Ice Core Evidence

Dating evidence involving ice-cores, particularly from Greenland, has been interpreted by some as absolute proof of uniformitarian dogma. Charles ginenthal'w work on the topic pretty much destroys all of that.

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ice1: The Problem
ice2: Related sources of evidence yeild contradictory results:
ice3: Deep-sea (foromanifera) core dating shown to be a shambles:
ice4: True cause of isotope separation in ice cores unrelated to age:
ice5: Glaciologists admit that the top of the southern icecaps fill with water in the summer months:
ice6: Present melting rates of Greenland icecaps indicate they would not have survived the hipsothermal:
ice7: Greenland icecores less than 6000 years old, with or without Velikovsky and/or catastrophism:
ice8: Patterns of dust in the ice indicate cosmic catastrophe:
ice9: GRIP evidence; wild climactic shifts in the North, and conclusions:
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