Doc Greene Show


November 2017 show, Gravity, dwarf stars, Bible stories, Ganymede Hypothesis

November 2017 Program 


December 2017 show, The tower of Babel, pre-flood language, bicameral phenomena

December 2017 Program

Outline and Mars Images for Dec 2017 Program


Feb 2018 show, Solar System origins, pantheon religions, Cro Magnon man

 Feb 2018 program

Images and discussion for Feb 2018 Program


March 2018 how, Demise of 20'th Century magic physics

Einstein, relativity and related topics for March 2018 program

March 2018 edition of the show, Relativity and other dead/dying 19'th and 20'th century science theories


April 2018 show, Ancientg religion, NASA/JPL Mars images

Ka, Easter, the Fermi paradox, and related topics for April 2018 program format

 April 2018 edition of the show



May 2018 show, Ka and the Egyptian concept of the after life, the telepathic age and the Fermi Paradox

 May edition of show, Fermi Paradox and Ka, format

May 2018 Edition of the Doc Greene Show


June 2018 show, Interstellar travel


Program for June 2018, Interstellar Travel

June 2018 Program, Motives and Technology for Interstellar Travel as of 2018


July 2018 show, the Saturn Death cult, pedogate.pizzagate

ProgramNotes4July 2018_Show

July 2018 ShowSaturn Death Cult, evil in our world


 August 2018 show, Forbidden knowledge, disruptive technologies etc.

August 2018 show, Forbidden knowledge


September 2018 show, The main problem ith Islam, the Neanderthal and evolution, human diet origins

Sept 2018 show, Neanderthals and Yuppies, Islam and its main problem, Bible Miracles, the Human Diet

Sept 2018 show,


 Oct 11 2018 ahow, Sex and the Evolutionist, Immanuel Velikovsky and Julian Jaynes

Youtube Video

Program Notes


Velikovsky and Jaynes


 Nov 8 2018 show, The 2018 midterm election, Interstellar Travel

Program Notes

Show on Youtube

 Dec 6, 2019  Satgurn Death Cult, Epstein, and the Coup



































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