Neo Catastrophism Overview of Prehistory

Ancient literature describes a number of things which we do not see in our present world, including:

All antique religions were astral in nature, the name associations between gods and planets being primordial. Now, if you were to pay some group of primitives in our modern world to devise an astral religion outright from scratch, they would invariably end up worshipping the sun and the moon. Whatever's in third place in the sky today is WAY back in third place.

The two chieftain gods of all antique religious systems, however, were invariably the planets Jupiter and Saturn, Zeus and Kronos. That makes no sense given present realities.

The littlest bit of reading into antique sources turns up a wealth of information pointing to a different kind of sky in the antique world. Writers like Hesiod and Ovid constantly refer to a golden age prior to the flood as an age of Kronos (Saturn), when Kronos was the "king of heaven", and they refer to antediluvians as "children of Kronos". The languge is fairly simple; the sun is the "king of heaven" now.

Articles in the journals of Assyriology in the early 1900s turned up the fact that virtually all of the names used for the sun in the ancient near east were names which had originally been used for the planet Saturn, and then had been transferred to the sun.

The simplest possible interpretation of what Hesiod, Plato, Ovid, and numerous others are claiming is that Jupiter and Saturn very recently comprised a small double star system, and that we were part of that system. The flood and the various cosmic disasters you read about in ancient literature amount to descriptions of the mayhem which ensued as that elder system was captured by our present sun and the component bodies began to orbit the sun separately.

Saturn and the Antique System

Egyptian enclosed crescent (prototype cosmic ship) and Babylonian Shamesh petroglyph

What the artists actually saw...

The Shamesh glyph is, in fact, the same thing as the familiar Islamic icon which is normally taken to be a star-moon icon. In real life, that cannot happen, i.e. a star will never be seen inside the crescent of the moon, simply because the unlit part of the moon will occult the star.

Egyptian artwork consistently replicates the cosmic alignment shown above as noted in several of the articles linked below. Here, the Mars/Venus alignment shows up on a piece of jewelry (shen-bond). The alignment which Egyptian and near Eastern art depicts consistently shows Earth, Mars, and Venus lined up in a sort of a stack below the gas giant. This is similar to what we saw when the string of comets followed eachother like a shish-kabob into Jupter a few years back.

Catastrophism, Saturnism Links

The Flood and the world before the flood

It is a dogma of establishment science that the tale of the biblical flood is a fairytale or, at most, an aggrandized tale of some local or regional flood. That, however, does not jibe with the facts of the historical record. The flood turns out to have been part and parcel of some larger, solar-system-wide calamity.

In particular, the seven days just prior to the flood are mentioned twice within a short space:

Gen. 7:4 "For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights;...

Gen. 7:10 "And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth."

These were seven days of intense light, generated by some major cosmic event within our system. The Old Testament contains one other reference to these seven days, i.e. Isaiah 30:26:

"...Moreover, the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days..."

Most interpret this as meaning cramming seven days worth of light into one day. That is wrong; the reference is to the seven days prior to the flood. The reference apparently got translated out of a language which doesn't use articles. It should read "as the light of THE seven days".

It turns out, that the bible claims that Methuselah died in the year of the flood. It may not say so directly, but the ages given in Genesis 5 along with the note that the flood began in the 600'th year of Noah's life (Genesis 7:11) add up that way:

Gen. 5:25 ->

"And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years and begat Lamech. And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty and two years, and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years.

<i.e. he lived 969 - 187 = 782 years after Lamech's birth>

And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years and begat a son. And he called his name Noah...

<182 + 600 = 782 also...>

Thus we have Methusaleh dying in the year of the flood; seven days prior to the flood...

Louis Ginzburg's seven-volume "Legends of the Jews", the largest body of Midrashim ever translated into German and English to my knowledge, expands upon the laconic tales of the OT.

From Ginzburg's Legends of the Jews, Vol V, page 175:

...however, Lekah, Gen. 7.4) BR 3.6 (in the week of mourning for Methuselah, God caused the primordial light to shine).... God did not wish Methuselah to die at the same time as the sinners...

The reference is, again, to Gen. 7.4, which reads:

"For yet seven days, and I shall cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights..."

The note that "God did not wish Methusaleh to die at the same time as the sinners" indicates that Methusaleh died at pretty nearly precisely the beginning of the week prior to the flood. The week of "God causing the primordial lights to shine" was the week of intense light before the flood.

What the old books are actually telling us is that there was a stellar blowout of some sort either close to or within our own system at the time of the flood. The blowout was followed by seven days of intense light and radiation, and then the flood itself. Moreover, the signs of the impending disaster were obvious enough for at least one guy, Noah, to take extraordinary precautions.

The ancient (but historical) world knew a number of seven-day light festivals, Hanukkah, the Roman Saturnalia etc. Velikovsky claimed that all were ultimately derived from the memory of the seven days prior to the flood.

If this entire deal is a made-up story, then here is a case of the storyteller (isaiah) making extra work for himself with no possible benefit, the detail of the seven days of light being supposedly known amongst the population, and never included in the OT story directly.

Greek and Roman authors, particularly Hesiod and ovid, Chinese authors and others, note that small groups of men and animals survived the flood on high places and on anything which could float for a year. I do not see an essential contradiction between this and the biblical account. Noah's descendants were probably unaware of anybody else surviving and wrote the story that way.

Geological evidence for global floods including the one mentioned in Genesis is not lacking or in short supply on this Earth. .

Basically, you have to get used to the writing style of the Old Testament in order to really read it. The bible authors never wrote "John went to the bathroom"; they wrote "The Lord CAUSED John to go to the bathroom for such and such a reason." One thing you can be sure of when you read such a thing, is that John DID go to the bathroom; the authors of the bible books did not make up facts as they went along.

Given all of that, what all can be said about the antediluvian world which is anything more than conjecture? For one thing, we are finding remains of cities and other habitations on Mars, beneath the waves, and in all likelihood beneath the Antarctic ice. Given standard theories wrt the history of our solar system and our own planet, nobody should be finding cities in these locations:

The evidence is that we were part of at least a biplanetary society and civilization prior to the flood.

Man has always lived near water for the most part. The question as to where the waters of the flood went is answered simply enough, nowhere. They're still out there in our oceans. There was simply never as much water on the Earth then as now, and we are now living in areas which antediluvians would have viewed as plateaus, and which would have been sparsely if at all inhabited.

How old is the Earth and our solar system

Basically, every one of the dating schemes used to defend the ages we read of for geological strata and for the Earth and solar system are based upon assumptions which go out the window the first time you ever have even one cosmic catastrophe such as the flood.

We have one example of a fairly new planet in our solar system (Venus), and we know what Venus looks like, and we know that the Earth and Mars do not look like that at all, so we assume that the system is older than the 6000 years once deduced from biblical chronologies. Nonetheless there is no reasonable reason to believe that the Earth is millions or billions of years old.

In particular, there is now a fairly coercive body of evidence indicating that the 70 million years supposedly separating our own age from the age of dinosaurs is, as American Indians put it, a whiteman's fairytale.

The thing which strikes me as overwhelming about the stegosaur glyphs is the fact that, aside from the one or two fairly accurate images like the one at Agawa Rock in Ontario, there are others which are more like ideograms rather than representational art, and yet all such show the dorsal spikes of the stegosaur because that is the way that all Indian lore describes the water panther.

Midrashim generally describe a number of creatures such as the behemoth, the reem, the ziz bird etc. which amounted to leftover dinosaurs, viewed as oddities at a time just prior to the flood. The stegosaur and the other creatures which Deloria describes as dinosaurs were also leftovers. The stegosaur had apparently attempted to adapt to an aquatic life to compensate with his increased weight after the flood but, lacking any real adaptation for life in water, did not survive to our own times.

The real heyday of dinosaurs was probably a couple or several tens of thousands of years back, but not 70 million. In particular, there is no way in which to picture humans living in proximity to raptors. The humans would have needed modern weaponry.

Catastrophism also bears on questions of historical chronologies. The two most major names in that game are those of Gunnar Heinsohn and Emmet Sweeney. Sweeney's "The Pyramid Age" and "Genesis of Israel and Egypt" are must reads along these lines.

Generally, all somebody who accepts catastrophism really has for estimates of the Earth's age is educated WAGs. My own preferred version of such a WAG would be that of Al DeGrazia and Earl Milton, i.e. an age of about one million years for our entire system in any form other than that of the original super star.

Antediluvian Realities, Evolution Etc.

The most major thing which was different about life on this planet before the flood and the causal agent of much of what else was different, was the greater electrostatic charge at the Earth's surface.

Al DeGrazia and Hugh Crossthwaite have done a remarkable job of documenting the roles which electrostatic phenomena played in ancient religious practices. Those works are included in the quantavolution CDROM available from Grazian Archives, or may be downloaded from Bearfabrique.

It turns out in fact that electromagnetic and electrostatic forces play a far larger role in governing the cosmos than standard scientific theories allow for:

There are numerous things out there which are clearly electromagnetic and not gravitational phenomena. A good example is the spiral galaxy shown above. The arms, particularly the upper arm, show material being held in a straight line until some point at which the field breaks down, after which material very quickly trails away and dissipates. Gravity and inertia cannot do things like that.

Those interested in this sort of thing may check out any or all of:

Big Bang, Electric Sun, Plasma Physics and Cosmology Links

Phenomena Related to the Ancient Electrostatic Fields


The first phenomenom related to electrostatics is gravity. It is a simple demonstration that nothing over about 21000 lbs. could stand up or walk in our present world. Moreover, in contrast to the situation of ten years ago, I am no longer the only person on Earth who has noticed that dinosaurs would have a gravity problem in our present world. A quick search on 'dinosaurs' and 'gravity' turns up many pages of hits. An interested reader might start with the following sampler:

There is no good way to believe that the Earth has ever expanded enough to provide the three-for-one attenuation of gravity which the largest sauropods would need.

Nor is there any reasonable way to believe that sauropods ever lived in water as some are again starting to suggest. An adult elephant requires 25 square miles of vegetation to survive on a yearly basis and a sauropod probably needed a couple of hundred at least. You can't get that walking around the edge of a lake and browsing, even if you had the snowshoe feet to keep from sinking into the mud while walking around the edge of a lake. That's basically a dimensional problem.

Starting from a point in the mid 80's when I first did the numbers on this one, I had no reason to suspect that there might be anything fundamentally wrong with Albert Einstein's description of gravity as a property of mass and space. I assumed at first that the attenuation in gravity must have been due to the tidal pull of the antique solar system. Nonetheless, Wayne Throop and one or two others on provided coercive demonstrations that that was not possible and, when something does not work, I do not stick with it.

It turns out, there really is a problem with Einstein's descriptions of light and gravity. Einstein was trying to use relativistic time to account for the fact that light does not obey the ordinary additive laws for velocities. This was based on what he called "thought experiments", such as the mirror-clock experiment, rather than upon anything resembling real evidence or real experiments. Thought experiments, it turns out, are not a terribly good basis for physics. Moreover, the basic approach is unsound. Louis Carrol Epstein ("Relativity Envisioned"), uses the following analogy: a carpenter with a house in which everything worked flawlessly other than one door which bound, would usually plane the door until it worked. He COULD, however, purchase a couple of hundred jacks and jack the foundation of the house until the one door worked, and then try to somehow or other make every other door and window in the house work again... Light is the one door in the analogy; distance, time, mass etc., i.e. everything else in the house of physics are the other doors and windows. Epstein assumes that relativity is the one case you will ever find in which that sort of approach is the correct one, nonetheless, common sense tells us it isn't terribly likely.

It turns out there is another way in which one could account for light not obeying additive laws, and that this other way is the correct one. That is to assume that light simply does not have a velocity; that it is an instantaneous force between two points, and that the thing we call the "velocity of light" is the rate of accumulation of some secondary effect.

Ralph Sansbury's WWW site offers a description of an experiment which demonstrates that light is basically an instantaneous force between two points (explaining the failure to obey additive laws for velocities), and a description of gravity as an electrostatic dipole effect, explaining how gravity might have been attenuated in an age of heightened electrostatic charge on the Earth's surface.

Antediluvian Life Spans

There is no real way to know what a word like "year" meant before the flood. Nonetheless, we don't really have to. The ratio of maturity to lifespan for humans in historical times is something like 1 - 4; for people living to 60 or 70, then marrying and having first children, and then living for another 800 years, that ratio is more like 12 - 1. Antediluvians were thus biologically different from us as regards lifespans.

The most major source of stress on human bodies is just gravity; the same attenuation in gravity which allowed sauropods to live let humans live longer. Moreover, the radiation unleashed upon the world at the time of the flood probably caused a proliferation in the number and kinds of microorganisms on the planet. The stress on human immune systems has probably also been greater since the flood.

Paranormal Phenomena

Antique religious practices amounted to attempts to communicate directly with the spirit world using oracles, prophecy, idols and idolatry, divination, electrical gadgetry such as the ark of the covenant, etc.

Given the manner in which the words "prophet" and "prophecy" permiate every other book of the Old Testament, it is astonishing that the word "prophet" occurs only once in Genesis, i.e. the vague reference to Abraham as "God's prophet", after the flood. One possible interpretation of this is that, prior to the flood, communication with the spirit world was direct and natural, and did not require anything resembling oracles or prophecy.

There is reason to believe that the human mind and brain were originally hardwired for a form of communication as far above anything we now have as anything we now have is above smoke signals. How anything like that could evolve, of course, is just another problem for evolutionists.

Julian Jaynes "Origin of Consciousness" describes the manner in which such capabilities were ground out of the human race by a process of attrition as they became progressively more disfunctional and as the practice of idolatry turned the world into an insane assylum for hundreds of years after the flood.

Nonetheless, vestiges of a few such capabilities remain. A google search on the two terms 'military' and 'remote viewing' turns up over 6000 hits, and I assume this means that the U.S. military does not have the luxury of ignoring scientific developments because they are politically incorrect or because they break paradigms. One such article which might serve as a starting point:

RVIS Remote Viewing Site

Likewise the king of France in the 1400s did not have such a luxury. The Catholic church, apparently making up in thoroughness for anything they might lack in celibacy, took several hundred years to analyze the case of Joan of Arc, and ultimately determined that at least some of her activities required information that she had no way of having other than for paranormal means; they cannonized Joan in the 20'th century.

Rupert Sheldrake is a former director of studies in cellular biology at Cambridge University. His studies with dogs who appear to know when their owners are coming home are seen on cable channel programs. The most fabulous case of remnant telepathic capabilities in animals is that of Nkisi, an African grey parrot involved in animal communication studies in New York. Sheldrake's "Seven Experiments Which Could Change the World" is nearly a must read along these lines.

Religious practices and social organization based upon such phenomena broke down before the time of Christ and were in disrepute by Roman times. Christianity amounts to a new kind of religion, in which it is acknowledged that we know the spirit world through faith, and not via direct contact.

Egg-Shaped Planet, Eden etc.

Lynn Rose's description of the manner in which the gravity and/or electromagnetic attraction of the antique solar system pulled the Earth into an egg-shape is described on Bearfabrique

As I understand this one, Rose did not intend to say that the present city of Aden (in Yemen) was the center point of Pangaea, but rather that there was more than one stage of the collapse into today's spherical conformation, that the V shape of the Tethys sea was an indication of an early and pronounced egg-shape, and that the Aden/Afar Triangle area was the sub-polar point prior to the final collapse. The city of Aden could thus easily be the site of the biblical Eden. Why change a name when you don't have to?

Rose's description of the Afar triangle area noted that you could join the edges of the Red Sea or of the Gulf of Aden one or the other, but not both at the same time since, when you joined the one, the other would be open at a 20 degree angle. Rose claims this is what you would get if the grapefruit skin described in the link above were to split in two places instead of one.


There actually are a handful of neo catastrophists who believe in evolution; I am not one of them.

The most major arguments against evolution are:

The Holden take on evolution resides on

Human evolution in particular is unworkable. Documentaries typically show australopithines or some similar "human ancestor" coming down from trees to live in the savannas. All such productions ignore the fact that there are real reasons why apes and monkeys live in trees: they are too slow on the ground and they make too much noise to survive very long other than in trees.

The most major difference between human infants and baby deer, for instance, is that baby deer have the sense not to attract attention to themselves. Picture some group of "proto humans" out on the savanna for the first time with thousand pound carnivores walking around all over the place, and picture some human infant screaming his head off the first time something displeased him. Kind of like somebody ringing a dinner bell...

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