Richard Hoagland has been talking about this for several weeks. I had to download several of the tif images and go over them to convince myself of it. Hoagland has come up with things in the past which I couldn't find or see, nonetheless this one is real.

Individual Items from PIA04995

Tongue-in-groove mechanism of some sort (partial remains of); red component of image shows object most clearly:

Structural block:

Mechanical housing of some sort, left side is perfect rectangle, front is mechanism of some sort:

Piston-like object:

Bell/cup-like object and corrugated (icecube tray-like) object:

Footprints above two objects in lower right:

Crown-like piece (obviously not a rock)

More pieces, another corrugated object (bottom center), other machine parts.

Individual Items from PIA05314

The tif images in question can be found by doing google searchs on 'PIA04995' and/or PIA05314.
One such version lives at:

Russians theorize that image comes from western Uzbekistan:

Richard Hoagland's web site.

The images are usually available in triplets, a large and small jpeg, and a much larger tif image. Jpeg is highly compressed and lossy and does not retain any detail information which you'd have to zoom in to see. To see the stuff in question you have to download the large tif images and view them in software which allows zooming.

Here's what I see in PIA04995: First off, 99% of the image is an empty desert plain stretching to the horizen with rocks strewn all over it as if the universe's biggest rock fight had taken place there. Basically it looks like the scene of a rock fight in the Gobi desert.

Now, a rock has to come from some place, and that is usually a mountain or some sort of a bigger rock. Nonetheless the mountain or bigger rock is conspicuously missing in the image. Granted catastrophes happen, but for something to break an entire mountain up into rocks in such a way as to leave no trace of the mountain is more than a little bit unusual. You'd need a hydrogen bomb. BUILDINGS, on the other hand, would be considerably easier to break up into rocks without leaving a trace of the buildings. Just a thought; I mention it because a number of the rocks in the other one percent (that is, aside from the 99% which appear to be rocks) appear to be building blocks of one sort or other; too many straight lines and rectangular corners.

And then, also in the image, are about a baker's dozen items which do not appear to be rocks at all but rather remains of machinery and other artificial things. I've included snapshots of several of the more obvious items in the web page cited above. I would say without hesitation that there was no chance of any of the objects in question being natural formations or anything like that.

And then finally, over in the lower right corner of the image just a bit above the two items which resemble a bell housing and an icecube tray, there are what appear to be two or three human (booted) footprints, and these are clear and striking.

Now, I can see three possible explanations here.

One is that the image is altogether faked and was taken in New Mexico or Arizona somewhere, and that strikes me as terribly far-fetched. Nonetheless given the difficulty of getting a human to Mars at this point in time, you have to view that as one possibility.

A second possibility would be that the things which appear to be (fairly fresh, and not 50,000 year old) footprints are actually something else, and I and others are simply having a difficult time coming up with thoughts as to what kinds of things might resemble footprints. In other words, a failure of the imagination.

The third possibility would be that some astronaut or other NASA or JPL employee who had been diagnosed with cancer or something like that had asked for and gotten a one-way ticket up there, and was out investigating the area where the two artificial items in question are located.

The scenario which would be halfway imaginable would have some astronaut on a one-way trip up there a couple of years back radioing in the coordinates of an area he found interesting, and then the Spirit probe being put down on those coordinates and NASA employees releasing a wide-angle image which they hadn't bothered to zoom and look at closely.

I'm not having an easy time coming up with a fourth possibility.

NASA owes the world an explanation here.