The Ultimate Business Card

Everybody who uses business cards at all and who has even minimally mastered the use of smart phones, should have at least the free version of the vcard.You probably donít want to toss all of your paper business cards immediately, but you should be prepared for the business world of the future.

The paper business card in its present form is an expensive exercise in futility. Many millions of dollars are spent on these things annually with very little to show for it. Something like 90% of them get tossed within two or three weeks and the 10% which donít get tossed are very limited in their functionality.

        They donít update automatically when you change jobs or when something in your business changes.

        They canít really give potential clients much of an idea of what you do or what your qualifications might be.

        They canít contain email links, hyperlinks to websites, videos, current items for sale or available etc.

Basically, the paper business card has changed very little since the time of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth.

My own most recent business card has no such problems or limitations:

A Google search on the term ďvcardĒ will turn up two things:

1.      A description of the standard .vcf formatted files which email programs like Outlook and Thunderbird use to save and share contact information. The scope and functionality of that format is quite limited.

2.      The website for VcardGlobal, which has put together a package which, with even the tiniest bit of luck, will shortly make the paper business card obsolete.The VcardGlobal product is a smart phone oriented system for quickly and easily sharing and managing complex business information in a highly easy to access manner.

For those interested, VcardGlobal represents an unusually interesting ground-floor business and marketing opportunity. Like any number of other marketing schemes they are attempting to grab off major market share quickly, using a geometric progression and a willingness to share some of the wealth. Unlike any of the similar marketing schemes which I have encountered, the product they are marketing represents a major breakthrough in a complex and unavoidable area of business practice.

Vcards come in three flavors: a free and minimalistic version which is still useful; aĒProĒ version which is a $100 a year license and which I would recommend you avoid; and a $130 a year ďAssociateĒ version which I believe is the version which most business people should have. That version gives you the opportunity to make money simply by passing your own business card around.

Anybody interested in this technology should contact me:

571 344-2519