was grounded. Since the pterosaurs were unable to run in order to launch themselves they must have taken off vertically. Pigeons are only able to takeoff vertically by reclining their bodies and clapping the wings in front of them; as flappers, the Texas pterosaurs would have needed very tall stilt-like legs to raise the body enough to allow the 24-foot wings to clear the ground The main objection, however, still rests in the lack of adequate musculature for such an operation. Is the only solution to suppose that, with wings fully extended and elevators raised, they were lifted passively off the ground by the wind? If Lawson is correct and the Texas pterosaurs were carrion feeders another problem is envisaged. Dinosaur carcasses imply the presence of dinosaurs. The ungainly Brobdignagian pterosaurs were vulnerable to attack when grounded, so how did they escape the formidable dinosaurs? Left at the mercy of wind currents, takeoff would have been a chancy business. Lawson's exotic pterosaurs raise some intriguing questions. Only continued research will provide the answers."  Note that Desmond mentions a number of ancillary problems, any of which would throw doubt on the pterosaur's ability to exist as mentioned, and neglects the biggest question of all: the calculations which say 50 lb. are max have not been shown to be in error; we have simply discovered larger creatures. Much larger. This is what is called a dilemma.


Then I come to what Robert T. Bakker has to say about the Texas Pterosaurs ("The Dinosaur heresies", Zebra Books, pp 290-291:  "Immediately after their paper came out in Science, Wann Langston and his students were attacked by aeronautical engineers who simply could not believe that the big Bend dragon had a wingspan of forty feet or more. Such dimensions broke all the rules of flight engineering; a creature that large would have broken its arm bones if it tried to fly... Under this hail of disbelief, Langston and his crew backed off somewhat. Since the complete wing bones hadn't been discovered, it was possible to reconstruct the Big Bend Pterodactyl [pterosaur] with wings much shorter than fifty feet."  The original reconstruction had put wingspan for the pterosaur at over 60'. Bakker goes on to say that he believes the pterosaurs really were that big and that they simply flew despite our not comprehending how, i.e. that the problem is ours. He does not give a solution as to what we're looking at the wrong way.


So much for the idea of anything RE-EVOLVING into the sizes of the flying creatures of the antedeluvian world. What about the possibility of man BREEDING something like a teratorn? Could man actively breed even a 50 lb. eagle?


David Bruce's "Bird of Jove", Ballentine Books, 1971, describes the adventures of Sam Barnes, one of England's top falconers at the time, who actually brought a Berkut eagle out of Kirghiz country to his home in Pwllheli, Wales. Berkuts are the biggest eagles, and Atlanta, the particular eagle which Barnes brought back, at 26 lb. in flying trim, is believed to be as large as they ever get. These, as Khan Chalsan explained to Barnes, have been bred specifically for size and ferocity for many centuries. They are the most prized of all possessions amongst nomads, and are the imperial hunting bird of the turko-mongol peoples.


The eagle Barnes brought back had a disease for which no cure was available in Kirghiz, and was near to death then, otherwise there would have been no question of his having her. Chalsan explained that a Berkut of Atlanta's size would normally be worth more than a dozen of the most beautiful women in his country.


The killing powers of a big eagle are out of proportion to its size. Berkuts are normally flown at wolves, deer, and other large prey. Barnes witnessed Atlanta killing a deer in Kirghiz, and Chalsan told him of her killing a black wolf a season earlier. Mongols and other nomads raise sheep and goats, and obviously have no love for wolves. A wolf might be little more than a day at the office for Atlanta with her 11" talons, however, a wolf is a major-league deal for an average sized Berkut at 15 - 20 lb.. Chalsan explained that wolves occasionally win these battles, and that he had once seen a wolf kill three of the birds before the fourth killed him. Quite obviously, there would be an advantage to having the birds be bigger, i.e. to having the average berkut be 25 lb., and a big one be 40 or 50.


It has never been done, however, despite all of the efforts since the days of Chengis Khan. We have Chengis Khan's famous "What is best in life..." quote, and the typical Mongol reply from one of his captains involved falconry. They regarded it as important. Chengis Khan, Oktai, Kuyuk, Hulagu, Batui, Monke, Kubilai et. al. were all into this sport big time, they all wanted these birds big, since they flew them at everything from wolves and deer (a big berkut like Atlanta can drive its talons in around a wolf's spine and snap it) to leopards and tigers, and there was no lack of funds for the breeding program involved. Chengis Khan did not suffer from poverty.


Moreover, the breeding of berkuts has continued apace from that day to this, including a 200 year stretch during which those people ruled almost all of the world which you'd care to own at the time, and they never got them any bigger than 25 lb. or so.


Remember Desmond's words regarding the difficulty which increasingly larger birds will experience getting airborne from flat ground? Atlanta was powerful enough in flight, but she was not easily able to take off from flat ground. Barnes noted one instance in which a town crank attacked Atlanta with a cane and the great bird had to frantically run until it found a sand dune from which to launch herself. This could mean disaster in the wild. A bird of prey will often come to ground with prey, and if she can't take off from flat ground to avoid trouble once in awhile... it would only take once. Khan Chalsan had explained the necessity of having the birds in captivity for certain periods, and nesting wild at other times. A bird bigger than Atlanta would not survive the other times.


One variety of teratorn, however, judging from pictures which have appeared in the December 1980 issue of "Bioscience" magazine, was very nearly a scaled-up golden eagle weighing 170 lb. or so, with a wingspan of 25' as compared to Atlanta's 10. In our world, that can't happen.





Appendix C



Wal Thornhill’s description of the Sansbury Experiment, and the alternative (to relativity) explaination for light not obeying additive laws for velocity:



>I mentioned a few weeks ago that an epoch making experiment had been

>performed in the realm of fundamental physics which had great

>importance for Velikovskian style catastrophism (and just about

>everything else for that matter). The experiment, performed by Ralph

>Sansbury, is amazingly simple but has amazing consequences.


>Sansbury is a quiet spoken physicist from Connecticut.  He is

>associated with the Classical Physics Institute, or CP Institute, of

>New York which publishes the Journal of Classical Physics. In the

>Notes to Contributors we find the focus of the journal: "Marinov's

>experiment, Bell's theorem, and similar works reveal increasing

>discontent with the dogmas of modern physics. Some physicists

>postulate that blackbody radiation, atomic spectra, nuclear reactions,

>electron diffraction, the speed of light and all other phenomena which

>Quantum Wave Mechanics and Relativity were designed to explain will

>require different explanations. It is the viewpoint of this journal

>that the new explanations probably will be consistent with

>Aristotelian logic and Newtonian or Galilean mechanics." Volume 1,

>Part 1, in January 1982 was devoted to an article titled "Electron

>Structure", by Ralph Sansbury. The title itself should raise

>physicist's eyebrows since electrons are considered to have no

>structure. They are treated as being indivisible, along with quarks.


>The fallout from Sansbury's idea, if proven, is prodigious. To begin,

>for the first time we have a truly unifying theory where both

>magnetism and gravity become a derived form of instantaneous

>electrostatic force. The Lorentz contraction-dilation of space time

>and mass is unnecessary. Electromagnetic radiation becomes the

>cumulative effect of instantaneous electrostatic forces at a distance

>and the wave/particle (photon) duality disappears. Discontinuous

>absorption/emission of energy in quanta by atoms becomes a continuous

>process. And there is more.


>Sansbury's was a thousand dollar experiment using 10 nanosecond long

>pulses of laser light, one pulse every 400 nsec. At some distance from

>the laser was a photodiode detector. But in the light path, directly

>in front of the detector was a high speed electronic shutter (known as

>a Pockel cell) which could be switched to allow the laser light

>through to the detector, or stop it.


>Now, light is considered to travel as a wavefront or photon at the

>speed of light. Viewed this way, it covers a distance of about 1 foot

>per nanosecond. So the laser could be regarded as sending out 10ft

>long bursts of light every 400ft, at the speed of light. The

>experiment simply kept the Pockel cell shutter closed during the 400ft

>of no light and opened to allow the 10ft burst through to the detector.


>What happened?


>The detector saw nothing!!!


>It is as if a gun were fired at a target and for the time of flight of

>the bullet a shield were placed over the target. At the last moment,

>the shield is pulled away - and the bullet has disappeared; the target

>is untouched!


>What does it mean?


>Only that Maxwell's theory of the propagation of electromagnetic waves

>is wrong! Only that Einstein's Special theory of relativity (which was

>to reconcile Maxwell's theory with simple kinematics) is wrong! Only

>that, as a result, the interpretation of most of modern physics is



>As another classical physicist using a theoretical approach to the

>same problem succinctly put it:


>"... there emerges the outline of an alternative "relativistic"

>physics, quite distinct from that of Maxwell-Einstein, fully as well

>confirmed by the limited observations available to date, and differing

>from it not only in innumerable testable ways but also in basic

>physical concepts and even in definitional or ethnical (sic) premises

>as to the nature of physics. Thus a death struggle is joined that must

>result in the destruction of one world-system or the other: Either

>light is complicated and matter simple, as I think, or matter is

>complicated and light simple, as Einstein thought. I have shown here

>that some elegant mathematics can be put behind my view. It has long

>been known that inordinate amounts of elegant mathematics can be put

>behind Einstein's. Surely the time fast approaches to stop listening

>to mathematical amplifications of our own internal voices and to go

>into the laboratory and listen to what nature has to say." -

>Modifications of Maxwell's Equations, T E Phipps, The Classical

>Journal of Physics, Vol 2, 1, Jan 1983, p. 21.


>Ralph Sansbury has now done precisely that!


>In simple terms, Sansbury gives the electron a structure by proposing

>a number of charged particles (he calls subtrons) orbiting within the

>classical radius of an electron. A simple calculation gives the

>surprising result that these subtrons are moving at a speed of 2.5

>million light years per second! That is, they could theoretically

>cover the distance from Earth to the far side of the Andromeda galaxy

>in one second. This gives some meaning to the term 'instantaneous

>action at a distance'. (Note that this is a requirement for any new

>theory of gravity). (Also I have always considered it evidence of

>peculiar naivety or arrogance on the part of scientists, such as

>Sagan, who search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) by using

>radio signals. What superior intelligence would use such a slow, and

>therefore useless, interstellar signalling system?) Such near infinite

>speed requires that there can be no mass increase with velocity. The

>speed of light is not a speed barrier. All of the experiments which

>seem to support Einstein's notion are interpreted by Sansbury in a

>more common-sense fashion. When an electron or other charged particle

>is accelerated in an electromagnetic field, it is distorted from a

>sphere into an ellipsoid. The more electromagnetic energy applied to

>accelerating the particle, the more energy is absorbed by distortion

>of the particle until, ultimately, at the speed of light, there is an

>expulsion of the subtrons. Under such conditions, the particle only

>APPEARS to be gaining mass.


>Notably, in the past few months, scientists in Hamburg using the most

>powerful electron microscope have found on about a dozen occasions out

>of 10 million trials, relativistic electrons recoiled more violently

>off protons than had ever been seen before. This may turn out to be

>direct experimental proof of Sansbury's model of the electron having



>To return to the experiment involving a "chopped" light beam: One of

>the major requirements of the new theory is instantaneous

>electrostatic forces between subtrons. This forms the basis of a

>radical new view of the basis of electromagnetic radiation which is

>now the subject of stunning experimental confirmation. In Sansbury's

>view, a signal from a light source is received instantly by a distant

>detector and the speed of light delay in detecting the signal is due

>to the time taken for the ACCUMULATED RESPONSE of the subtrons in the

>detector to result in a threshold signal at the electron level. This

>is totally at variance with orthodox interpretations which would have

>the light travelling as a discrete photon or wave packet at the speed

>of light.


>In terms of the gun and target analogy, it is as if particles of the

>bullet are being absorbed by the shield from the instant of firing, so

>that when the shield is pulled aside there is no bullet left to hit

>the target.


>It is not possible to overstate the importance of this work because it

>lends direct support to a new model of the electron in particular, and

>matter in general, which EXPLAINS magnetism, gravity and quantum

>effects without any resort to the kind of metaphysics which allows our

>top physicists to think they can see "God" in their equations.  The

>new classical physicists can mix it with the best of them when it

>comes to the mathematics but they are more prepared to "go into the

>laboratory and listen to what nature has to say."


>This work is of crucial importance for Velikovskian re-arrangements of

>the solar system in recent times because astronomers have been able to

>say that such scenarios defy the laws of physics - which is true,

>insofar as they know the laws of physics. To discover that gravity is

>a form of charge polarization within the particles that make up the

>atom, rather than a warp in space (whatever the hell that means),

>gives us a simple mechanism by which the solar system can be rapidly

>stabilised after a period of chaotic motion.


>There is an impression, as I reread the work of Sansbury and other

>classical physicists, that what we are facing is something like "Back

>to the Future". And like the movie of that name, the possibilities

>that we encounter will seem like science fiction come true. But it is

>well-known that science fiction writers are better at predicting the

>future of science than experts!


>Wal Thornhill


Appendix D


Original Bearfabrique Article on Telepathy, Prophecy etc.



The following little discourse comes with two large caveats:

One is that, while I and others believe the thesis to be correct, we view it as a theory and nobody is jumping up and down demanding that any of this be taught as a fact in public schools at public expense (like evolutionism); the time machine you'd need to PROVE any sort of a thesis like this one does not exist.


The second caveat is for the benefit of certain kinds of simple-minded individuals (democrats, evolutionists etc. etc.) who would no sooner read about such a thesis, than they would think to themselves "GEE! If I just had enough ELECTRICITY, why, I could do nifty things like Joan of Arc or them prophet guys in the bible used to do; why I could go to the racetracks and really clean up!"


My advice: DON'T DO IT!!! I am not aware of any kind of a story like that which ends happily for the protagonist.


Everybody who follows the evolution debate knows by now that evolution doesn't work for animals; it turns out that it doesn't work any better for human languages.


There is in fact a natural disconnect between certain groups of linguists and what is known about anthropology. The sci.lang FAQ and similar literature make it clear that many if not most language scholars have major problems with the methodologies used in reconstructing the so-called super-families of languages such as Nostratic or "proto-world", nonetheless the people who do propose such super-families, working from what is known about the rates at which languages disperse, place them anywhere from 25,000 to 150,000 years back. There is, of course, no realistic evidence of modern man being on the planet more than 25,000 or 30,000 years.


For somebody who believes that human languages have to have evolved, life is full of such unpleasant little enigmas. For instance, when Europeans first came to Australia, they found hundreds of aborigine languaes, no two of which apparently resembled eachother any more than English and Japanese resemble eachother. You have total isolate languages such as Basque which should not exist if languages evolve, you have languages like Lithuanian which, other than for having a small number of things you might call IndoEuropean roots, resemble nothing around them very much (English is closer to Russian than Lithuanian is), and you have the curious non-relatedness of the IndoEuropean and Semitic groups.


There is no meaningful racial difference between IndoEuropean and Semitic peoples and you'd not figure that more than 5,000 or 6,000 years or so had passed since the two groups split up. The two language groups should be strongly related but, in real life, other than for a few borrowed words, they are not related at all.


Moreover, amongst the few borrowed words, there are a sizable number of what are called "reversals". In other words, when IndoEuropean, Semitic, and other peoples met in the Mediterranean basin, since some of them wrote from right to left and others wrote from left to right and since vowel sounds were not written at first, when one nation borrowed a word from another, the order of consonents frequently got reversed.


These reversals included names of gods and godesses (Anath/Athene, Hermes/Mercurius etc.), and any number of common conceptions:


w   aresko please, Gk.; kasher, pleasing, right, Heb.

w   balta axe, Arabic; dolabra, Lat.

w   cepen priest, Etr.; Nephesh, spirit, Heb.

w   cherebh hand, arm, Heb.; bracchium, arm, Lat.

w   keneset church, Heb.; sancio, bring to life, Lat.


Now, according to standard theories, these languages should have been reasonably complete at the fairly recent time during which such borrowing took place; in other words, these nations should not have needed to be going to such lengths to be filling in gaps in their languages for such common words. What we see is what we might expect if these languages were still in the process of being invented.


In fact, what we see in general, particularly in the case of the IndoEuropean/Semitic non-relation, is what we would expect if human communications had been of some entirely different type or nature until some very recent point in time at which, in a single day, whatever humans had been doing for communications broke down forever, and humans were forced by dire necessity to invent our present kinds of spoken languages, starting from scratch.


Given that kind of hypothesis, the only thing necessary to explain the IndoEuropean/Semitic disconnect is the fact that the two groups were separated by the Caucassus mountains for the critical 100 - 200 year period during which spoken language was being developed. Likewise, Lithuanians and old Prussians can be seen to have been living in some isolated area during the same time with enough contact with IE groups to pick up a few early IE root words, but nothing more, while the Basques were on their own.


The tale of the tower of Babel and of the fragmentation of the original human language is universal and not something found only in Jewish and Christian holy books. The Czech scholar Jan Sammer massively documents the reality of this tradition:


Thoth: Words of Power


The King James version of the tale reads:


GEN 10:32 These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.

GEN 11:1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

GEN 11:2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

GEN 11:3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.

GEN 11:4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

GEN 11:5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

GEN 11:6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

GEN 11:7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

GEN 11:8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

GEN 11:9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.  


"...of one language, and of one speech..."


Probably not the worst translation of the original text, but not the best either. Lisa Beth Liel, an acknowledged expert in Hebrew language, assures us that:


What the verse means to anyone with the slightest familiarity with the Hebrew language is that at the time in question, there was but one language, with a very small vocabulary. Safah achat = one language, devarim achadim = few words.  

One Language, Few Words

In other words, what is being described is not a transition from one language such as ours to many languages such as ours; what is being described is a total change in the manner in which humans communicate, going from some fairly recent point, to the present.

Is there any other body of evidence or theory describing any such massive change in human behavior in the recent past?

Ancient literature described a number of things which we do not see in our present world, including:

w   Cosmic-scale catastrophes such as the flood in Noah's time, the catastrophe at the time of Exodus, the meteorite storms of Joshua's day:

JOS 10:11 And it came to pass, as they fled from before Israel, and were in the going down to Bethhoron, that the LORD cast down great stones from heaven upon them unto Azekah, and they died: they were more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword.  etc. In other words, the kinds of things Velikovsky wrote about.

w   Astral religion. The association between planetary bodies and the major gods of antique religions was primordial.

w   Electrostatic components of ancient religious practices. It turns out, that electrostatic phenomena in the very recent past on our planet were significantly more of a factor and a thing to be contended with than they are now.

w   An antique and radically different paradigm for the use of the human brain and mind, and a number of phenomena, including idolatry, prophecy, and oracles, which went hand in hand with that different paradigm.


Hypnotism and schizophrenia, which still exist, are also remnants of the antique paradigm for the use of the human mind.


Prophesy originally involved a trance state, and the prophet attempting to join his mind to that of God in order to know God's intentions, or what he would have us do. The OT prophets speak of "visions", and prophets of a somewhat later time came to be like the Greek oracles in that they did not recall what they had said during the trance. Seeing into the future was a fringe benefit of joining ones mind to the mind of God, presumably since God exists outside our notion of time, but was not the main point of the whole deal.


There are two starting points for understanding this ancient paradigm of the human mind. One is  a curious book titled "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by a psychology professor at Princeton named Julian Jaynes. Nobody can easily remember a title like that but if you tell the folks at Borders or Barnes/Noble that you need a copy of Jaynes' "Origin of Consciousness", they'll get one for you. The second starting point is a series of pamphlets written by Al DeGrazia and Hugh Crossthwaite on the general topic of electrostatic phenomena in ancient times, and the role they played in antique religious practices.  Copies of these works can be downloaded from:


The Jaynes thesis coupled with the thesis of the de Grazia/Crossthwaite works taken together tell a story.


Jaynes was a classicist and, reading through numerous ancient sources, began to notice the curious absence of decision making which you observe in the Illiad and in basically everything prior to it, i.e. the fact that at every point at which you or I would have to stop to consider how to proceed, the people in these ancient narratives are being told precisely what to do by inner voices, which are described as Gods and godesses.


It began to dawn on Jaynes that what we would call schizophrenia today, hearing voices, was the normal state of affairs in ancient times. He also noticed, in odd places such as Assyrian bass reliefs, references to a particular point in time at which these voices ceased, people were left to their own devices, and the gods and godesses which had formerly guided humanity vanished, so that an Assyrian sculpture might show a king pointing to an empty thrown which his god had vacated:




There are two kinds of crime in the Old Testament, i.e. minor crime such as rape, robbery, and murder, and then your really bad, serious crime such as making up little dolls and idols to worship. Jaynes noted the big, hypnotic eyes which these idols seem to have more often than not:





and it occurred to him that something a lot more serious than just some sort of archaic pop culture was going on. Could it possibly be that these people were really hearing voices emanating from these idols? Not only does that turn out to be the case, but it also turns out that a voice which is inside somebody's head cannot easily be disobeyed, hence such primordial formulations as "to hear and obey" in English, or the verb to obey being a reflexive form of the verb to hear in Russian (slushats/slushatcya).


Now, fighting wars and sacraficing children at the behest of wooden idols is not a formula for success in life and, it is for this reason, i.e. the fact that the tendency to idolatry turned the world into an insane assylum for the thousand or so year period between the flood and the time of the Trojan war, that idolatry is viewed as the ultimate crime in the Old Testament, and the first commandment reads as it does.


I assume that at this point, Jaynes, working at a large university, went to the people in neurophysiology and asked them what, if anything could there be in the human brain which would cause people to hear voices.


What they told him was that there is an area on the right side of the human brain which appears to be an analog to the speech center (Wernicke area) on the left side, and a bridge cropssover between the two. This right side analog appears to be like the human appendix and serves no known purpose; nonetheless, when this right side analog to the Wernicke area is stimulated with electrical probes in experiments, subjects more often than not claim to be hearing voices, as real as if you or I were speaking to them.




Jaynes naturally enough surmised that this right side analog area had been in regular use during biblical times, hence his use of the word 'bicameral' to represent the "two chambered" nature of the human mind in antique times.


Now, Jaynes assumed a purely evolutionary model and assumed that all of the phenomena which he described were "auditory hallucinations", and that mankind had simply evolved into a state in which human societies were governed by a well-ordered system of such auditory hallucinations. That is clearly unworkable, since 200 people in a village heeding inner voices would amount to 200 Sons of Sam walking around. To the extent that evolution ever works at all (microevolution) it works by favoring progressively greater levels of functionality. You cannot evolve INTO a disfunctional state, and the world of the Old Testament was intensely disfunctional. Jaynes did not investigate the following possibility:


that in an age just prior to the age he studied, i.e. the true antediluvian age, the kinds of phenomena he describes might have amounted to a normal and functional means of communication, and that what we note in most of the OT descriptions are vestiges of a system in an ongoing state of breakdown.


That is one problem with Jaynes' analysis. The other is that he does not offer any sort of a believable rationale for the breakdwn of the bicameral system, and the development of the individualized consciousness which we experience today. He vaguely ascribes these massive changes to changing social and cultural conditions, which is not credible simply because the change he describes is an overwhelming biological change. He is claiming that the entire manner in which the human mind and brain are used has totally changed over a period of just a few thousand years and he backs that claim up with massive scholarship.


This is where the works of DeGrazia and Crossthwaite which I mentioned above come in. DeGrazia and Crossthwaite heavily document the fact that many of these phenomena which Jaynes describes as bicameral were also electrostatic phenomena, and you don't really need to be Albert Einstein to put two and two together for four. The basic reality is that the electrostatic nature of the planet itself, vastly stronger just a few thousand years ago than it is now, ENABLED the bicameral phenomena and that, as this archaic electrostatic field broke down, the bicameral phenomena broke down with it and died out.


DeGrazia and Crossthwaite note that the pyramids were basically huge lightning rods, the conductive golden tips of which glowed eternally, the root of the Greek word 'pyramid' being the same 'pyr' which we note in 'pyrotechnics' or 'pyromania', i.e. 'fire'. The ark of the covenant amounted to an exercise in miniaturization of such religious electrotechnics, i.e. a leydon bottle or primitive capacitor, the two golden "cherubims" being electrical conductors:


EXO 37:7 And he made two cherubims of gold, beaten out of one piece made he them, on the two ends of the mercy seat;

EXO 37:8 One cherub on the end on this side, and another cherub on the other end on that side: out of the mercy seat made he the cherubims on the two ends thereof.  


And then we read things like:  


2SA 6:2 And David arose, and went with all the people that were with him from Baale of Judah, to bring up from thence the ark of God, whose name is called by the name of the LORD of hosts that dwelleth between the cherubims.  


from which it is pretty obvious what these people were looking at (i.e. what do you see between the two terminals of a capacitor?).


This doe not mean that Moses, Joshua, Solomon, David and all those people were a bunch of ignorant rednecks worshipping an electrical arc; it DOES mean that communication with the spirit world at that time was getting harder. Again, there is no mention of anything like this in Genesis because there was no need for it, particularly before the flood, when communication with the spirit world was believed to be natural and freely available to any and all.


All of these phenomena in fact were associated with static electricity. Hugh Crossthwaite documents the manner in which Greek oracles were located in areas of heightened electrostatic charge (making the job of oracle a somewhat dangerous one):

"Good electrical effects could be obtained on high ground, e.g. Parnassus, Cithaeron, Mount Sinai, etc.. Cithaeron, as well as being the scene of The Bacchae, had below it the town of Erythrae. There is another Erythrae in Asia Minor. Clefts in rock if possible combined with water, as at Delphi, would be helpful. Homer speaks of "rocky Pytho." Such places, together with oak groves, as at Dodona, were likely to be enelysioi, containing Zeus Kataibates, Zeus the sky god who descends in a thunderbolt. One may compare the mysterious flame that burned in Thebes on the tomb of Semele, mother of Dionysus, killed by a thunderbolt from Zeus, and also the fire round the head which did not burn [7]."  


Starting around page 300 or so of Origins, Julian Jaynes documents the manner in which all of these kinds of phenomena became progressively more difficult to accomplish and finally broke down. The inner voices first became inconsistent from person to person, and then inconsistent in the mind of the same person, the information obtained from such practices became totally unreliable, and finally people who kept on trying to use their minds this way began to be viewed as we view the occassional throwback like Son of Sam now, i.e. as lunatics, so that the Old Testament is replete with stories of some judge or king driving large numbers of them out of the country or killing them:


SA1 28:3 Now Samuel was dead, and all Israel had lamented him, and buried him in Ramah, even in his own city. And Saul had put away those that had familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land.

1KI 18:4 For it was so, when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the LORD, that Obadiah took an hundred prophets, and hid them by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water.)

1KI 18:40 And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there.

and, at long last, we read Zechariah describing prophets as unclean spirits, categorizing them as part and parcel of the same thing as idolatry, and advocating that parents kill children who use their minds this way:

ZEC 13:2 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.

ZEC 13:3 And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the LORD: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.

ZEC 13:4 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied; neither shall they wear a rough garment to deceive:  


Lisa Beth Liel (the Hebrew language expert mentioned also above) informs me that at the time of Zechariah, the Jewish council asked the Lord to lift the curse of idolatry from the world and that he did, but that they lost prophecy at the same time. I interpret this to mean that, with the final breakdown of the antique electrostatic fields, all such phenomena finally vanished.


Like I noted at the beginning of this discourse, everything you see here is basically a theory and not anything which anybody could easily prove. That being said, the most expansive and liberal interpretation one could make of the things noted above would be as follows:


Communications amongst humans before the flood were telepathic in nature, other than for a small vocabulary of spoken words used by priests for ritualistic purposes. This was enabled by the electrostatic charge near the Earths surface and by the plasma of the antique solar system in general, and involved the use of the right side of the human brain as Julian Jaynes notes. When this system of communication broke down after the flood due to electrostatic collapse, humans were forced to very quickly develop the kinds of speech we use now. There never were super-families of languages; the main language families are unrelated.


This subordination of consciousness to groups and possibly to a planetary mind provided the raw compute power needed for the genetic engineering and re-engineering which we observe in the fossil record.


After the flood and the event described in the story of the tower of Babel, continued attempts to use the human mind and brain as mankind once had led to the disfunctional state of which we read in the main books of the Old Testament and to the gradual breakdown of the "bicameral system" which Julian Jaynes described, until the very capability of using the human mind that way was, in all but the rarest cases, ground out of the human race by a process of attrition.


The words "prophet" and "prophesy" which permeate the later books of the Old Testament are missing in Genesis other than for the one vague reference to Abraham as God's prophet. This is likely because communication with the spirit world was natural and easy prior to the flood and no such contrivance as prophecy was needed.


The clear references in antique literature (e.g. Plato's "Statesman") to humans being able to communicate with animals prior to the flood indicate that telepathic communications were not limited to humans. Other animals today can deal with human speech only with great difficulty.

Naturally, the evolutionist who is left with the question as to how such an immensely complex capability could feasibly evolve, is FUBAR. But then, we KNEW that all along.





Appendex E

Plato’s discussion of antediluvian life with particular emphasis on communication between humans and other animals prior to the Noachean flood.



Plato’s discussion of antediluvian life and of the ability which humans had to communicate with other animals is found in his dialog “The Statesman” in which a conversation between Socrates and a “stranger” is presented.  Plato and other Greek authors consistently refer to antediluvians and children or nurselings of Cronos (Saturn) and to a “reign of Cronos/Saturn” or a time when Saturn was “King of heaven”.  Our sun is the “king of heaven” now.  The language is what you would expect had ancients believed that Saturn had once been a dwarf star which we orbitted, and that this elder system had been captured en-toto by our present sun, resulting in the Noachean flood and a series of smaller calamities as the system sorted itself out.


From The Statesman:


Y. Soc. Certainly that is quite consistent with what has preceded; but tell me, was the life which you said existed in the reign of Cronos in that cycle of the world, or in this? For the change in the course of the stars and the sun must have occurred in both.


Str. I see that you enter into my meaning;-no, that blessed and spontaneous life does not belong to the present cycle of the world, but to the previous one, in which God superintended the whole revolution of the universe; and the several parts the universe were distributed under the rule. certain inferior deities, as is the way in some places still There were demigods, who were the shepherds of the various species and herds of animals, and each one was in all respects sufficient for those of whom he was the shepherd; neither was there any violence, or devouring of one another or war or quarrel among them; and I might tell of ten thousand other blessings, which belonged to that dispensation. The reason why the life of man was, as tradition says, spontaneous, is as follows: In those days God himself was their shepherd, and ruled over them, just as man, over them, who is by comparison a divine being, still rules over the lower animals. Under him there were no forms of government or separate possession of women and children; for all men rose again from the earth, having no memory, of the past. And although they had nothing of this sort, the earth gave them fruits in abundance, which grew on trees and shrubs unbidden, and were not planted by the hand of man. And they dwelt naked, and mostly in the open air, for the temperature of their seasons, was mild; and they had no beds, but lay on Soft couches of grass, which grew plentifully out of: the earth. Such was the life of man in the days of Cronos, Socrates; the character of our present life which is said to be under Zeus, you know from your own experience. Can you, and will you, determine which of them you deem the happier?


Y. Soc. Impossible.


Str. Then shall I determine for you as well as I can?


Y. Soc. By all means.


Str. Suppose that the nurslings of Cronos, having this boundless leisure, and the power of holding intercourse, not only with men, but with the brute creation, had used all these advantages with a view to philosophy, conversing with the brutes as well as with one another, and learning of every nature which was gifted with any special power, and was able to contribute some special experience to the store of wisdom there would be no difficulty in deciding that they would be a thousand times happier than the men of our own day. Or, again, if they had merely eaten and drunk until they were full, and told stories to one another and to the animals - such stories as are now attributed to them-in this case also, as I should imagine, the answer would be easy. But until some satisfactory witness can be found of the love of that age for knowledge and: discussion, we had better let the matter drop, and give the reason why we have unearthed this tale, and then we shall be able to get on.


In the fulness of time, when the change was to take place, and the earth-born race had all perished, and every soul had completed its proper cycle of births and been sown in the earth her appointed number of times, the pilot of the universe let the helm go, and retired to his place of view; and then Fate and innate desire reversed the motion of the world. Then also all the inferior deities who share the rule of the supreme power, being informed of what was happening, let go the parts of the world which were under their control. And the world turning round with a sudden shock, being impelled in an opposite direction from beginning to end, was shaken by a mighty earthquake, which wrought a new destruction of all manner of animals. Afterwards, when sufficient time had elapsed, the tumult and confusion and earthquake ceased, and the universal creature, once more at peace attained to a calm, and settle down into his own orderly and accustomed course, having the charge and rule of himself and of all the creatures which are contained in him, and executing, as far as he remembered them, the instructions of his Father and Creator, more precisely at first, but afterwords with less exactness. The reason of the falling off was the admixture of matter in him; this was inherent in the primal nature, which was full of disorder, until attaining to the present order. From God, the constructor; the world received all that is good in him, but from a previous state came elements of evil and unrighteousness, which, thence derived, first of all passed into the world, and were then transmitted to the animals. While the world was aided by the pilot in nurturing the animals, the evil was small, and great the good which he produced, but after the separation, when the world was let go, at first all proceeded well enough; but, as time went there was more and more forgetting, and the old discord again held sway and burst forth in full glory; and at last small was the good, and great was the admixture of evil, and there was a danger of universal ruin to the world, and the things contained in him. Wherefore God, the orderer of all, in his tender care, seeing that the world was in great straits, and fearing that all might be dissolved in the storm and disappear in infinite chaos, again seated himself at the helm; and bringing back the elements which had fallen into dissolution and disorder to the motion which had prevailed under his dispensation, he set them in order and restored them, and made the world imperishable and immortal.



And this is the whole tale, of which the first part will suffice to illustrate the nature of the king. For when the world turned towards the present cycle of generation, the age of man again stood still, and a change opposite to the previous one was the result. The small creatures which had almost disappeared grew in and stature, and the newly-born children of the earth became grey and died and sank into the earth again. All things changed, imitating and following the condition of the universe, and of necessity agreeing with that in their mode of conception and generation and nurture; for no animal; was any longer allowed to come into being in the earth through the agency of other creative beings, but as the world was ordained to be the lord of his own progress, in like manner the parts were ordained to grow and generate and give nourishment, as far as they could, of themselves, impelled by a similar movement. And so we have arrived at the real end of this discourse; for although there might be much to tell of the lower animals, and of the condition out of which they changed and of the causes of the change, about men there is not much, and that little is more to the purpose. Deprived of the care of God, who had possessed and tended them, they were left helpless and defenceless, and were torn in pieces by the beasts, who were naturally fierce and had now grown wild. And in the first ages they were still without skill or resource; the food which once grew spontaneously had failed, and as yet they knew not how to procure it, because they-had never felt the pressure of necessity. For all these reasons they were in a great strait; wherefore also the gifts spoken of in the old tradition were imparted to man by the gods, together with so much teaching and education as was indispensable; fire was given to them by Prometheus, the arts by Hephaestus and his fellow-worker, Athene, seeds and plants by others. From these is derived all that has helped to frame human life; since the care of the Gods, as I was saying, had now failed men, and they had to order their course of life for themselves, and were their own masters, just like the universal creature whom they imitate and follow, ever changing, as he changes, and ever living and growing, at one time in one manner, and at another time in another. Enough of the story, which may be of use in showing us how greatly we erred in the delineation of the king and the statesman in our previous discourse.
















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