Astral Religions and Planetary Gods

Saturn and the Antique System

Egyptian enclosed crescent (prototype cosmic ship) and Babylonian Shamesh petroglyph

What the artists actually saw...

The Shamesh glyph is, in fact, the same thing as the familiar Islamic icon which is normally taken to be a star-moon icon. In real life, that cannot happen, i.e. a star will never be seen inside the crescent of the moon, simply because the unlit part of the moon will occult the star.

Egyptian artwork consistently replicates the cosmic alignment shown above as noted in several of the articles on this page. Here, the Mars/Venus alignment shows up on a piece of jewelry (shen-bond).

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At this point, the authors of several of the variants of a Saturn thesis have their own WWW sites and generally do a better job of expounding those theories than I can. What I am attempting to provide which those sites do not is a sort of a businessman's big-picture view of the manner in which a number of the various puzzle pieces fit together, including the question of Jaynsian anomalies. My own general estimation of Saturn theory variants at this point is as follow: I believe that Ev Cochrane and David Talbott have done a better job of excavating and describing the Saturn system (the age just prior to ours) than other authors have. Nonetheless, they do not offer a plausible theory of how anything like the Saturn system could have come about in the first place or any sort of a general system of cosmology; Al DeGrazia and Earl Milton do that, and their "Solaria Binaria" is therefore my choice for first book to read on the topic. The fact that it can be had in PDF form for $10 along with twenty some other published works doesn't hurt.

Major WWW sites dealing with the Saturn thesis include:

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