Dinosaurs, Gravity etc.

Between the Ica stones of Peru and Ed Conrad's findings in the abandoned coal fields of Pennsylvania, there is major evidence of dinosaurs in ages both far too late and far too early for them according to all standard theory and doctrine. The doctrine would appear to be in trouble.

Dinosaurs, Gravity, and Changing Scientific Paradigms

The Holden thesis involving dinosaurs and gravity, and the question of whether or not there is any believable justification for "expanding Earth" type theories is now available in book form.

A few snapshots from the recent Japanese documentary on these topics.

The Basic Holden Thesis regarding sauropod dinosaurs, and why animals of such sizes are not possible in our present world.

Sauropod Thesis Defense wherein the infamous Holden thesis wrt sauropod dinosaurs is further amplified, and the Hokkanen paper often cited by the talk.origins regulars is shredded.

Pib Burns notes several other shots at quantifying size limits for animals in our present world. He notes that "Rauber, a nineteenth century anatomist, argues that the elephant approaches the upper limit for the size of a land mammal." and:

Economos suggests that the largest land mammal could weigh no more than about 20,000 kg (around 44,000 lbs). Economos uses the idea of "metabolic cost" to demonstrate how gravity imposes an upper limit to the size of mammals. He notes that the largest known mammal, the Indricotherium, is estimated to have weighed about 20,000 kg.

Basically, the claim of a 44000 lb. limit based on "metabolic cost" is ballpark with my own limit of 21000 lbs. or thereabout derived from a realistic assessment of muscular capabilities. Hokkanen, in particular, with his estimate of 2,000,000 lbs. or thereabouts derived from bone structure analyses, is clearly left out in left field alone. Hokkanen, of course, is the source most used by my critics in "refuting" my analysis.

The largest sauropods, of course, were around 360,000 lbs., far beyond the limits which Rauber, Economos, or I note for our present world.

The Hava Supai Expedition and the Brontosaur Pictograph

Mammoths and other more recent megafauna: The problems of their lives and circumstances of their extinction.

What it would take to kill mammoths and other megafauna with primitive weapons. Many scientists still insist that Indian ancestors killed all mammoths and all other North American megafauna as well with primitive weapons, the so-called Overkill hypothesis.